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How does Sports Betting work? | Decode with KreedOn

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Sports betting is a famous form of gambling that includes betting on the outcomes of sporting events. From football and basketball to horse racing and cricket, the sports betting industry covers a great many sports and events. In this blog post we will explore the basics of the sports betting industry, how it works, and some of the top betting sites in the industry. 

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Sports Betting Industry

How Sports Betting Work | Industry | Betting Sites | KreedOn Guide
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The sports betting industry has evolved significantly in recent years, thanks to the rise of online betting sites. The global sports betting market is expected to reach $150 billion by 2030, driven by the rising prominence of sports and the development of the online gambling industry. 

How does Sports Betting Work?

Sports betting includes placing a bet on the result of a sporting event. Before you put down a bet follow some of these steps.

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Choose a legitimate sportsbook

How Sports Betting Work | Industry | Betting Sites | KreedOn Guide
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Before placing a bet you should pick a reputable sportsbook or an online betting site such as 22bet, BetWinner, Betfair Sportsbook, 10Cric, Betway Sports, or 24 bettings. 

Deposit funds

After selecting a betting site, you will need to create an account and make a deposit using a variety of payment options. Many sportsbooks accept a variety of payment methods such as credit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers.

Choose a bet

After depositing funds, you can choose the sports and events you want to bet on. You can choose from a range of various betting options, including Moneyline bets, point spread bets, over/under bets, and more. 

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Place your bet

Once you have made your selection, you will need to enter the amount you want to bet. The sportsbook will then calculate the payout based on the odds and the amount of your bet.

Watch the game

After following all the above-mentioned steps, you can watch the game you bet on, to see if your bet is a winner or loser. If your bet is fruitful, the sportsbook will credit your account with the winnings.

Withdraw your winning

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Winning your bet on a particular sport and event requires a lot of investment and time. If you win you can withdraw your winnings from the sportsbook. 

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It is important to remember that the sports betting industry works as a form of gambling, and there are no guarantees of winning. It’s always better to bet responsibly and only bet if you have the potential to afford the loss.

Horse racing tips and Football betting tips

In addition to traditional sports betting, horse racing and football betting are two well-known categories in the sports betting industry. 

Horse racing tips

  • Do your research before placing your bet on a horse race, check the horses, jockeys, and trainers involved in the race. Look for past performances, track conditions, and recent forms.
  • Look for horses with high odds that have a maximum potential to win.
  • Set your finance for your horse racing bets and stick to it. 
  • Watch live races, to learn more about the sport and improvements needed in your betting strategy. 

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Football betting tips

  • Understand the odds before placing a bet on a football game. Look for bets that offer a high payout for a small investment.
  • Do your research about, the teams, players, and coaches involved. Make sure to analyze the recent form, injury reports, and every little detail to make an informed decision.
  • Shop for the best odds. Shop around and compare odds to ensure you are getting the best value for your bet. 

Sports betting strategies

Here is a summary of the quickest and easiest tips assembled together. To start betting right away, make a point to set these tricks into action.

Learn basic odds

Whether you are betting online or live, you need to learn the basics. 

Bankroll management

Having financial support and stable means of finance is significantly important. It is important to maintain a separate bankroll for betting.


Enhance your action by examining and analyzing more about the sports betting industry. And it’s always better to spread your money out over more bets to help overcome misfortune and lessen differences.

Value betting

It involves identifying bets that offer value. It involves doing research and finding bets where the profit can be earned more than investment.


It involves placing a bet on the opposite outcome of your initial bet to reduce your risk. This strategy can be used to lock in profits or minimize losses.

Analyzing Statistics and trends

This strategy involves using statistics and trends to identify patterns and opportunities in the sports betting industry. This can help you make more informed decisions and identify value bets.


Sports betting is a popular and exciting form of gambling that offers a wide range of options for betting on sports and events. Whether you’re a carefully prepared or new to the business, understanding the rudiments of sports betting can help you make informed decisions and improve your chances of winning.

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How popular is sports betting in India?

This industry has grown exponentially in India thanks to the high level of internet usage and the convenience. As per the reports, there are around 140 million regular bettors and more than 370 million Indians who bet on major sporting events.

Which are the best sport betting sites in India?

Some of the best betting sites in India are: 1: Betway, 2: 22bet, 3: 10Cric, 4: Parimatch, 5: Casumu, 6: Fun88, 7: Rabona, 8: 1XBest, 9: Bet 365.

How does sports betting work?

It is basically betting on an outcome in a sporting event and getting paid if that outcome is achieved.

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