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ISL 2019: How to play Dream11 Fantasy Football League? 

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Ever wondered how to play Dream11 Fantasy Football? Well, you are at the right placed!

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Do you eat, drink and sleep football? Think you know better than your team’s manager about who should play and whom not? Do you have an analytical mind filled with tonnes of football information?

Well then, you can cash in on your passion by playing the Dream11 fantasy football league. The fantasy platform lets the user use their knowledge to make a team with the best players. If played with passion and dedication one can earn some serious money by making correct predictions. Whether your aim is to check your football knowledge or earn attractive prize money, this fantasy football is the perfect platform.

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Although it may seem a simple game to play with, there are several considerations one has to keep in mind before playing it and start making money. 

How to play Dream11 Fantasy Football: Knowing the Basics

First things first, you need to get to know about the rules of the game and how the points are alotted. However, boring it may sound, it is vital nonetheless.

Squad Selection

You select a squad of 11 players from the 2 teams that will be playing in real-time. You have a total of 100 credits in hand. Each footballer is assigned credits and points which depend on their current form. 

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Fantasy football kreedon

Dream11 fantasy football players should be aware of the popular formations in football. Some of those formations which can be applied to your Dream11 fantasy football league team are 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-4-2, 4-4-3 , 5-3-2 and 5-2-3. 

You need to select the players that are in form and likely to perform in the upcoming games. Then chose a squad of 11, making sure you don’t select all of the best players in one go. If you use up all your points and 11 players aren’t selected, you won’t be able to proceed and enter into the competition. 

This is why it is necessary to do a little research before picking the squad. Balance the players based on points, complete the 11 man squad then you will be asked to choose a captain and a vice-captain. You need to pick the best 2 players of the squad for the same and then you can enter your team into the global competition.  

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How to earn points 

Now that you have understood squad selection, the next thing is to know how points are assigned. Let’s take a look at how points are awarded to footballers based on their actual performance.   

If the player is on the pitch for more than 55 minutes +2 points
If the player is on the pitch for less than 55 minutes +1 point
If an attacker scores a goal +8 points
If a midfielder scores a goal +9 points
If either a goalkeeper or defender scores a goal +10 points
If a player completes more than 10 passes (more points for every 10 passes completed) +0.5 points
If a player has 2 shots on target 

(more points for every 2 shots)

+1 point
If a goalkeeper saves a penalty +9 points
If a goalkeeper or defender maintains a clean sheet +5 points
If a goalkeeper saves at least 3 shots (more points for every 3 shots) +2 points
If a midfielder keeps a clean sheet +1 point
If 3 successful tackles are made (more points for every 3 tackles) +1 point
Captain will receive 2 times the points if he has a good performance.
Vice-Captain will receive 1.5 times the points if he has a good performance. 

By knowing the points system, you can choose to select those players who can bring maximum points and those who won’t. For example, if a player doesn’t score goals but takes a lot of shots, you can consider him.

If you find this system points system is a bit much, you can choose to play it for fun for free. You can also choose to compete at the highest levels and be a pro at it. Below are some tips that will come in handy:

How to play Dream11 Fantasy Football: Tips for Beginners

If you are someone who doesn’t want to invest money in the game or want to practice before playing for the big bucks, these are some important things one should consider while playing Dream11 as a beginner.

Know the teams 

For example, if you are an FC Goa fan, you must be very much up to date with how the club is performing. However, if you’re not quite aware of other teams in the ISL, you may want to do some reading or look at the team stats beforehand. 

This will allow one to know about the different teams that would face FC Goa and prediction based on performances and stats won’t be complicated.  

Know the players

It all eventually comes down to individual players who will make a big impact on your entire squad. Knowing about the players’ form and statistics is key here.

See the pattern in which they are getting selected and against what teams. ISL Top Scorer Ferran Corominas has scored in almost every game. If you are picking FC Goa, consider him as your main striker as he has a high chance of scoring. Similarly, Gurpreet Singh for Bengaluru FC has a high chance of producing some match-winning saves, hence an important player like him should be selected. 

Another thing to keep in mind is not to select a player who has been sent off in the previous match, as he won’t fetch you any points. 

If you keep in mind these considerations, enter the free competition. After the match is over, come back to the Dream11 website and check how your team performed. The first try will give you a good idea of how you can improve and what you need to consider before making the next prediction. 

For a beginner, getting the teams right can be a very rewarding feeling. You might feel like making more and more predictions. At this point, one can consider playing for real money. Below are tips if you want to become a pro at the Dream11 predictions. 

How to play Dream11 Fantasy Football: Tips for pro-level players 

Once you decide to go pro, you should keep in mind that it might cost you some real money to actually earn money. Dream11 has different categories for you to participate in. 

As an example, you want to enter the ₹2 Lakhs pool. You will be asked to pay ₹249  and will be among 200-250 people who have put the same amount in. If you finish first in that pool, you will be rewarded with ₹50,000 if you finish 2nd, you can earn up to ₹10,000 and so on. 

The tips for beginners also apply to pro-level players. Conducting a thorough research of both the squads and the players is the most basic way of prediction. What more can a pro-player keep in mind to be at the top?

  1. Don’t just make one team. If you are not completely sure of the players and are having second thoughts, you can always make another team and increase your chances of winning. 
  2. Your research should also include a careful study of players forms. Every player has a favourite team they like playing against. They are likely to perform better in that game and should be considered if they have been slightly out of touch with their form.
  3. Lastly, the game can be highly addicting, make sure you don’t end up investing large amounts of money in the game. A good fantasy league player knows when to call it a day.

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