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Here’s How You Can Overcome Your Fears of Adventure Sports | Take The Challenge & Conquer Your Fear

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Fear is something that each and everyone feels. A natural phenomenon and something that is shared by almost everybody, it however sometimes restricts us from enjoying and trying out new things. For example, would you ever consider going skydiving? If not, fear and a lack of experience have the potential to stymie your ability to enjoy life. But wouldn’t you want this in your life? You might forgo an opportunity because it could be too scary, but at what point do you stop yourself from doing something that could be quite rewarding? Now there are various forms of adventure sports one can take up to overcome fears.

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What is an Adventure Sport?

adventure sport- KreedOn
Image Source- National Geographic

For some people, one answer is hiking up mountains in Asia. It may not sound like a very appealing activity on the surface and may even seem slightly daunting. But what if I told you that it could change your life? Many people have found that the benefits of hiking and climbing are incomparable to other forms of exercise and perhaps even more interesting. For example, one might go for an adventure tour like skydiving for the first time after a hiking trip in China.

You can travel for adventure in the mountains and experience the beauty of nature and the ability to appreciate a different perspective. For the record, however, hiking can also be done in your comfy shoes at a local trail or park or anywhere with terrain as such for that matter.

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Now there are various forms of adventure sports one can take up, depending on their taste or the type of escapade that one seek. So let us take a look at some of the different adventure sports that people can opt for in India, or anywhere around the world.

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Types of Adventure Sports 


adventure sport- hiking- KreedOn

What is hiking? It is an activity where you don’t need any special equipment and where you can enjoy nature on your schedule with or without others. You do not need to go hiking alone because many other people share the same passion for adventure and exploration. You can always go with a partner or with a group of people that you trust when venturing outdoors. Furthermore, India is blessed with such diverse topography and offers a varied spectrum for hikers to choose from.

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Parasailing is a form of adventure sport in which you are made to put on a parachute and pulled by a speeding boat, as a result of which you are suspended mid-air. If you are especially taking holidays for adventure-related activities, then this is one of the best options for you. It is an adrenaline-pumping activity as you get to feel the wind gushing against your face while you are flying and you also get to see the surrounding area from an aerial view, or rather from a bird’s perspective.

  • Places to Experience Parasailing: Goa, Andaman, Chennai, Bangalore 

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adventure sport- skydive- KreedOn
image source-NativePlanet

A lot of people have it on their wish list to experience flight like a bird. Well, skydiving may help one get the feel of that. In this, you are taken to a considerably high altitude in a helicopter or a plane, and after that, well, you jump; with a parachute of course.

There isn’t much to it. Beginners often have an instructor jumping with them to show them around the ropes; how to glide, when to pull the chord of the chute, how to land, and many other things. The various acrobatics you can pull mid-fall gives it a surreal feeling.

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  • Places to Experience Skydiving: Mysore, Pondicherry, Aamby Valley

Rock Climbing

rock climb
image source-Times of India

As mentioned earlier, India is blessed with diverse topography, and there are various places in the country where one can engage in this adventure sport called Rock climbing. Also referred to as bouldering in certain areas, it involves climbing and scaling massive rocks. A certain level of fitness is required in this sport because scaling those rocks is no easy feat. Your endurance is tested at the ultimate level. 

  • Places to Experience Rock Climbing: Sattal, Mahabaleshwar, Sar Pass, Miyar Valley

Scuba Diving

adventure sport- scuba- KreedOn
image source-Economic Times

Now, this is a relatively calmer sport. Scuba diving allows one to go underwater and experience and marvel at the serene and majestic marine life and enjoy nature’s beauty. Though it may not look as thrilling or extreme as the previous entries, scuba diving is indeed physically engaging and is gripping, nevertheless.

Going underwater, you can admire the coral reefs and the diverse marine life. One may also get to see majestic beasts such as sharks and rays. These increase your adrenaline levels and get you pumping. But this may be just the thing for you if it is the calmness that you seek via adventure sports.

  • Places to Experience Scuba Diving: Goa, Kerala, Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep

Motorcycle Touring

image source-Swan tours

An adventure sport that has been picking up attention recently is motorcycle touring. One often acknowledges that exploring a place is done better on a bike rather than in a car. The same logic applies here. An individual or a group of people get on their bikes and go on to explore the unknown. You can travel to new places and experience adventure via the routes you choose, along with people you know gives you an experience of a lifetime.

  • Places to Experience A Motor Cycle Tour: Srinagar, Leh, Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Kochi Munnar route

How do you overcome your fear of Adventure Sports?

Now to answer this question involves multiple aspects. Overcoming your fear is a step-by-step process. Watching the stuff on video or being done by someone else is entirely different from you doing it. Often, we end up imagining more than what is required, and that ends up becoming our undoing. Let’s look at the steps you can take to overcome your fear of adventure sports

Eliminating the fear of the unknown

Not knowing what the future might have in store often gives us shivers. We tend to be overwhelmed when we thinking what might happen. The fear of not knowing might lead to cause severe anxiety. That needs to be eliminated; because only after doing that we can move on to the next stepping stone. Treating it as an adventure may prove to be helpful because an unknown adventure incites enthusiasm.

Slow and steady

Overcoming your fears is no easy task, so, the best approach to it is slowly and steadily, one step at a time. Feats like bungee jumping or skydiving require you to be fully confident and invested. So to be that, take your time, prepare your mind to witness the beauty, and experience the thrill and joy that come with it.

Try to visualize the success that comes after

Visualize a scenario in which you have tackled your fears and have come out on top. This will give you the courage required to go ahead and accomplish your task. Picturing the success often gets you going.

Delete the idea of failure

Rid your mind of failure. Negative thoughts are bound to make their way into your head, but you must do your best to eliminate the fear of failure otherwise it will act as obstruction in your flight to success.

Embrace the Challenge

Overcoming your fears is a journey, and when you learn to accept all the aspects of it, you will definitely yield the results. You may experience certain minor setbacks, but these are all parts of the journey and the best thing is that you learn from them which in turn will bring you much closer to success. 


While going on such an adventure may be a great experience, make sure that you are prepared in every way possible before going on any type of adventure, especially when it involves something as dangerous as hiking or rock climbing. For many people, this is not just fun and games, what matters most is the obvious risk to your health and safety.

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