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5 Healthy Foods to lose weight you should start eating from today!

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Here are the five healthy foods to lose weight you should start eating from today!

What first strikes your mind when you come across the word “Weight Loss”? For most, it is equivalent to starvation. Going on a starvation diet is the most common solution that people can think of in order to lose weight and get proper body shape. But do you know the long duration of the starvation period can lead to fat deposition in your body?

The human body is created for survival, and when your body stops getting its calorie requirements, it sends an alarm within our system. The body goes on survival mode, and now whatever food you will eat, your body will deposit it as fat — something which you were trying to avoid.

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You need not stop eating; rather, you need to learn to exercise portion control.  You can not make any food culprit just because you are abusing it. To lose weight, you have to eat and eat with a plan.

5. Green Tea

Green Tea KreedOn | Healthy Foods to lose weight
Healthy Foods to lose weight: Green Tea

Green Tea improves your metabolism. Catechin polyphenols, an antioxidant present in the green tea, boost your metabolism and speeds up weight loss process.  The nervous system gets stimulated by polyphenols which causes the release of fat into the bloodstream. The body uses this as fuel which provides it with extra energy as well.

4. Apples 

Apples KreedOn | Healthy Foods to lose weight
Healthy Foods to lose weight: Apples
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We have all heard that the humble apple a day keeps a doctor away. But did you know, Apples can even keep FAT at bay? Apples are a great source of fibres. They are also low in calories. Fibres in apple promote the feeling of satiety. Hence you will not overindulge to satisfy your hunger.  Being a low-sodium food it helps in lowering the water weight as it avoids water retention.

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3. Egg Whites 

Boiled Egg KreedOn
Healthy Foods to lose weight: Egg Whites

Egg whites are one of the most popular food among athletes.  And why not? An egg is ready-to-eat, easily available and economical as well. Egg is a low-calorie food & a good protein source.  Protein gives the feeling of fullness, so it helps in regulating your hunger. It also helps in maintaining muscles which can be affected during weight-loss process.

2. Walnuts 

Walnut KreedOn
Healthy Foods to lose weight: Walnuts
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Know for enriching brain function, Walnut is also a healthy food option to lose weight. Walnuts contain a significant amount of polyunsaturated fats which regulates the hormones associated with hunger and prompt the body to lose weight.

1. Lentils 

Lentils KreedOn
Healthy Foods to lose weight: Lentis

High in protein & fibre, excellent food choice to lose weight. Lentils are rich in fibers and are not a friend of fats. The fiber-rich food will increase your satiety level and lessens your cravings and mindless eating.

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Your genes also play a vital role in the weight loss process.  Each individual is different, and they respond differently to foods.  Hence the effective method to lose weight is to follow a customised nutrition plan which is based on individual needs.

Qua Nutrition KreedOn

Remember there is no quick fix method to lose weight. Fat cells in your body churn up in every 8 years. So any weight loss done by following a shortcut will surely going to bounce back.

Sustainable weight loss is a process where you need to adapt to healthy eating habits for a long duration of time. Losing weight and losing weight in a healthy manner are two very different things. Learning how to lose weight—while eating healthy and avoiding nutritional deficiencies—is key to sustaining good health and even keeping the weight off.

If you wish to reach out to us for a healthy weight loss strategy visit Qua Nutrition.

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Ryan Fernando
Ryan Fernando is an award-winning celebrity sports nutrition coach with 2 GUINNESS world record and 2 Olympic medals under his belt. He is the CEO & Chief Nutritionist at Qua Nutrition Signature Clinics. He is also the author of the book “Eating Secrets of Champions”, a leading sports nutrition book in India.



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