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8 Stunning health benefits of running that’ll change your life

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Running is among the easiest and fun form of exercise. It is not just the athletics running that we are talking about here. Just jogging around and running in a park or ground or even roads count under running. Although everyone knows running is a great way to keep the human body active, it is tough for the majority to get out from the comforts of a bed and sweat out there. Here are some health benefits of running for you to think about the next time when you feel to skip a run.

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Benefits of Running Daily

S.N Benefits of Running daily
1 Helps in weight loss
2 Increases immunity
3 Achieve Toned Legs
4 A great opportunity to gain Vitamin D
5 Helps release stress and fight depression
6 Strengthens The Bones And Joints
7 Helps attain better posture and build confidence
8 Runners live longer

Helps in weight loss

Source: Runners world

There is little doubt about the fact that running requires a lot of calories. Depending on the speed and location of the run, one can burn several calories in the same limited time without risking any major injuries that are frequent in gyms and weight rooms. For obese people out there, jogging for long distances can really help in getting going with the plan for weight loss. In fact, it is the most effective exercise behind only cross country skiing in calories burned per minute. A well-planned run will leave you hungry after every session. Unfortunately, you cannot go on and eat whatever you wish to if you desire to lose weight.

Increases immunity

Source: Today Show

Being regular in running helps build a tolerance to everyday germs and infections, thus resulting in fewer minor illnesses. A well-planned run schedule helps train the immune system to fight off the common cold and related general problems. A study undertaken by the British Journal of Sports Medicine says that people who were into aerobic activities for just 5 days a week suffered 43% lesser from upper respiratory tract infections. Runners were also were reportedly less severely affected by the cold. Put on your running shoes the next time you catch common cold and sweat out the cold.

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Achieve Toned Legs

Source: Truly Hand Picked

Who does not like toned legs? Running engages almost all the muscles in the legs, including outer thighs, inner thighs, hamstrings, quads, glutes, and calves. Continuous use of all these muscles helps gain better shape and strength. The wear and tear brought in these muscles while putting in the work results in better shape and greater sturdiness with proper rest and diet.

A great opportunity to gain Vitamin D

Source: JHU Hub

It is a well-known fact that Vitamin D is produced by skin being in the sun in the morning. This adds all the reason you should get up for a run in the morning before getting into your AC office for the rest of your day. Vitamin D is crucial for the health of bones, skin, and teeth. It also supports the immune system along with the betterment of the brain and nervous system. In fact, it also helps regulate insulin levels in the body, which would be a great plus for a diabetic patient. Lack of Vitamin D also poses high risks of Skin Cancer. Not to mention the lack of bone strength and immunity to go along with it. So prepare yourself for a quick run and workout session in the morning to help gain some Vitamin D in the process.

Helps release stress and fight depression

Source: LUCA

Besides the physical strength, running is excellent at achieving better mental health as well. You would find rarely regular runners roaming around with dull faces in lives. It is a proven way of boosting mood and flushing out toxins. So next time you feel stressed, just go out for a run and try to look around to keep yourself indulged enough to relax and deviate your brain from the reasons. This will help you think clearly about solutions rather than keep worrying about the situations. 

In this competitive age of the ever-growing population, pollution, and problems, about 300 million people suffer from depression according to the WHO. Running can stimulate the release of the feel-good hormone (serotonin), which can effectively help in treating depression. 

Benefits of running daily: Strengthens The Bones And Joints

Source: Shutterstock

Running has the upper hand over walking or any other exercise in building the strength of bones as well as joints. Evidently, running reduces the risk of osteoarthritis and hip replacement while strengthening the intervertebral disc. Essential minerals enter bones when under stress while running, which in turn helps in building strength in the long run. It also helps build strength for tendons and ligaments in the joints by adapting the same to continuous stress.

Benefits of running daily: Helps attain better posture and build confidence

Source: Gleneagles Hospital health benefits of running

The prevalent trait found in all regular runners is confidence. Setting timely goals and achieving them helps gain an unparalleled spirit of empowerment for oneself. Also, a great deal of improved confidence is due to improved posture. Running strengthens the core and limbs, bringing in the right posture with it. Right stance, in turn, supports everyday activities. 

Benefits of running daily: Runners live longer

Source: Map My Run health benefits of running

Running has positive effects on the heart and lungs, bringing up its functioning and capacity to perform better and longer. This helps in avoiding heart and lungs related diseases. For women, it is observed to lower the risk of Breast Cancer. Running is recommended by many doctors to the people in the early stages of diabetes, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. Running lowers the risk of cardiac arrest and strokes significantly by strengthening the heart and helping the arteries retain elasticity. After all these advantages, it is obvious that regular runners live longer owing to lower risks of untimely death due to health issues. 

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