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How to Play Chess (For Beginners): Checkmate Your Opponents | Rules & Strategies

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Chess is one of the most famous strategy board games in the world. It is a 2-player game played on a checkerboard with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid. Derived from the ancient Indian game ‘chaturanga’ back in the 7th century, chess requires high involvement of all 6 sections of the brain which helps in proper exercise and the growth of mental health. It is never too late to start learning something and being an indoor tactical game, chess has no physical risk. One can start playing it at any age. To make your job easy, here’s how beginners can play chess and learn different win moves.

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How to Play Chess | Chess for beginners

Before talking about how to play chess, you must know the pieces involved in a game of chess. There are 6 different types of pieces in both black and white color. Each participant plays a game with 16 pieces of one color. The 6 pieces (the number in the bracket denotes the number of that piece in a color) are:

  • King (1)
  • Queen (1)
  • Bishop (2)
  • Rook (2)
  • Knight (2)
  • Pawn (8)

A Step-by-Step Guide to Begin a Chess Game

How to place the chessboard | How to play chess for beginners

how to play chess for beginners | Chess moves to win | KreedOn
The modern chess board first appeared in Europe in 1090.

The chessboard is always set up such that a white (light) colored block appears on the extreme right side of the first row. Although this seems to make no difference in the game it is better to start the right way when learning how to play chess.

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How to place each piece on the board | How to play chess for beginners

Chess pieces Kreedon
The longest game of chess lasted for 269 moves and ended in a draw.

The pieces of both colors are arranged on the last 2 lines of opposite sides (one color on each side). First, the 2 rooks are positioned at both corners, followed by 2 knights next to each rook, followed by the 2 bishops next to each knight. The queen is then placed on the same color block i.e. black(white) queen on a black(white) block. The kings are finally placed on the remaining block.

How each piece moves on the board | How to play chess for beginners

The game always starts with the movement of a white piece. Then both participants move one piece at a time on alternate turns. In professional games, the white color selection is decided by a toss while in friendly games, the less experienced player can be given the benefit of the first move.

Some common rules of movement are followed by all the pieces and some rules are specific to each piece. The common rules are:

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  • Only one piece can reside at one square at a time.
  • Pieces cannot move through each other except Knight which can jump over other pieces.
  • Pieces cannot take place of the same colored piece but can take place of the opposite colored piece by capturing (explained later) it.

Now that we know the common rules, let’s get into specific rules involved in each piece’s movement while playing chess.

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The King

how to play chess for beginners | Chess moves to win | KreedOn
Chess is also called the “Game of Kings” since, for a very long time in the past, it was just played by the Nobel and Kings.

The King is the most important piece in the game but at the same time one of the weakest too. It can move only one square at a time in all directions (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally). But a king cannot move to a square that is under check (explained later) by the opponent.

The Queen

Image Source- Chess.com

The Queen is considered the most powerful piece of all. She can move in all directions (one at a time) as far as she desires, provided she follows the common rules.

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The Rook

Rook Chess Kreedon
Players in their first year are called “Rookies”. This name came up from the last pieces of chess to move into action called “Rooks” – How to Play Chess

Rooks can move both vertically and horizontally as far as possible, following the common rules. Both Rooks are powerful when used together, protecting each other.

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The Bishop

how to play chess for beginners | Chess moves to win | KreedOn
It is possible to checkmate a lone King with 2 Bishops and + King

Bishops move diagonally on the board. They always stay on the same colored block due to their diagonal movement. Both Bishops start from a different colored block.

The Knight

Knight Chess Kreedon
The best position for the Knight on the chessboard is at the center. From there, the Knight can control the maximum number of squares: 8

Knights move 2 blocks in one direction followed by one block in the other without any diagonal movement. This kind of movement makes an L shape on the board. Knights can also jump over other pieces in their movement.

The Pawn

how to play chess for beginners | Chess moves to win | KreedOn
A pawn that doesn’t have any opponent’s pawns on its way is called a past pawn.

Pawns move one block forward at a time. It can also move 2 blocks but only in its first move. Pawns can change their direction only while capturing another piece which is discussed in the next section.

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How to capture an opponent’s piece | How to learn chess

how to play chess for beginners | Chess moves to win | KreedOn
Did you know? The 2nd book to be ever printed in the English language was related to Chess.

All the pieces except Pawn capture an opponent’s piece when it comes in its path. After capturing a piece, the capturing piece takes the position of the captured piece. A piece cannot capture another piece of its colour. Once a piece is captured by the opponent, it cannot be used further in the game so it is removed from the board.

In the case of the Pawn, capturing is possible only when an opponent’s piece is placed on the diagonal front block concerning the Pawn. So while capturing the piece, the pawn will move into the diagonal front block. Hence its direction of movement changes.

How to win a game of Chess

Checkmate Kreedon
The word “checkmate” comes from the Arabic word “shah mat” which translates to “The king is dead” in English


A King is said to be in check when it is threatened by an opponent’s piece i.e. when an opponent’s piece is in a position to capture the King in its next move. A player can only do these 3 things to come out of check:

  • Move the King to a safe block
  • Use another piece to block the check
  • Capture the piece checking the King

A player cannot move the king to a position that will cause a check on it.

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A King is in checkmate if:

  • It is under check.
  • It cannot move to a safe block that is not under attack.
  • No other piece can capture the checking piece of the opponent.

The player forcing checkmate on the other player’s king wins the game.


Checkmate does not happen in all the games. A game can be declared a draw in the following scenarios:

  1. Stalemate (Explained later)
  2. In 50 consecutive moves, no player has either captured a piece or moved a pawn.
  3. Pieces on the board are not enough to force a checkmate.
  4. The exact position is repeated in a game.
  5. Players agree to a draw.

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Special Rules | How to learn chess

There are some unique moves and some different rules in the game of chess that needs separate mention.

Promotion of the Pawn | Chess moves to win

Pawn Chess Kreedon
Exchanging a Queen for two Rooks is also something to think about. In many cases, two Rooks can be stronger than the Queen

When a Pawn reaches the last row (row 8), it can be replaced with any other piece except the King. The new piece will take the exact position of the Pawn. According to FIDE chess rules, it is compulsory to exchange the pawn with a new piece. Queen is the strongest piece in the game so it is the best choice for anyone in such a scenario.

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En Passant | Chess moves to win

en passant Kreedon
En passant means ‘in passing’ in French.

If Pawn is moved up 2 blocks in its first move and it happens to be next to the opponent’s pawn. Then the opponent has the option of capturing the pawn by moving it to the diagonal empty block. But the option is open only for that move.

Castling | Chess moves to win

Castling Chess Kreedon
Before and After Castling – How to Play Chess

If the King and the Rook follow certain conditions, then the King moves 2 blocks towards the Rook and the Rook comes directly to the block on the opposite side of the King. The prerequisites for the move are:

  • Both King and Rook must be unmoved.
  • No other pieces should be present between them.
  • The King should not be under check or surpassed a check before the move.

Castling can be done in either horizontal direction if it follows the above conditions. Castling in the direction of the Queen’s position is called Queenside and the opposite direction is called the Kingside. The King only moves 2 squares regardless of the side and the Rook jumps straight to the opposite side block next to the King. This is a great move since it harbors 2 moves in one.

Basic Strategy | How to play chess for beginners

how to play chess for beginners | Chess moves to win | KreedOn
The chess master to have won the World Championship in all three formats (knockout, tournament, and match) is Viswanathan Anand from India.

Piece Value

While playing the game of tactics, one needs to keep in mind the value of each piece to prioritize the moves. The general order (decreasing) of the value of the 6 types of pieces are:

  1. Queen
  2. Rook
  3. Knight, Bishop
  4. Pawn

Do not move the same piece

You should develop a strategy from the beginning of the game. Moving the same piece, again and again, is a strong sign of uncertainty. It exposes your vulnerability to the opponent. You lose those moves and develop unnecessary pressure by letting the opposition rally ahead.

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Castle the King | Chess moves to win

As the name suggests, castling will protect the King much better than its general position. Always try to castle the king as soon as possible.

Dominate the Centre | Chess moves to win

Centre of the board has access to the whole board. One who has control over the center tends to control the game.

Think twice

The pawns are the least powerful when it comes to versatility in movement. But the placement of each of those 8 small pieces on the board determines the fate of a game. Always think twice before moving your pawn as they cannot move back.

Practice Practice Practice!

Chess is a game of tactics and strategy. The more alert you are while playing the board game, the better you perform. To get familiar with strategies and moves in the game, you must spend time and practice more.

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How do one can win chess?

Ultimate focus and approach to win the game is the way to gain confidence in the start and once you have a good start, victory is a sure shot. Learn to play chess with various important moves if you are a beginner.

How to use pawns while playing chess?

Use of pawns as the first line defence and there by making sure that at the end you have more pawns than opponents, will help in converting it to a bigger power such as queen.

What is the most powerful chess piece while you play chess game?

Queen is the most powerful piece in the chess game.

Does playing chess increases your IQ?

Playing chess makes your mind sharp and the thinking ability is improved. The vision to look into the future events also enhances.

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  1. The beauty of chess is that you don’t need anything at all, to play this game. No board, no pawns, not even an oponent. You can take piece of paper and solve a scenarios from other one games, you can draw your board at anthing and use anything as a pawn. If you’re looking for some play ideas for group of kids, your class, or summercamp, you can creat a human-size board and tell kids that they can be chess figures by themselfs! Story Time Chess is a great tool to teach your kids chess, and may also help you to learn if you’re not so hot at the game yourself! It uses an interactive storybook to help teach kids about chess through fun characters. Kids can visualize the pieces through these character cutouts that are attached to the chess pieces, which helps to understand how each piece moves.Introducing chess to our children is a very good idea. It’s important to know, it might sound obvious, but isn’t so, that you can do it from a very young age and you don’t have to explain it with proper rules. Why? This is the obvious part – because there is no fun in it. But with books like this, by Richard James, or like the one writen by Makism Aksanov (net-boss.org/chess-puzzles-for-kids-by-maksim-aksanov) and by many, many more chess entthusiasts, it’s very easy to teach with all the fun and play, and make with this game a very rich, fantasy world of our kids 🙂


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