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Hitaashee Bakshi dreams of Olympics, sets focus to reach within world’s top 300 | KreedOn Candids

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Hitaashee Bakshi- Introduction

Hitaashee Bakshi is one of the new kids on the block in the field of Indian golf. The 17-year-old girl from Gurgaon drew the attention of the country’s golf fraternity for the first time when she played her second event as a professional and emerged as the winner of the Women’s Pro-Golf Tour in 2020 that took place at the Classic Golf and Country Club in Gurgaon. As an amateur golfer, Hitaashee was India’s number-one-ranked golfer last year and her world ranking was 282. However, this year her India ranking has slipped to the 3rd spot but she has already turned professional and participated in her professional tour.

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Jahanvi and Hitaashee Bakshi, Image Source- BBC

Hitaashee’s sister Janhavi is also a professional golfer and was India’s number-one ranked player in 2018 but due to injury, she has been off the course for some time.

The Beginning

Hitaashee started playing golf when she was only six years old. After having tried to take on a few other sports like table tennis, and badminton, Hitaashee finally settled with golf, courtesy of her mother Sunita Bakshi who used to play the game once. Speaking from her residence in Gurgaon, Hitaashee who is studying law said,

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“I was very hyperactive. Still today I become restless sometimes. It was an effort from my mother to drive me toward golf so that I become patient and calm.”

Hitashee who started training at the army golf course under the tutelage of Anityachand now practices at the DLF Golf course under the same coach and she has been practicing here for the last nine years.

Hitaashee’s Dream & Mission

Hitaashee often visualizes a scene where she is playing in the Olympics wearing India’s jersey. She did not forget to mention,

“It is my dream to represent the country in the Olympics and I have set focus on the Paris Olympics. Your World ranking at the end of the year should be within the first 300 and my sole mission is to be within that position at the end of 2023 so that my dream comes true in the 2024 Paris Olympics.”

Neeraj Chopra & Lydia Ko

Hitaashee generally does not get much time to follow other sports even though she once played table tennis and badminton. But while watching the Tokyo Olympics last year Hitaashee liked Neeraj Chopra, the gold medalist javelin thrower. Hitaashee uttered,

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“Neeraj Chopra has set an example for us. He showed if dedication is there then you can attain your goal”

Lydia Ko is the former world number one golfer from New Zealand. Hitaashee said with utmost admiration,

“She became World Number 1 when she was 17 years old. I often watch her practice-video and matches, and I learn a lot every time. I get a lot of inspiration from watching the videos of great golfers and other sports personalities.”

Hitaashee also intones ‘Buddhist Chant’ to make herself calm and mentally strong. 

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