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How to Play Dream11 Cricket Fantasy League? Step-by-step guide

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If played rightly, Dream11 Cricket Fantasy Sports can be fun and rewarding – Let’s learn how to play dream11 cricket for best & maximum results.

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The craze about the 2nd edition of IPL 2021 is sweeping the country, and one thing that is spicing up the experience to another level is Fantasy Cricket games. These games help give fans a chance to showcase their cricket knowledge and skills. Dream11 is the most popular of these, having a market share of over 90%. However, playing Dream11 can be equally costly as it may be rewarding. Here comes the million-dollar tricks & questions that every aspiring fantasy sports player has: How to Play Dream11 cricket to Win?

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Here are the most helpful tricks to play dream11 that will help you reduce your risks and boost the chances of winning big in dream11 cricket fantasy leagues.

How to play Dream11 Cricket


How to play dream11


Select a match


Know the points rules


Ensure that you field a playing11


Read as much prediction articles as you can


Choose your captain & vice-captain wisely


Do your research


Field more than one team


Know the weaknesses of a player


Take risks


Predict the right time when a player gets out of form


Join the contest

1. How to Play Dream11: Select a match

To play a fantasy sports league, the 1st thing to be done is to choose the match & click on the “Create Team” button to start making your dream11 team.

2. How to Play Dream11: Know the points rules

Before you even start to field your starting XI, it is important to know how things go in Dream11. The basic rules are very simple – You are given 100 credits to choose 11 players from the two teams of the chosen fixture. You can field only 1 wicket-keeper and between 3-5 batsmen, 1-3 all-rounder, and 3-5 bowlers. Lastly. You can only have up to 7 players from one team.

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Once you know how to field a starting XI, it is important to know how the points are assigned to players.
Here is a concise table enlisting the point assigning system of Dream11:

Dream11 KreedOn
Credits Quora

Lastly, captains and vice-captains are assigned twice and 1.5 times the points gained by the chosen players.

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What are Fantasy Points?

Fantasy Points are virtual points. It is earned by players on the basis of their batting, bowling & fielding performances in a cricket match. Similarly, it can be earned in other sports as well. For example, players can earn fantasy points for scoring runs & taking wickets, etc. in cricket. Scoring goals, making assists, etc. can bring fantasy points in football.

3. How to Play Dream11: Ensure that you field a playing11

As may be seen in the table above, the players that are part of the starting XI are assigned 2 points each. If your player doesn’t feature, you get no points for him. It is thus important to edit your team once the squad is announced 15 minutes before the match.

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4. How to Play Dream11 game: Read as much prediction articles as you can

Initially, before you start to field your starting XI, it is important to read various prediction articles around the fixture. This helps in gaining the thought process that goes behind predicting a starting XI.

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5. How to Play Dream11 game: Choose your captain & vice-captain wisely

The choice of the captain and the vice-captain is more often the decisive factor for whether you win or lose in Dream11 contests. It is, thus, important to choose them wisely.

6. Do your research

This is one of the most important of Dream11 tricks to follow if you are to boost your chances of winning. Prior to the match, it is vital to know various factors that very much impact the outcome of the game –

  • Pitch conditions
  • Weather
  • Past records on the surface (average scores, number of wins playing first/second)
  • Form of the teams
  • Form of players
  • Head-to-head records etc
  • Injury updates

This information will be vital in forming your team. If a pitch, like that at the Eden Gardens, has a high average of say 175 runs, choosing more batsmen would be a wise choice. On the other hand, if the pitch, like that at Chepauk, has an unpredictable surface, choosing more spinners is a smart move.

Who wins the toss also matters, as playing conditions are never the same all the time. Some surfaces are favorable for chasing as the dew factor makes bowling difficult in the second innings. Thus, in such more bowlers from the team bowling first.
The more knowledgeable you are about the factors mentioned above, the more accurate you would be while building your squad.

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7. Field more than one team

A more common trick that most of the Dream11 players use is to field multiple teams in contests with a varied combination. This boosts their chances of winning with at least one combination. You can follow the same strategy, especially when the Dream11 spots are available at discounted rates just before the matches.

8. Know the weaknesses of a player

Most of fantasy sports players know about the strengths of players, but very few know about their weaknesses. Like MS Dhoni is bound to struggle against leg spinners. Thus, playing him against a team with a strong spin attack, such as SRH, may provide fewer dividends. Knowing such insightful information can help in smartly dodging players that others are bound to select based on the name or form. This, in turn, helps boost your chances of winning.

9. Take risks

Not taking risks IS the biggest risk, they say. This is especially true when playing Dream11. However, having said that, you have to take calculated risks.
One of the Dream11 tricks not many players use is to utilize all the top names, at the expense of a cheaper player. Suppose say the contest has a batting pitch where the score goes above 180. The natural instinct is to choose top-line batsmen. But due to the shortage of credits, you may not be able to gain all the top names. As a result, you end upbringing in a mediocre bowler and a less effective batsman. Doesn’t make you different than the rest.

A trick here is to choose the cheapest bowler (who will probably not feature) and use the credits you saved to get a top batsman. First of all, the bowlers are sure to have dismal economic rates (and thus negative points). Thus, you are dodging a bullet there. More importantly, you have more dangerous batsmen than most of the players, and, thus, a greater chance of scoring big.

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10. Predict the right time when a player gets out of form

It is good to pick a player based on his form. But that may not work every time. After all, it is very rare that a batsman will hit big knocks in consecutive matches, or a bowler will scalp wickets in each game. A player’s form is basically like a sine wave, it goes up and down. The one who predicts when these rises and the falls will occur has the biggest chance of winning the Dream11 contests.

The bottom-line – don’t choose anyone based on their name and form.

An out-of-form player has a reason to prove himself and, thus, can play better than an in-form player. Thus, neglecting him would be a mistake. Predicting whether a player will play well or not is an art and probably the biggest secret to making it big in Dream11. It’s a skill that you will get with experience, over time.

These are some of the tricks to help you ace in Dream11. Please note that these tricks are advised to reduce your risks of losing in Dream11. At the end of the day, it still remains a game of luck to a certain level and we are not responsible for any loss incurred whatsoever.

11. Join the contest

After making your dream11 team choose the contest you want to participate in. Join your suitable contest, sit back, enjoy the match & see your dream11 team performing. You can analyze your decisions at this point for future assessments.

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