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Central Government keen to make India a World Golf Tourism Hub

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It seems Indian Government has started sensing the vast scope of Golf in India and hence now seems interested in exploring its potential. Also, the Ministry of Tourism feels this will also help in the development of the overall ecosystem of tourism in India.

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Can India become a world golf tourism hub?

golf tourism kreedon
The sport of golf is gaining momentum in India at a breezy pace.

The emerging trend of playing golf has instilled a sense of motivation in the sports-related authorities of India as well as amongst the private players in this category. This might help in improving infrastructure, including international standard golf courses and trained manpower. This move is much expected to boost golf tourism in India. Much required indeed. 

“We find now that more and more people are going for experimental kind of tourism. The biggest challenge that we are facing is that even at our iconic sites like Taj Mahal we are not able to make people stay for more than one night, states Rashmi Verma, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism

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She also adds, “Most of the tourists go there in the morning and come back by night. What we find that in and around our iconic tourist sites if a golf course is created, people can actually go to the sites enjoy the golf course stay there for three to four days, spend a lot of money. This would also create a lot of employment for the locals and help them generate income.”

The plans to promote Golf Tourism in India

golf tourism kreedon
India has about 220 golf courses in which 25 are signature golf courses that are at par with international standards.

The whole process of promoting golf culture and attracting tourists with it would need about 100 new golf courses in the country. This move shall definitely attract tourists, generate revenues and open a wide range of job opportunities for the youth. 

In totality, India has about 220 golf courses, out of which 25 are signature golf courses that very well sync with international standards. Besides this, several private resorts and golf courses are offering the guests with a world-class experience like dining, open-air jacuzzi and great golfing arena. are providing its guests with world’s best amenities like great dining experience, open-air jacuzzis along with golfing facilities.

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Located at the outskirts of capital New Delhi, the Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort promises some of the most stunning views of the beautiful 18-hole golf course.

Rajan Segal, President of Indian Golf Tourism Association said, “Golf needs a good weather and in India out of 365 days average 324 are good sunlight days which is very rare in the world. This is very important for golf.”

Vikram Sethi, a well-known golf coach, can already see a bright future for golf in India. He believes an aggressive promotion will help attract world golfers to the country.

golf tourism kreedon
Oxford Golf Resort, Pune, Maharashtra.

“We have golf courses all over the country and some of them are with excellent facilities. In Northern India, Delhi is the city with a maximum number of golf courses while in South, Bangalore has some very good courses. Pune has very good courses to in Western India. Though Eastside might be a little weak but we have the oldest clubs there. It just a question of being able to promote these golf courses”, said Vikram Sethi.

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With golf courses marking its prominence at every nook and corner of India and the wide and fast spreading popularity of the sport – the budding golfers in our country are definitely looking forward that will promise a good future, beyond the tees and greens. 

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