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How To Become a Professional Football Coach In India? Leading the Team to Victory

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How to become football coach in India: In terms of football talent, India has been referred to as a “sleeping giant” on numerous occasions. On the surface, the assertion is correct, because a country with such a vast population is certain to have more hidden talents than other countries. However, the issue remains as to when that sleeping giant will be awake. And what steps should be made to convert that potential into a reality?

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India is a large country with a lot of football skills, but there’s still a lot more work to be done to recognize and develop that talent into something more fruitful. A coach’s role is critical in this situation. At the grassroots level, India has lacked skilled football coaches who can work to identify talent and guide them in the proper path.

For far too long, schools have entrusted physical education instructors with the task of organizing football practices and assembling a squad. With all due respect to PE teachers, they are not qualified enough to teach the game’s nuances. With the growing popularity of football in India, schools have begun to recognize the value of having a trained football coach. They’re now on the lookout for coaches to help them train youngsters.

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The tide has begun to turn, and the All India Football Federation, India’s governing body for football, is taking more and more measures (AIFF). The goal is to generate skilled and accredited football coaches in the country.

The goal of its various coaching diplomas/certification programs is to prepare and educate a football coach in India, including how to organize, plan, and execute coaching sessions, as well as how to develop a keen eye for talent identification and stay current with modern innovations in football coaching.

There is a step-by-step certification process that an aspiring football coach must follow in order to advance their education and profession in football coaching. The following is a full list of all available coaching courses from the AIFF.

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9 Steps to Become a Football Coach in India

S.No Steps to become a football coach in India
1 AIFF “E” License
2 AIFF “D” License
3 AIFF “C” License
4 AFC “B” Diploma
5 AFC “A” Diploma
6 AFC Professional Diploma
7 AFC Goalkeeping Level (1,2 & 3)
8 AFC Conditioning Coaching License (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B)
9 AFC Futsal Certificate Level (1,2,3)
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How to become football coach in India – STEP 1: AIFF “E” License 

The governing body’s most recent effort, which intends to transmit even more basic and grassroots coaching expertise, is now treated as an “introductory course”.

A four-day programme for which the candidate must apply through his or her state association and be at least 18 years old. The licensing requirements allow for certification as a coach in golden baby leagues.

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How to become football coach in India – STEP 2: AIFF “D” License 

The “D” License, formerly known as the “introductory course” in football coaching in India, is a six-day programme that serves as a “preparatory course” for talented coaches interested in applying for the next step up the ladder, the “C” License.

Coaches that meet the licensure requirements are permitted to work in all schools, academies, and affiliated leagues. The course includes two practical exams as well as a theory test. All three tests must be passed in order to receive certification.

How to become football coach in India – STEP 3: AIFF “C” License 

The next level of coaching certifications attempts to teach people how to plan, organize, and run training sessions. The 12-day curriculum is divided into two modules, each with three practical and two theoretical exams.

Candidates must have completed the “D” License and have at least three months of coaching experience in order to apply for this license. Any coach who meets the licensing requirements can coach school teams as well as national sub-junior and junior league teams.

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STEP 4: AFC “B” Diploma

The AIFF will take the next step in accordance with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), and football coaches who have already received their previous license can apply for the AFC “B” Diploma/Certificate in India. The major goal is to pass on information about playing styles and to design more team-related sessions with tactical inputs.

The course is divided into three modules and takes a total of 19 days to complete. Individuals who meet the licensing requirements in India can coach teams in the National Second Division League, Elite, and Junior National Football Championships.

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STEP 5: AFC “A” Diploma

This programme intends to teach coaches physiological and psychological understanding, as well as tactical and technical aspects of the game, while also boosting their management and talent identification skills.

The course is broken down into three modules and is spaced out over a period of 24 days. The licensing qualifications allow one to coach I-League teams as well as state senior squads.

STEP 6: AFC Professional Diploma

The Pro License from the AFC is the highest level of certification available in India, and it attempts to educate coaches in the latest and most advanced coaching techniques required to manage clubs and national teams.

The program is currently being reviewed, however, it is typically divided into four sections. Coaches of professional football clubs and senior national teams are permitted to use the license requirements.

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STEP 7: AFC Goalkeeping Level (1,2 & 3)

Goalkeeping coaches are assigned to every professional club. A goalkeeping level certificate is required if an individual wants to pursue a profession in this field.

The AIFF “C” License is the minimum prerequisite for applying for goalkeeping level certificates.

STEP 8: AFC Conditioning Coaching License (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B)

The program, which is part of the AFC‘s specialist courses, aims to train players in the physical aspects of the game and improve their general conditioning. Conditioning coaches are constantly needed by professional clubs to keep up with the game’s increasing physical demands and maintain their players’ performance levels.

STEP 9: AFC Futsal Certificate Level (1,2,3)

Recognizing Futsal’s rapid global growth, the AIFF seeks to train football coaches in the Futsal game in order to uncover special skills and build a solid Futsal basis in the country. The various levels of certification equip people who are interested in this area by teaching them Futsal-specific methods and tactics.

To recapitulate, because of the scarcity of professional clubs in India, there are numerous prospects for a football coach, primarily at the grassroots level. Talent development and identification must begin early in the process. As a result, qualified coaches are required at the school and academy levels.

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What qualifications do I need to become a football coach in India?

In India, if you want to become a football coach, you need to have a minimum of a Level 1 coaching certificate from the All India Football Federation. Moreover, a bachelor’s degree in sports or physical education can also be helpful.

Can I become a football coach without playing professionally?

Yes, it is possible to become a football coach without playing professionally. While playing experience can be helpful, it is not a requirement to become a coach. However, you should have a good understanding of the game and its tactics.

How much a football coach earns in India?

The salary of a professional football coach can vary depending on various factors such as the level of the team, experience, and location. On average, a football coach in India can earn between INR 2 lakh to INR 10 lakh per year.

How can I gain practical coaching experience?

To gain practical coaching experience, you can start by coaching at the grassroots level or volunteering as an assistant coach for local teams. You can also apply for coaching internships or apprenticeships with professional teams to gain practical knowledge.

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