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India’s Hockey Coach Harendra Singh Reprimanded For Criticising Umpires after World Cup Loss

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FIH said that the official reprimand will be held against Harendra Singh and will be taken into consideration if he again breaches another Code of Conduct at a future event.

National men’s Hockey team coach Harendra Singh has been officially reprimanded by the Federation of International Hockey (FIH) for his outburst against the match umpires after India’s quarterfinal match loss on 13th December. India was routed from the World Cup after the quarterfinal loss to the Netherlands 1-2.

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Singh and India’s analytical coach Chris Ciriello were called by the FIH for an official hearing after which the official reprimand was issued. FIH in its statement said that Level 1.2.k offence was made and hence the reprimand for the coach.

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“The FIH Technical Delegate has decided that India’s coach Harendra Singh committed a breach of the Code of Conduct (Level 1.2.k: Public criticism of, or inappropriate public comment in relation to an incident at the press conference following the match between India vs the Netherlands,” the FIH said in a statement on Sunday.

“As a result of this breach, Harendra Singh received an official reprimand. The FIH Technical delegate indicated that the statements from India’s coach at the press conference regarding umpires were unacceptable.”

Earlier after the media outburst of Singh, FIH Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Thierry Weil in a conference, had said that not respecting the match officials is unacceptable and they will look into it as a serious misdoing.

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An upset Harendra had accused the umpires of bias after India’s loss. “I can only say that we can fight 11 versus 11 and not 13 versus 11,” Harendra had said in a press conference following India’s 1-2 loss to the Netherlands.

“The umpires cannot rob the World Cup from this team.”

The coach was unhappy with the decision to award the Dutch the penalty corner that led to the winning goal.

“The umpires need to improve. We have lost two major tournaments [the World Cup and Asian Games because of poor umpiring]. Then, people ask, why Indian hockey is not improving,” he had said.

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According to the FIH statement, Harendra admitted in the hearing that the statements were unacceptable in his hearing. The decision also said that this official reprimand will be recorded by FIH and can be taken into account if he breaches the Code of Conduct at another event in the future.

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