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Howzat? Armless Cricketer Makes State Team

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 If someone told me that there is a man in Kashmir who can play cricket by swinging a bat by holding it between his neck and shoulder, and he bowls with his feet, I wouldn’t believe it. I’d think it is an urban legend or one of those Whatsapp forwards we all hate. I had to see it to believe it that Amir Hussain Lone is very real and his style of playing cricket is truly out of this world.

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Few of us have been as unfortunate as Amir has, then again very few of us have the unwavering spirit to overcome such grave misfortune. An accident at his father’s lumber mill left Amir without arms. At the tender age of 8, Amir had to go through unimaginable pain, both physically and mentally. Amir’s experience shows the general mentality of the society towards the differently abled. He was shunned by many and even sent home from school because they thought he was useless. Amir was anything but useless.

“I have never lost hope, I’ve never accepted defeat. I’ve always known I want to keep moving forward, this has always been my desire” – Amir Hussain Lone

He surprised his father when he learned how to bathe, eat and put on clothes all using his feet. He even taught himself to read English and write with his feet. His father never gave up on him and supported him in the journey. Today, Amir is an inspiration to the whole village when he’s on the cricket field. The same society now takes pride in his achievements.

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Amir is currently the captain of the Jammu & Kashmir state para-cricket team. He is the perfect example of the fact that no goal is impossible to accomplish if you have your heart set on it and you are willing to give your best.

His passion for the sport has left me stunned. The level of his perseverance this man has shown is truly beyond me!

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