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How to start a Gym business in India? Make Your Mark in the Fitness Industry

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Health and fitness industries are one of those industries that thrive regardless of the predominant economic condition. A hectic work schedule and lack of sleep among individuals today have resulted in illnesses such as heart disease. The best way to resolve these issues is to integrate healthy eating and exercise into your daily routines. This is where the fitness industry comes in, to regulate a healthy lifestyle. Over the years, the gym business in India has developed into one where success is ensured if done perfectly. This is the reason many people are keen on beginning a gym business to earn a good income. In this blog, we will look at how to start a gym business in India.

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How to start a gym business in India?

How to start a Gym business in India? | anytime fitness franchise | KreedOn
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Conduct market research

How to start a Gym business in India? | health and fitness industry | KreedOn
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Before you start your gym business it is important to conduct market research to understand the demand for gym services in your area. You can research the competition, identify potential customers, and find out what type of services are most in demand.

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Choose your area wisely for Gym business

The Location you pick for your gym business is critical to its success. The chances of success increase if you start your gym business in a local area or a crowded marketplace, reason being – people prefer going to the closest gym early in the morning or after their office hours. You will experience issues tracking down clients if you open your gym business on the outskirts of a city. Generally, people do not prefer taking time out of their bustling schedules.

Arrange assets for your Gym business

anytime fitness franchise | KreedOn
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Once you decide on the gym location, the next step involves arranging the required funds. Opening a gym business is a costly affair and the general cost may be around Rs 10 lakhs to 25 lakhs. Bearing the whole sum from your reserve funds could put you in financial trouble. The best choice to meet this large funding requirement is a business loan. 

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Choose a business model

Opening a gym business requires a significant investment, so it is important to choose your plan of action wisely. This allows you to rapidly recoup your initial investment and general profits. Gym owners in India ordinarily use one of four pricing models:

Membership model

This is a common model that you will track down in each second gym in the country. Under this, you charge your client a fixed monthly amount to use any of the gym’s equipment. 

Pay-as-you-go model

This is possibly the best model for drawing in new clients. Customers are possibly expected to pay when they visit the gym and use its equipment. 

Dynamic pricing model

Under this, you can furnish your client with a customized package. Such as separate packages for weight loss, Zumba, and aerobics session.

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Integrated strategy

For customers paying monthly fees, who are unable to visit the gym regularly- in this case you allow them to go to the gym for free for 15 days of the following month.

Acquire the necessary licenses for your Gym business

How to start a Gym business in India? | anytime fitness franchise | KreedOn
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Opening a gym center requires you to get different licenses and permits. The very first permission you will require is from the police department of your respective state. Then you should get a tax registration certificate, an initial investment license, a building permit, and so on. 

Hire gym trainers

health and fitness industry | anytime fitness franchise | KreedOn
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To make and maintain your gym trustworthy you should hire skilled and competent gym trainers. People preparing for bodybuilding competitions need the assistance of skilled trainers and if you offer them this they will be reluctant to turn into your long-time customers. 

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How to start a Gym business in India? anytime fitness franchise | KreedOn
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Certification by BFY Sports and fitness, Certification from the IAFT, Training certificate from GFFI, Certificate from CBT.

Beginning a gym business in India requires cautious preparation and a significant investment, however with dedication, hard work, and smart management, it tends to be an effective endeavor.


To conclude, starting a gym business in India can be a challenging yet compensating venture if done correctly. The doorway to success is conducting thorough market research, a solid business plan, adequate funding, and a strong team of qualified trainers and staff. 

By following these steps, you can create a successful gym business in India that caters to the needs of your clients, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and generates profit for the fitness industry. Make sure to stay on track, flexible, and customer-oriented to make your gym business a success in India.

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How profitable is owning a gym?

As per a 2021 study, 85.3 % of the gyms that spend over $20,000 a month are profitable, while only 65.7 % of gyms that spend at least $6,503 turn a profit.

What is included in the health fitness industry?

The fitness industry includes both type of fitness centers such as gyms as well as weight loss centers.

Is the gym and fitness market growing?

According to the study of Statista, the global fitness industry is worth $96.7 billion as of 2022.

What is the future of the health and fitness industry?

The future of the fitness industry is digital transformation, and to keep up, the gym owners across the world require trusted gym management softwares.

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