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How to Start a Sports Blog in 2023? The Playbook for Sports Blogging Success | KreedOn Complete Guide

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Starting a sports blog in 2023 is a great approach for any individual who is passionate about sports- and who needs to impart the same energy to others. 

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Sports blogs can be written by former athletes, journalists, or passionate fans with a good knowledge of the sport. Sports blogs contain a wide range of content, from breaking news and game recaps to interviews, deep dive analysis, and opinion pieces.

How to start a sports blog | KreedOn
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Sports blogs play as a significant tool for fans to stay up to date with their favorite sports and team, and to connect with others sharing the same passion for sports.

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However, starting a sports blog is not a new thing so to stand out among others you need to set certain ways.

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Steps on how to start a sports blog

Find your niche

How to start a sports blog | KreedOn
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The absolute first thing you will need to do in your sports blog venture is track down your specialty. The more cornered and expert you can make your blog, the more probability you have of standing out in the crowd and attracting an audience to your content.

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If you choose an excessively wide topic you don’t know much about, you will offer no valuable content to your audience. This will create a bad impact on your style of writing and most probably they won’t prefer you the other time.

While choosing a topic, it is important to pick a theme that you are really inspired by and energetic about. 

Some advices for choosing a perfect niche

  • Pick a particular highbrow sport like writing about a tennis blog, soccer blog, instead of a popular sport most of them write about.
  • Focus on local or grassroots sports players and teams.
  • Ground to a specific type of content such as interviews or match analyses.
  • Blog about your sporting heroes and passions.

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Make a brand

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It’s never been more important to build a brand online. Creating and fostering your brand assists you with standing out from the crowd. It also allows your audience to get to know you and promptly recognize your content. Elements including everything from your site and blog posts to your social media accounts – should all be underpinned by your brand.

Buy a Domain name

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A domain name is known as the name of your site that users will type into the location bar to get to your sports blog. The most ideal way to ponder a domain name is to envision that your blog or website is a house, and the domain name is the house’s address. It’s the means by which people find and visit you online. Keep in mind that the domain name you pick shouldn’t already be in use and should be easy to remember. You can buy your Domain name from a domain registrar.

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Sign up for a blogging platform for your sports blog

How to start a sports blog | KreedOn
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There are different blogging platforms that you can browse for starting your sports blog. A website that has a host of advantages including customizable templates, an easy-to-use interface, incredible customer help and support, and good pricing plans.

Choose & modify a theme for your sports blog

A good customizable theme will dictate how your website will attract an audience. Based upon which website builder you opt for, you will have access to choose from hundreds of themes. After finalizing your theme you will be able to customize other various elements – color scheme, images, layouts, fonts, and menus.

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Plan your sports blog content

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Once you are done selecting the theme now you need to think about or plan how to start with it. Maybe you would have loads of content ideas. The significant thing is not to bounce carelessly without a content plan. When creating a sports blog you first need to research and learn every single important piece of information, that would interest your audience.

Promote your sports blog

How to start a sports blog | KreedOn
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When your sports blog is ready – you have begun populating it with high-quality content, – at that point, now it’s time to start promoting it on social media. Tell people about your website. You can not expect them to just stumble across your blog if you are not taking active steps to promote it. 

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Reasons you should start a sports blog 

Imparting your insight

If you already talk about any sport, starting to write a sports blog is a great way to share your opinion on a team, players, and recent games with the masses.

Making Money

Whether you blog about the sports you like for the sake of entertainment or as a career, it could eventually be a way to make money discussing topics you love.

Improve your writing skills

By publishing content to a blog consistently, you will likewise be further developing your composing ability. It could help you in your career.

Building your resume

Beginning a sports blog is an incredible method for making your resume and might prompt sports reporting offers.

Making industry association

Your blog could be the doorway to meeting some of your admired athletes.


Writing a sports blog can be a powerful way to share your passion and knowledge about a particular sport or team. It gives you an open way to share your insights, opinions, and thoughts on the latest news, trends, and development in the sports industry.

Overall writing a sports blog can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It allows you to share your love of sports with others and develop valuable skills along the way.

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