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How to do burpees – Step by step guide for beginners | Know its benefits

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The burpee is a full-body exercise that is used in strength training and consists of a squat thrust with an added stand in between repetitions. Although the movement is largely anaerobic, it can be used as an aerobic exercise when performed repeatedly over time. Including burpees in your workout routine can help you garner many other cardio benefits, such as lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels, and blood flow. In this blog, we will learn step by step guide on how to do burpees and their multiple benefits.


Before showing you how to do burpees, it’s vital to praise their qualities.

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The burpee is a real full-body exercise that targets the majority of the major muscular groups, boosts cardiovascular fitness, and challenges balance and coordination. The burpee would be a wise choice to keep you in the best shape possible even if you could do this exercise only for the rest of your life.

You can add this exercise to your daily workout routine at home. Burpees not only engage a variety of muscles, but they also do it in a useful way, so you’ll see the improvements in your strength and mobility in everyday situations as well as in the gym. If you even visit a gym, burpees don’t require any special equipment to perform.

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Additionally, the burpee is a simple exercise to modify and combine with other exercises to work the body in various ways. Before we go over the many available variations, let’s go over how to perform a burpee.

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Burpees are a four-point exercise.

  • Put your hands on the floor right in front of your feet as you squat down from standing.
  • Once you are in a raised plank position, kick your feet back behind you while maintaining an extended arm stance.
  • The more daring can add a press-up at this point, which significantly increases the difficulty.
  • You hold a raised plank position and hop your feet back toward your hands to perform a simple burpee.
  • Finally, finish the move by leaping into the air while raising your arms straight above your head.
  • Then repeat everything from the beginning. 


If you want to master the burpee and get its benefits, follow this five-point form guide. Then, utilize these suggestions for an effective burpee exercise.

Mobilize: The burpee can place a lot of stress on your ankles, knees, and wrists. To loosen up the joints, do some mobility exercises like push-ups, lunges, and squats after a full warmup exercise.

Break it Up: To start, divide the burpee into two parts: a squat thrust and a deep squat jump. The burpee can be complicated. Before merging the two, make sure you are at ease with each aspect of the workout.

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Squat thrust: Attain a press-up position with your legs outstretched and your shoulders directly above your hands for the squat thrust. Keep your shoulders above your hands while you leap your feet in and out,  don’t allow them to go forward or backward.

Jump from a deep squat: For the deep squat, make sure your hips are sitting back and try to maintain as much uprightness in your chest as you can. Explode up and bend your knees as you make contact with the floor to cushion your landing.

Get some airtime: Once you’re confident that you can perform both with proper technique, combine the two. You can use your arms to help with this, and swing them as you change from the squat thrust to the squat jump, swing your arms forwards and above your head for maximum height.


Omitting steps: If you want to skip steps to make the burpee easier as you start to become tired. We’ve all been there, so don’t be hard on yourself, but keep in mind what your teachers told you in school that you should not be deceiving yourself. You must do burpees by always performing them at the proper level of intensity. If you start to stumble, take a quick break and then continue.

Tighten your core: To make sure your abdominals are sufficiently stimulated during a burpee, you must start in a plank position. Maintain your core tight and put your back straight and neutrally aligned with your glutes and maintain parallel shoulders with your wrists. Many people make the error of arching their back, which negates the benefits the burpee offers on the abs and increases the likelihood of injury.

Reps for the day: Performing more reps only, does not equate to a great workout, as is the case with almost every other exercise. You’ll go along more easily and must concentrate on mastering the proper technique as described above.

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Do a Challenge of 100 burpees a day

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Simply perform 100 burpees as rapidly as you can. The 100 burpee a day challenge is not a warm-up, rather, it is a workout and a half. The first 15 should be completed in under a minute, but the remaining tasks will take significantly longer. Any time less than ten minutes for the entire 100 burpees, is amazing. If you’re not there yet, pace yourself using the following method for an additional 16 minutes of rest: Perform one, then ten, then twenty, then ten, and return to the starting position. Do this workout, along with many other exercises as physical activity is the key to staying fit and healthy.

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