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Strength & fitness sports in India – INDIA THROWDOWN 2018

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Competitions of strength & fitness sports in India are rare and one such competition is,

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INDIA THROWDOWN 2018: An opportunity not to be thrown away

Strength and fitness sports in India

It’s the first time India is doing this. It’s happening in Pune!! And it’s happening in November!!

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Wonder what? Well, a multi-sports event to celebrate the spirit of sports is happening in a carnival-like environment that would have all the trapping of an Olympics, without being one; challenge, fun, and adrenaline – all rolled in one. Flaunt your strength and fitness and take home exciting prizes.

Called India Throw-down, the event celebrates both sports and sportsmen.

Talk strongmen and built bodies, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the first person that hits our minds. Who hasn’t been inspired by his familiar story? Son of a police officer with Nazi inclination, the rebel kid started lifting weights from the age of 14. From a household to buying a refrigerator was a noteworthy feat to whom, Arnold Schwarzenegger went on to become a prominent Hollywood star and the Governor of California!

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Script your success story

India throw-down offers the platform to script your own success stories. If you are a pro, our focus is on you. But if you are an amateur, you can still participate. We have smaller competitions which would be as fun as the main event. It would be a drilled down version and would suit you best. You can try your hands at them, learn the tricks of the trade and join us next year as a pro! Don’t mistake the seriousness though. Every event will be run as per international rules, with equipment approved by international federations being used. We assure you that the participants will be no pushovers and competitions would go down to the wire.

fitness and strength sports in india

History and Roots – Strength and Fitness sports in India

Buddha once declared that physical strength is a requisite for inward calm. “When the body is strong, the mind thinks strong thoughts,” said the American actor, Henry Rollins.

India has historically and mythologically celebrated strongmen: Bheeshma, Karna and Bhima were notable characters in the Mahabharata commemorated for their physical might; so were Indrajeet and Bali in Ramayana. Ravana and Hanuman were portrayed to be capable of lifting mountains! Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, and Lord Krishna were invincible warriors.

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In modern times, Karnam Malleswari is a tall icon. In the summer of 2000, in faraway Sydney, India had an unlikely hero, or rather, heroine. Indian weightlifting champion Karnam Malleswari made many Indian hearts flutter with pride, winning the bronze medal to become the first Indian woman to stand at the victory podium. Not since P T Usha missed an Olympic medal was there so much excitement in the Indian contingent.

The recent flourish of Strength Athletics in India

India has had a reasonable record in strength athletics and weightlifting. Apart from the inspirational Malleswari, we have produced the likes of The Great Khali, Jinder Mahal, Kavita Devi, Mirabai Chanu, Kunjarani Devi, Sathish Kumar Sivalingam and Vikas Thakur. Despite the lack of facilities that most international counterparts are blessed with, our athletes have punched above their weight and brought laurels to the country.

Imagine what we could achieve if our grassroots had access to leading edge contests that instils the killer-instinct! Imagine competitions of international standard that help bring out the hidden talents of our population. A throwdown that persuades India to rise to its true potential.

Behold, India throw-down!

fitness and strength sports in india

The idea behind this national event is to promote niche games and inspire non-athletes to take up sports. It also provides sportsmen with the platform to perform at a higher competition level. It also helps identify budding athletes. Amongst a billion Indians, surely too many Arnold Schwarzeneggers and Karnam Malleswaris abound. Even if a tenth of this raw talent can be tapped, channelled and nurtured, we would become a sporting powerhouse to reckon with!

Strength athletics demands passion, healthy lifestyle and disciplined workouts. While training may not be easy, it is definitely worth the effort and pain! Exercising reduces cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels, and increases metabolism, bone density and energy levels. It bestows a bundle of metabolic, neurological, cardiovascular and hormonal benefits as well.

To a pro, gymming and reps could perhaps be his bread, passion, life and obsession. But workouts are as important for an ‘aam aadmi’ as well. It not only makes our body strong but keeps our mind pure too. It not only builds muscles but also boosts self-esteem and confidence.

Hop On!

If you want to make it big internationally, World’s Strongest Man, Arnold Strongman Classic, Giants Live tour are few of the avenues you can explore. If you want to try out an Indian version of the challenge, India Throw-down is the place to be. The event scheduled to be showcased in Pune this November is one great opportunity for wannabe sports champions to turn up in large numbers and assess where they stand.

You can participate in any of the three events: powerlifting, CrossFit and strongman. The most noticeable difference between weightlifting and powerlifting is that weightlifting uses the snatch and the clean and jerk, both overhead movements. Powerlifting uses the squat, bench press, and deadlift, none of which is directed vertically overhead. Of course, while weightlifting is an Olympic sport, powerlifting has been a Paralympic sport since 1984. Various challenges that test your fitness have also been designed.

Hop on. Together, let us celebrate the spirit of sports!

Here is the facebook event page of India throwdown. Go now.

fitness and strength sports in india

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