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Browse through out latest job listings in the sports Industry. Whether you are an Analysts, Coach, Sports Marketer, or Operations Expert, your dream opportunity...


With unparalleled experience in the game, our sports analysts breakdown every play providing insightful commentary that takes you beyond scorecard. Analyzing stats, strategy and the human element our sports analysts bring you the stories.


Coaches inspire, guide, and empower individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve greatness. A great coach not only teaches skills but also fosters confidence and resilience, shaping champions on and off the field.


Unlock the power of sports marketing and media to elevate your brand's presence and engage audiences like never before. Join the winning team in the world of sports promotion.


Sports operations & management, orchestrating excellence on and off the field, where strategy meets athleticism. From coordinating game-day logistics to implementing marketing strategies, sports operations and management play.


Sports technology & innovation, where science meets the thrill of the game, pushing boundaries and redefining excellence. In the dynamic field, innovation is the name of the game, driving advancements that enhance the fan experience.


Elevate your game with our sports wellness & nutrition program, designed to optimize performance, recovery, and overall health for athletes of all levels. Achieve peak physical condition with personalized nutrition plans, expert guidance, and cutting-edge.

Why Choose Kreedon Sports Career?


Sports-Centric Expertise

Our team consists of passionate sports enthusiasts and industry experts who understand your unique needs. We speak your language and are dedicated to helping you succeed in the sports.


Vast Network, Exclusive Opportunities

We have a vast network of sports organizations, from grassroots to the pros. This means access to exclusive jobs openings and internships that you won’t find elsewhere.


Insider Insights

Stay ahead of the game with our insider knowledge of the sports industry. We provide you with valuable insights, trends, and tips to help you excel in your sports career.


Trusted by the Pros

Our track record speaks for itself. Top sports organizations and professional trust us to find the best talent. Join our community of successful candidates who have made their mark in the sports.


Career Advancement

We’re not just here for your next job. We’re here for your entire career journey . Our support and resources are designed to help you advance and thrive in the sports industry.


Personalized Support 

Your success is our priority. We offer personalized guidance and support throughout your job search and career progression, ensuring you’re always on the right track.

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