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10 players with the highest esports earnings in the world

Esports or electronic sports are video games played between multiple players or teams. The video gaming world has grown largely since its inception in the early 1970s. From just amateurs playing cool video games for fun to professional Esports subculture in international tournaments with a viewership of more than 454 million and revenues over US$1 billion, Esports has indeed become bigger than just video games. Here is the list of 10 highest Esports earnings of players in 2019 (as of 11 July).

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Zheng, Yeik Nai (MidOne)

Zheng, Yeik Nai (MidOne) KreedOn
Source: Red Bull esports earnings

Yeik Nai is the top Malaysian player, who plays Dota 2 with the player ID MidOne. His profound interest in video games since childhood has led him to great heights in the Esports. He played Sonic and Rayman as his first computer games before venturing into DotA because of his brother. His interest with DotA later transitioned into Dota 2 playing in semi-professional teams to professional teams. He is the first player from South-East Asia to reach 10000 MMR (matchmaking rating that quantifies the skill of a player in Dota2). MidOne currently plays for ‘Team Secret’ and also studies mechanical engineering at the Multimedia University in Malaysia. He currently ranks 10th in earnings with $209,000 in 2019. At the age of 23, he has earned $1,303,347 from 47 tournaments.

Ludwig Wåhlberg (Zai)

Ludwig Wåhlberg (Zai) KreedOn
Source: Liquipedia

Ludwig Wahlberg is a 21-year-old Swedish Dota 2 player with the player ID Zai. He made a reputation winning DreamHoN 2012 at a mere age of 14. He transitioned to Dota 2 in 2013. The gamer made a major breakthrough in the Dota 2 scene with his team S A D B O Y S which went 16-2 in the 20 days the team played. The team eventually got picked up by Evil Geniuses on the 21st of February 2014.

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In 2015, he left EG to join Team Secret, switching back to the off-lane role. Zai went on to make further changes, joining new teams, completing high-school and rejoining the old ones. In 2019, Zai has earned $209,000 till now, standing 9th the list. Starting early with his career, the 21-year old has earned $1,903,058 from 85 tournaments.

Clement Ivanov (Puppey)

Clement Ivanov (Puppey) KreedOn
Source: Gamepedia

One of the most successful Esports players in Dota2 and the Founder of the famous Team Secret, Clement Ivanov stands 8th on the list currently. He has earned $209,000 so far, adding to his huge career earnings of $2,242,245. Puppey’s good knowledge of the English language helped him play with the best European teams early in his career. The 29-year old is a sociable man who also holds musical education and can play the clarinet, violin, guitar and saxophone. 

Casper Notto (Hunterace)

Casper Notto (Hunterace) KreedOn
Source: Metabomb

Casper Notto is an 18-year old Norwegian who plays Hearthstone professionally. He recently made it to the top ranks of the list after winning his first major tournament bagging $250,000 in Hearthstone World Championship 2019. With this achievement, his 3-year career earnings stand at $296,155.

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Andrea Mengucci (King of the hill)

Andrea Mengucci (King of the hill) KreedOn
Source: it’s Julian

Adrea Mangucci is an Italian, Magic- Gathering Arena Player who is famously known as King of the hill. He was of the part of Italian National team who won the 2015 World Magic Cup. He went on to captain the Italian squad to the fourth straight World Magic Cup top eight finish at the 2018 World Magic Cup. In March 2019, he championed the Mythic Invitational bagging the $250,000. 

Russel Van Dulken (Twistzz)

Russel Van Dulken KreedOn
Credits Twistzz

Van Dulken is 19-year old Counter Strike Pro from Canada who plays for team liquid. He is the MVP of ESL one: New York 2018 and IEM Sydney 2019. Twistzz has earned a total of $371,450 till now in 2019, with a majority of it coming from the Intel Grand Slam 2. He has a total earning of $678,776 from 60 tournaments.

Jonathan Jabłonowski (ELiGE)

Jonathan Jabłonowski KreedOn
Credits ELiGE

Another member of team liquid and American pro, Jonathan Jablonowski aka ELiGE is one of the finest in the business. He has also earned $371,450 in the year so far with the team liquid. His first tournament with Team Liquid was at the Alienware Area 51 where they stood runner-up, losing to his former team, eLevate. The 21-year old has earned $766,096 from 88 tournaments so far.

Nick Cannella (nitr0)

Nick Cannella (nitr0) KreedOn
Source: Liquipedia esports earnings

Nick Cannella is the in-game leader of the Team Liquid who has led the team to a series of Finals in tournaments all around the globe. Like his team-mates, nitr0 has also earned $371,450 till now in the year 2019. This drives the 23-year old’s total earning from online and off-line competitions from 2013 to $775,691. Nick started as a Counter-Strike 1.6 player, later turning on to CS: GO. 

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Keith Markovic (NAF)

Keith Markovic (NAF) KreedOn
Source: Liquipedia esports earnings

Keith Markovic is a Canadian professional Counter Strike player for Team Liquid. NAF was a part of OpTic Gaming prior to joining the Team Liquid and earned a fair portion of his career reputation and money with the company. However, it is the Team Liquid which holds a major contribution to the 21-year old’s fortune. He has a total earning of $818,165 from 88 tournaments so far since 2014. NAF is also an integral part of the Canadian National Team.

Jackey ‘Jake’ Yip (Stewie2K)

Jackey 'Jake' Yip (Stewie2K) KreedOn
Source: Dexerto esports earnings

Jakey Yip tops the list of highest earning player in Esports. He is also an American professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who is part of the Team Liquid. The 21-year old is widely regarded as one of the best players in North America. Stewie2K joined Cloud9 and earned the majority of his fortune with the team. He later joined Team Liquid assembling one of the toughest team of all-time in the game. Jackey has an edge over his teammates in terms of money earned in the year so far because of some addition through online success. He has earned $372,900 in 2019 piling the 21-year old’s career earnings up to $917,790 from 131 Tournaments since 2014. 

Raghav Heda
Raghav Heda
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