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A Look at ICC World Cup Mascots | Unveiling the Mascot Magic

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The ICC Cricket World Cup, a major event in the cricketing world, has not only featured thrilling matches but also the enthralling change of its mascots over the years. The ICC’s introduction of these mascots has contributed a distinct and charming appeal to the competition, captivating the hearts of fans of all ages. Join us on a nostalgic trip through the history of ICC World Cup mascots, from 1996 to the ICC World Cup 2023, where ‘Blaze’ and ‘Tonk’ carry on this treasured tradition.

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A Look at ICC World Cup Mascots

Mascot Names Years
Googlee 1996
Willow 1999
Dazzler 2003
Mello 2007
Stumpy 2011
Blaze and Tonk 2023


A Look at ICC World Cup Mascots | Unveiling the Mascot Magic - KreedOn
Source: SOF Olympiad Trainer

The enthralling story of Cricket World Cup mascots began in 1996, when ‘Googlee’ made its debut. The popular mascot, Googlee, made a dramatic statement with its unusual appearance. This eye-catching creature resembled a red cricket ball, complete with a helmet, gloves, and pads. The use of a red ball rather than the conventional white ball was purposeful, representing the essence of “intrigue, unpredictability, and the courage to dare to be different.”


A Look at ICC World Cup Mascots | Unveiling the Mascot Magic - KreedOn
Source: InsideSport

With the introduction of ‘Willow,’ the Cricket World Cup began a new era of mascots in 1999. This adorable figure soon won the hearts of cricket fans across the world. ‘Willow,’ a charming, pink-cheeked youngster, bore an eerie resemblance to ‘Yorker,’ another mascot symbolized by a white cricket ball decorated with a cap. Australia’s raw power and cricketing ability transformed the tournament’s landscape. This charming mascot lives on in the hearts of supporters as a remembrance of an age when Australia’s supremacy was at its peak.

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A Look at ICC World Cup Mascots | Unveiling the Mascot Magic - KreedOn
Source: SOF Olympiad Trainer

Among the ICC World Cup mascots, ‘Dazzler’ stands out as a beloved character, grabbing hearts during South Africa’s 2003 World Cup. ‘Dazzler’ assumed the persona of a zebra engrossed in a game of cricket. This mascot oozed energy and passion, representing the fervor of cricket fans worldwide, dressed in vivid green pads, gloves, and a vibrant red shirt. The black and white stripes decorating its zebra form symbolized South Africa’s benign cohabitation, connecting people from many origins in their shared love of cricket.


Source: SOF Olympiad Trainer

Among the colorful tapestries of ICC World Cup mascots, the West Indies’ ‘Mello’ stands out as an intriguing figure. This intriguing mascot symbolizes the Caribbean region’s vast cultural variety and enthusiasm for cricket. Mello represented as an orange raccoon, exudes playfulness, making him instantly charming to admirers worldwide. Mello, holding a cricket bat, stands with his legs crossed, exuding passion for the game. His gesture of tossing a white cricket ball highlights his fun yet profound love for cricket.

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A Look at ICC World Cup Mascots | Unveiling the Mascot Magic - KreedOn
Source: ESPNcricinfo.

The 2011 World Cup’s mascot, an elephant, was given the name ‘Stumpy’ following an online selection procedure that received submissions from cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The Stumpy mascot embodies an individual who holds a profound passion for cricket, viewing it as the most enjoyable game globally. He idolizes cricket heroes, admiring their technique, skill, and character, and aspires to participate in the prestigious ICC Cricket World Cup one day.

Blaze and Tonk

Source: ICC

The year 2023 brings in a new chapter in the rich tapestry of ICC World Cup history with the introduction of ‘Blaze’ and ‘Tonk’ as the tournament’s official mascots. The ICC painstakingly created these dynamic characters to represent the ever-changing spirit of the game of cricket. Their participation is expected to energize and enliven the event. As the cricketing world eagerly awaits the action-packed matches of the 2023 Cricket World Cup, ‘Blaze’ and ‘Tonk’ inject new life into the game. Their presence promises to provide fans young and old with enduring memories and moments of pure cricketing ecstasy.

We’ve witnessed the transformation of the game’s spirit through the evolution of Cricket World Cup mascots. As the mascots of cricket have evolved from ‘Googlee’ to ‘Blaze’ and ‘Tonk,’ they have left indelible marks on the hearts of cricket fans everywhere.

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