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How to do Push Ups: A Complete Step by Step Guide

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Easily the most common physical workout routine of modern time, push-ups help us to improve core strength and upper body. Push-ups are simple yet challenging exercises that require no equipment. Beginners do the standard push ups and advanced bodybuilders and athletes try out different variations of it. Let’s check out how to do push ups, the various types of it, and its benefits.

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How to do push ups 

  1.  Facing the floor, balance your body with the arms positioned a little wider than the shoulders.  
  2. Legs should be balanced on toes and make sure to maintain a straight body posture from head to toe. 
  3. Should not bend or arch your body  
  4. To begin, lower your body to the ground, bending the elbows, and return to the original position without lying or touching the ground.  
  5. Make sure to inhale while you are going down and exhale while coming up.  
  6. The bending elbows should be at a 90-degree angle and do not bend your back during the exercise.  
  7. Repeat the exercise until you over-strain your body or do as much as your workout routine requirement.

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Different types of push ups

S.NTypes of Push Ups
1The regular pushup
2Knee pushup
3Incline pushup
4Decline pushup
5Wide pushup
6Triangle or Diamond pushup
7Spiderman pushup
8Pike pushup
9Hindu pushup
10Handstand pushup
11Archer pushup
12Wall pushup
13Triceps pushup
14Plank pushup

The regular Push ups

Regular Push Ups KreedOn
Image Source: Top.me
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As mentioned earlier, a regular push-up builds upper body and core strength, basically benefiting the chest, shoulders, arms, and triceps. This pushup is for beginners and trained gymnasts and it is a prerequisite to any advanced variations. 

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Knee Push ups

Knee Push Ups KreedOn
Image Source: KreedOn

This is a modified version for those who cannot do the standard push-ups. Some people won’t be able to balance their body and fail to continue regular pushups after very few repetitions. Knee push ups enhance the body balance and make you strong enough to carry out normal pushups. All you have to do is to balance on your knees and toes instead of toes alone and proceed with the same steps.  

Incline Push ups

Incline Pushups KreedOn
Image Source: Verywell fit
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Another simpler version of the regular pushups for those who find it hard to do. You need a bench or any object of similar height to practice an inclined pushup. It’s just doing a standard pushup with your hands positioned over the bench forming an inclined body posture.

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Decline Push ups

Decline Pushup: KreedOn
Image Source: Very well Fit

A slightly tougher version of the normal pushups as your legs would be upon a bench. You would need more balance and arm strength to execute a decline pushup because there will be an increased body weight transferring to your arms. 

Wide Push ups

Wide Pushups: KreedOn
Image Source: Healthline.com

When your arms are spread to a larger width than your shoulder, it’s called wide pushup. More focus is on the chest muscles and shoulders and your hands must be apart by 2.5 to 3 feet.

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Triangle or Diamond Push ups

Diamond Push Ups KreedOn
Image Source: A lean life.com

It is named so because in this type of pushup, your hands should be so close that your outer palms form a triangle or a diamond. As the distance between two arms are nearly zero, emphasis is on the triceps. Make sure that the triangle or diamond is right beneath the chest.  

Spiderman Push ups

Spiderman Pushups KreedOn
Image Source: verywell fit

Also known as side-kick push ups, legs come into play in this version. Starting from the normal position, as you go down one of your knees should bend sideways and touch the corresponding elbow. Continue this simultaneously with both knees. The toes should be very close at the standard position to effectively carry out spiderman pushups. Along with strengthening the upper body and core, hip flexibility is also amplified by this exercise.

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Pike Push ups

Pike Pushups KreedOn

This one is mainly for the shoulders. Begin from the dog yoga posture, maintain the inverted V shape of your body throughout the exercise. Bend your elbow and lower the head near the ground while holding the hip-high and balancing on the toes.  

Hindu Pushup

Hindu Push Up KreedOn
Image Source: Focusfitness

The Hindu pushup is a traditional Indian-style exercise practiced by wrestlers. Each repetition includes going from a downward dog position to a cobra pose swooping by holding the head and body close to the ground. The arms would be straight at the beginning and the end of the exercise. This variety of pushups has existed for centuries among Indian martial artists. It works on core strength, shoulders, hips, and triceps.

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Handstand Pushup

Image Source: Verywellfit

I would say it’s not at all an easy task. The Handstand pushup is one of the most advanced types of push up and anyone who wants to try this variation needs to know how to handstand on a wall. As challenging as it is, the entire body is benefitted by this exercise but it’s also risky for people with poor upper body strength and flexible body. Beginners are advised not to carry out this exercise until you build enough core strength.  

Archer Pushup

Archer KreedOn
Image Source: Menshealth.com

In Archer pushup, arms are kept wider than the normal pushup position and as you lower your body, you transfer the majority of your weight to one of your hands and incline towards that hand while the other hand is kept straight. Simultaneously move your body to both sides. You have to maintain a tight, steady, and controlled body to perform an Archer pushup. 

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Wall Pushups


A lighter variant of standard pushup, wall pushups mean doing the ordinary pushup workout by placing your hand on a wall. The more apart you keep your feet from the wall, the more difficult it becomes. You can try out numerous sub-variants like diamond wall push ups, wide wall push ups, and one-arm wall push ups. This kind of pushup workout is for ultra-beginners.  

Triceps Pushup 

Image Source: Stack.com

As the name suggests, it is specialized for the triceps. There is only a slight difference of narrowing the width between your arms, lesser than your shoulder width. Arms should be as close as the body while doing the exercise. Triceps pushup is the intermediate level between regular pushup and diamond pushup. 

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Plank Pushup

Exercise of the Day: Plank Push Ups | STACK

It is the combination of plank and pushup workouts. In plank push ups, you don’t actually put as much pressure on your elbow joints than you do with the regular pushups. Starting from the plank position, you slowly come up to the regular push up position by lifting the arms one by one and go down to the plank position putting your elbows down one by one. It’s a complete package benefitting chest, arms, back, abs, and shoulders. 

There are a lot more variations like clapping push-ups, flying push-ups, staggered hands etc… The invention of new styles benefits in different ways but the major objectives of doing push ups remain the same for every version. It is a compound exercise involving multiple joints and muscles. Shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, abdomen, and back are toughened with just this one exercise. But it’s not only about doing a lot but also about doing it right.

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Push Up Tips for Beginners

Here’s some tips to be noted while doing pushups: 

  • Do not bend or sag in the middle because it causes severe back pain later in the day. A straight body posture is very important in pushups. 
  • Do not lock your elbows while coming up. It’s always good to have a slight bend throughout the course of exercise. 
  • Make sure that your neck is aligned with the spine and your shoulders are not shrugged. 
  • You are not letting your body fall, instead, you are lowering it forcing your muscles. Remember to regulate breathing properly. 
  • Don’t forget that complete repetitions following proper instructions is more important than rushing your exercise. It’s better to do fewer reps in the correct way rather than falsely practicing it a hundred times.  

Top 10 Push ups Benefits

  • Strengthen Multiple Muscles: Arms, chest, triceps, upper back muscles, shoulders.
  • Strengthen Joints & bones
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Improves body posture
  • Increases functional strength of body
  • Prevent lower back injuries by strengthening back muscles.
  • No cost is required for a complete body workout
  • Strengthen the core area
  • Easy & can be performed anywhere
  • No equipment required

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