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Training Tips: How to Train for 200m Event | Dominate the Event with these Strategies!

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The 200m race is an exhilarating track event that combines speed, power, and endurance. Spanning half a lap around the track, it requires explosive acceleration, efficient running technique, and the ability to maintain high speeds. Athletes strive to cross the finish line in the shortest time possible, making it a highly competitive and exhilarating race. In this blog, we will discuss how to run the 200m efficiently, breaking it down into different phases.

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Pre-Race Preparation for the 200m

Before the race, it’s important to maintain consistency in your preparations. Set up your starting blocks in the same way you do during training to avoid any disruptions to your start. Stick to your routine, which may include deep breaths, explosive jumps, or other rituals that help you get in the right mindset.

When it’s time to take your marks, position yourself comfortably in the blocks, imagining yourself as a coiled spring ready to explode. Keep the pressure on your feet rather than your hands.

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How to Approach the 200m Race

The 200m race can be divided into several phases, each requiring a specific approach:

S. No.Phases
1Attack the first 0-40m
2Glide around the bend for 40-110m
3Re-accelerate for the next 110-140m
4Keep your technique for the final 140m-200m

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Attack the first 0-40m

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After taking your marks, raise your hips during the “set” call and maintain pressure on your feet. When the gun goes off, push hard off both feet, swing your arms to build momentum, and drive out of the blocks. Focus on being powerful and explosive during this phase, utilizing the ATP-PC energy system.

Glide around the bend for 40-110m

After a strong start, find your stride and “glide” around the bend. This doesn’t mean slowing down or exerting less effort. Use the momentum from your acceleration to maintain speed and run with a long and comfortable stride. Practice running the curve during training to develop a feel for it. Avoid getting distracted by other athletes and focus on your race.

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Re-accelerate for the next 110-140m

 How to Train for 200m | Race Training | 200m Run | KreedOn
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As you come off the bend, shift your efforts and re-accelerate. Utilize the reserves you saved from gliding the bend and kickstart rapid arm and leg movements. Focus on maintaining speed and technique for the next 30m to avoid a breakdown in form.

Keep your technique for the final 140m-200m

As you enter the home straight with about 60m to go, concentrate on maintaining good sprinting form. Keep a tight core and a comfortable stride, minimizing unnecessary movements. Maintain focus and let your technique carry you to the finish line.

200m Race Training

Training for the 200m involves a combination of power and speed endurance. Implement aspects from both 100m and 400m training principles. Work on power and speed through shorter sprints and strength exercises, while also building speed endurance through longer distances at higher intensities.

A warm-up routine is crucial before training sessions. Spend around 5 minutes on cardio exercises, followed by leg swings, mobility drills, technique drills, and 2-3 accelerations of 30-50m.

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Sample 200m Sprint Training Program

 How to Train for 200m | Race Training | 200m Run | KreedOn
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1st Session: 4 sets of 7 back-to-back 60m sprints with 15 seconds of recovery between each sprint and 4 minutes of recovery between sets (focus on acceleration).

2nd Session: 2 sets of 120m, 100m, 80m, and 60m sprints with a walk-back recovery and 8 minutes of recovery between sets (focus on maximum velocity).

3rd Session: 2 sets of 3 x 300m sprints with a slow walk-around recovery and 8 minutes of recovery between sets (focus on speed endurance).

By following these guidelines and training consistently, you can improve your performance in the 200m and become a more efficient sprinter.


The 200m race demands a combination of speed, power, and endurance. To approach this race effectively, athletes need to focus on each phase and execute specific strategies. From attacking the first 0-40m with explosive power to maintaining technique in the final stretch, a well-rounded approach is key. By following these guidelines and training diligently, athletes can enhance their performance and excel in the exhilarating 200m race.

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