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Gymnastic Rings Workout – 10 Exercises from Beginner to Expert

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Gymnastic rings, often referred to as “still rings,” are one of the most versatile and challenging pieces of exercise equipment. Originally popularized by gymnasts, these suspended rings offer a full-body workout that targets strength, stability, and coordination. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, incorporating Gymnastic rings into your routine can take your training to a whole new level. In this blog, we’ll explore ten effective Gymnastic ring exercises that span from beginner-friendly to expert-level.

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10 Gymnastic Ring Exercises from Beginner to Expert

Exercise Difficulty Level Description
Ring Rows Beginner Horizontal rows with rings, targeting back and arm strength.
Ring Push-Ups Beginner-Intermediate Push-ups with rings, engaging stabilizer muscles.
Ring Dips Intermediate Dips with rings to target triceps and shoulders.
L-Sit Intermediate Holding legs parallel to the ground to challenge core and hip flexors.
Ring Muscle-Up Intermediate-Advanced Combination of pull-up and dip to achieve a full muscle-up.
Front Lever Advanced Hold body parallel to the ground, testing upper body strength.
Back Lever Advanced Hold body horizontally while facing upwards.
Iron Cross Expert Rings held out to the sides with body in a crucifix position.
Maltese Expert Parallel to the ground with arms extended downward.
Planche Expert Parallel to the ground with arms extended forward.

Ring Rows (Beginner)

Ring Rows | KreedOn
Source: BoxLife Magzine

Ring rows are an excellent starting point for newcomers to gymnastic rings. Adjust the rings to a height where you can comfortably perform horizontal rows while keeping your body straight. Grab the rings, walk your feet forward, and lean back, keeping your body rigid. Pull your chest up towards the rings, engaging your back muscles. Lower yourself back down slowly for controlled repetitions.

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Ring Push-Ups (Beginner-Intermediate)

Ring Push-Up | KreedOn
Source: YouTube

Set the rings at knee height and assume a push-up position with your hands gripping the rings. Perform push-ups, maintaining proper form throughout the movement. Ring push-ups engage more stabilizer muscles than regular push-ups, making them an ideal progression toward advanced ring exercises.

Ring Dips (Intermediate)

Ring Dips | KreedOn
Source: Fitness Volt

Position the rings at shoulder height and hold onto them with a neutral grip. Lower your body by bending your elbows until your shoulders are parallel to the ground or lower if possible. Press yourself back up to the starting position, focusing on stability and control.

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L-Sit (Intermediate)

L-Sit | KreedOn
Source: BarBend

To perform an L-sit, sit on the ground with the rings beside you. Place your hands on the rings and lift your body off the ground, keeping your legs straight and parallel to the ground. This exercise challenges your core, hip flexors, and shoulders.

Ring Muscle-Up (Intermediate-Advanced)

Ring Muscle Up | KreedOn
Source: BOXROX

The ring muscle-up is an impressive movement that requires a combination of strength and technique. Start with a false grip (wrists over the rings) and perform a pull-up, transitioning into a dip at the top of the movement. Practice the transition until you can complete a full muscle-up.

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Front Lever (Advanced)

Front Lever | Gymnastic Rings Workout - From Beginner to Expert | KreedOn
Source: Club Calitsthenics

Achieving a front lever on the rings demonstrates an extraordinary level of upper body and core strength. Hang from the rings with an overhand grip and extend your body horizontally, keeping it parallel to the ground. This exercise is exceptionally demanding and may take time to master.

Back Lever (Advanced)

Back Lever | KreedOn
Source: Breaking Muscle

The back lever is the reverse of the front lever. Grip the rings with an underhand grip, and extend your body horizontally while facing upwards. Like the front lever, this position requires substantial upper body and core strength.

Iron Cross (Expert)

Gymnastic Rings Workout - From Beginner to Expert | KreedOn
Source: Weekand.com

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The iron cross is a gymnastic ring skill that epitomizes strength, balance, and control. It involves holding the rings straight out to the sides with the body in a crucifix position. Achieving the iron cross demands years of dedicated training and is not recommended for beginners or those with insufficient strength.

Maltese (Expert)

Source: Youtube

Considered one of the most challenging gymnastic ring moves, the Maltese requires immense upper body strength and flexibility. In this position, the body is parallel to the ground, but the arms are extended downward. The Maltese is a feat accomplished by only the most elite gymnasts.

Planche (Expert)

Planche | Gymnastic Rings Workout - From Beginner to Expert | KreedOn
Source: Reddit

Another advanced gymnastic ring skill is the planche, which involves holding the body parallel to the ground with arms fully extended, similar to a push-up position. This move pushes the limits of human strength and control and is considered a pinnacle achievement in the world of bodyweight training.

Remember, progressing through these exercises takes time, patience, and consistent practice. Always prioritize safety and proper form over rapid advancement. If you’re new to gymnastic rings, it’s a good idea to seek guidance from a qualified trainer to learn the correct techniques and avoid injuries.

Incorporate gymnastic rings into your fitness routine, and you’ll be amazed at how they challenge your body in new ways, leading to increased strength, stability, and body awareness. Happy ring training, and embrace the journey of discovering your true physical potential!

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