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India to Host 2036 Olympic Games? Know The Details Here

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The Olympics or the Olympics Games is one of the leading international sporting events in which thousands of athletes from all across the globe come to participate in numerous competitions. It is held every four years since 1994 and the Games have alternated between the Summer and the Winter Olympics every two years throughout the four-year period. Different National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and organizing committees that are assigned for each specific Olympic Games. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) is the decision-making body that chooses the host city for the Games and organizes and funds the event. All the countries across the globe aim for an opportunity to be able to host the games. Hosting the Games puts the spotlight on the host nation, which benefits the nation in numerous ways. Amongst all that has been going on regarding the same, India too will be bidding for the opportunity to host the Olympic Games in 2036.

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Sports Minister Anurag Thakur, Image Source- Times Now

Union Minister for Sports, Anurag Thakur, has stated that a roadmap and the planning for the same will be presented to the members of the International Olympic Committee during its Mumbai Session which will be held in September 2023.

Ahmedabad, Host City for Olympics 2036?

India will host Olympics in 2036 ? | KreedOn
Image Source- The Wire

Anurag Thakur went on to add that the Government of India will back the Indian Olympic Association’s (IOA) bid to host the Olympics. Furthermore, he also said that the city of Ahmedabad (Gujarat) will likely serve as the host city for the Olympics 2036, owing to the world-class sporting facilities and infrastructure present there. Having previously hosted the 1982 Asian Games and the 2010 Commonwealth Games, India hosting the Olympics at one point in time would seem like a logical option.

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Thakur stated:

“If India can host the G20 Presidency in such a big way, I am sure the Government will be able to pitch in to host the Olympics in the country along with the IOA. We all know that the slots are booked till 2032. But from 2036 onwards, we have hopes and I am sure that India will fully prepare and bid for the Olympics.”

On being asked whether India was ready to host the Games,

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“India is ready to positively bid for it. There is no reason for us to say ‘No’. If India is putting in so much effort to promote sports, I can assure you that we will not only host the Olympics, we will host it in a big way. This is the right time to host the Games. If India is making news in every sector from manufacturing to services, then why not in sports? India is looking very seriously at bidding for the 2036 Olympics.”

The minister had this to say regarding Gujarat being the frontrunner for hosting the Games. He stated,

“Gujarat has several times expressed interest in hosting the Olympics. They have the infrastructure — from hotels, hostels, airports, and sports complexes. They are serious about the bid. It’s also part of the state government’s manifesto to host the Olympics in Gujarat.”

Indian Olympic Association president Narinder Batra said that being one of the countries with the greatest viewership, India should get the opportunity to host the event.

“2032 Olympics is gone to Brisbane, so we will certainly bid for the 2036 Olympics to be hosted in India. I will not be there as IOA president till then but I am trying to ensure that talks are on for bidding on the event. Viewership is huge in India, so why shouldn’t India host the Olympics? India is ready in every manner. It will be a multi-city Games with Ahmedabad’s Motera Stadium ideally suited for the opening ceremony,”

Pros and Cons of hosting the Olympics


  • Increases valuable tourism, which can boost local economies

The games garner a huge global audience. An audience of this proportion can boost the tourism and local economy in a great manner. People coming from across the globe get familiarized with the local culture and help promote them further.

  • The Olympic Games increase the host country’s global trade and stature

According to certain studies, it has been found that even the act of bidding for the Olympics serves as a signal that a country is committing itself to trade liberalization which will further boost trade flow. This goes on to show that the country is more than willing to trade along with the statement that it is capable of holding an event of such capacity, a testament to its stature.

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  • Creation of a sense of national pride

It has been observed that whenever a country hosts the Olympic Games, it creates a sense of nationalism amongst the people of that country. This turns out to be beneficial for the economy, as well as boosting work output.


  • A financial drain on host cities

Hosting the Games is a costly affair. Furthermore, no Olympic Games have come in under budget since 1960. And more often than not, bearing these expenses can prove to be a costly affair for the host city.

  • The infrastructure and buildings that are created often fall into disuse

Often, the Games being held in a city requires the construction of certain special infrastructure and buildings. These prove to be of little use after the Games, and these need to be maintained at a rather high expense. 

  • Burdens the residents of the host country and city

Whether be it during the Beijing or the Rio Olympics, to make way for the Games, a lot of inhabitants had to be displaced. Their homes were demolished, they met with the brutality of the administration, and many such unwarranted incidents occurred. It is agreed that the Games are of utmost significance, but the question that needs to be asked is, at what cost should the games be held?

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