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From Dancing to Dollars: IPL Cheerleaders’ Salaries Revealed

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The 16th Indian Premier League (IPL 2023) season is currently underway, and supporters and fans are showing more enthusiasm day by day. During the IPL matches, cheerleaders keep the audience engaged with their energetic and exuberant performances. Due to COVID rules, the cheerleaders missed the previous seasons of the IPL but made a comeback this year. Most of the cheerleaders are from other countries. In this blog, we will look at IPL cheerleaders’ salary or earning, benefits, and selection process.

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IPL Cheerleaders Salary: How much do they earn?

The IPL cheerleaders are paid between Rs. 14,000 and Rs. 17,000 every match, according to media reports and sources. Teams like CSK, Punjab Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Delhi Capitals reportedly pay their cheerleaders more than Rs 12,000 each game. Players are paid roughly Rs. 20,000 by teams like the Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. The cheerleaders from KKR are the highest paid, earning around Rs. 24,000 per match.

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How to be a Cheerleader in IPL?

To be chosen as an IPL cheerleader, you need more than a stunning face and some simple dance moves. For the job, you need a unique collection of skills, including the ability to dance, model, and perform in front of large crowds. The capacity to function as a team member and behave in unison is demonstrated throughout the audition process while you are participating in a group.

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IPL Cheerleaders | Salary/Earning | benefits | Selection Process - KreedOn
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IPL cheerleaders: Selection Process

The selection procedure for IPL cheerleaders is not simple. It entails numerous rounds of interviews and written assessments to determine the candidate’s fitness for the post. In addition to their abilities, they are judged on their ability to operate under pressure, professionalism, and overall stage presence.

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During the audition process, prospective IPL cheerleaders are required to bring their A-game to stand out from the crowd. This entails having a performance routine planned and being ready to execute it successfully in front of the judges. It’s difficult to work, but for those who are chosen, it may be a rewarding and thrilling opportunity to be a part of one of the world’s most prominent sports leagues.

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Additional Benefits

They get a bonus in addition to their normal pay based on their performance and the success of the team they work for. They also receive other privileges, such as luxurious accommodations, meals per diem, and so forth. An IPL cheerleader has to have prior dancing, modeling, and performing in front of a large audience experience.

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