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How CSR is Shaping the Sports Landscape in India: Score for Change

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The 2022 Asian Games were very successful for India, as India grabbed 4th place and earned 107 medals, which is India’s best-ever performance to date. This accomplishment was achieved because companies, through their financial support and scholarships, and the government had a smart plan for sports.

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However, we must remember that there are still some intervening steps to be taken so that our country, India, can climb to the top of the sports charts. The sports area is partly doing a large corporate social responsibility (CSR) business. Nowadays, we don’t only speak about the financial situation; we also want to see sports develop and grow.

CSR is the way that can be done in India for better sports talent promotion and developing quality sports facilities in the community and anywhere else.

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In 2018-19, KPMG’s report showed that the top 100 Indian companies spent Rs. 123 crores on sports through CSR, which is comparatively higher by 3 crores from the figure in 2017-18, which was Rs. 120 crores. These are small increases. On the other hand, the contribution of CSR spending on sports dropped slightly, moving from 1.59% in 2017–18 to 1.41% in 2018–19.

Unleashing Young Athletes and Investing in Sport Arenas

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CSR is not only transforming Indian sports but also aiming to nurture talent at the grassroots level through participation. The process is equally economical. A good example of the fact that many organizations realize the potential in these areas and are supporting various sports academies and coaching programs in these areas is Cases. Moreover, identifying young talents in society is promoted, and the youth develop lifelong healthy habits.

Also, CSR aids in upgrading the country’s sports infrastructure as per international standards. The collaborative efforts of organizations, governments, and sporting bodies provide funds to construct and maintain athletic centers, sports complexes, and training facilities of international standards. The country sees a rise in the positive quality of Indian sports, which are viewed as units that can open in the future for international sports, which could, most positively, affect economic development.

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