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Impact of sports tourism on local economies in India | Experience the excitement of sports tourism

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Sports tourism is one of the fastest-developing segments of the travel industry today. It is an old concept, referring to the ancient Olympic game where people would travel to enjoy the game or participate with competitors. Sports tourism alludes to the experience of traveling to engage in or view sport-related activities. Various national, international, and regional sporting events are examples of sports tourism that garners worldwide audiences giving a significant boost to the economy. Mega sporting events like the Olympics, Football World Cup, Cricket World Cup, etc. are some of the examples that stimulate sports tourism.

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It is undoubtedly an ever-increasing industry, referred to as a factor influencing the economic and social structure of urban and rural areas in developing countries. 

Sports Tourism in India: Impact on local economies

Impact of sports tourism on local economies in India | KreedOn
Image Source- Sustainable Business Toolkit

Sporting events attract several visitors to local communities and help develop economic spending. It affixes billions to the economy, boosts tax revenue, and creates jobs.

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Opening doors for employment via sports tourism

Significant evidence has shown the role of sports in uplifting a country’s economic growth is the creation of job opportunities. A foremost example is (IPL) Indian Premier League- the most significant cricket association worldwide, which has played a critical role in generating jobs for individuals on a colossal scale. Other significant sports like tennis, hockey, football, basketball, and kabaddi, in their notable league, have additionally generated various employment opportunities. Truly the Indian sports business offers a diverse scope of work opportunities in several fields, including sales, transportation, marketing, media, and funds. The sports industry productively contributes to India’s financial development by reducing unemployment. The players and mentors are not only the source of beneficiaries from the industry; instead, there is a wide range of related facilities. 

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Sports tourism boosts the economy

Impact of sports tourism on local economies in India | KreedOn
Image Source- The Economic Times

India has forever been a leading center for tourist attractions because of its outrageous diversity. In recent years India’s sport has significantly influenced tourism in the country- conveying excitement and enjoyment for visitors from both within and beyond the country. Sports tourism means venturing out to watch a sports event. Because of recent enhancements in infrastructure, transportation, facilities, and so on sports tourism in India is consistently ascending with a growth rate of over 12%. Generally, sports have shown to be a significant investment in producing significant revenue, tourism business, in this manner helping financial development.

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Expansion in tax collection

A fruitful sports competition will continuously bring about more extensive advantages for India, including tax contributions to the nation’s treasury. Payments of taxes paid by top sports bodies, teams, and players in the country generally result in increased revenue, which can be directed into different regions of the nation’s economy.

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Community evolution

Sports not only play a significant role in an individual’s development but also focus on overall communal development, which fosters economic growth. Generally, the wide variety of exposure and visibility, revenue, and job possibilities sports bring forth trigger community development. Sports play as a tool in unifying individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together by engaging and integrating via participation.

A case study of IPL match in Mohali

Mohali Stadium, Punjab | KreedOn
Image Source- IPL Cricket Match

Sports events are an extraordinary platform to feature the effect they have on society- the prosperity of the people, quality of life, the enhancement of jobs, health, social inclusion, and getting youngsters back on the right track in life. Not only on the social side but these events opens the door to the long-haul financial improvement of the country. This also helps in building upon the structural features in the country as well as the particular host region. Development in sports results in bringing upon the sports tourism industry in the country. Sports tourism engages in several thousand, even more, huge numbers of watchers globally. Obviously, people need food to eat, and a place to sleep and stay, and in this way, it prompts to create demand for more money for hotels, restaurants, lodging, cafes, local vendors, and alike. Sports tourism plays a prominent role in developing local communities. Then again, there might be sure adverse consequences of facilitating games- crowding, disruptions to the lifestyle of locals, and so forth.

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IPL began in the year 2008 and it has had an immense impact on the Indian economy and the economies of the respective host cities. Not many examinations have been conducted to break down the impact of IPL matches in North India, specifically Mohali. However, the matches have been held at PCA stadium Mohali since the year 2008. The following lines will feature the linkage between socio-economic development and sports events through the entryway of the Sports tourism industry overall.

Income effects

Local food vendors were also interviewed during this investigation and they stated that they used to earn Rs.300-500/day. But during the match, their earnings rose 2-3 times more than that of a normal day. Hoteliers and restaurant owners were happy to share that they were experiencing full occupancy around the days of matches. 

Employment effects

Few statements regarding the part-time job, overtime, and temporary hiring were added to provide evidence regarding the rise of employment opportunities, due to the rise in sport tourism. IPL matches led to high sales compared to regular days which led to more employment opportunities.

Cultural interaction

The promotion of social cohesion and interaction among different social groups was notable. The diversity of tourists from nearby cities and world gave a way to interact and indulge in other social cultures. 


The effect of sports events in local communities stays positive. From the plan and development of sports facilities and the way resources are managed, to esteeming the regular habitat and well-being and prosperity of individuals; all decisions should be informed by sustainability principles. As the role and importance of games in the present society keep on developing and evolving, progress can be made only in partnership and collaboration with others, including the tourism industry.

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How does sport impact local economies?

Sporting venues attract visitors to local communities and helps in generating revenue. It adds to the local economies, creates jobs, and boosts tax revenue.

What are the impacts of tourism on the local economy of an area?

Tourism generates income for a wide range of businesses and creates various employment opportunities.

What is sports tourism in India?

Sports tourism is one of the fastest-developing segments of the travel industry today. In India, sports tourism has scored a high place in Indian tourism industry. Sports tourism alludes to the experience of traveling to engage in or view sport-related activities.

Where is sports tourism most popular?

In the world, sports tourism was valued at USD 587.87 billion in 2022 and Europe held the largest revenue share in 2022. 

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