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Smiter Kaila Profile: The Godfather of Team India Ball Hockey

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Do you know who Smiter Kaila is? Do you know what sport he plays for India. He is famously known as the godfather of Team India Ball Hockey.

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Here are some some interesting details of Smiter Kaila

In India, we don’t talk much about hockey, let alone ball hockey and other variations. Ball hockey is a variation ice hockey and street hockey. It is played with a ball instead of a hockey puck and is not played on ice. Ice hockey is extremely popular in Canada and several parts of Europe. Many of you would be surprised to know that India has a national ice hockey team which played their first international match in 2009. But Smiter Kaila’s “Team India” is different.

Smiter Kaila is a 43-year-old Indo-Canadian who represented Canada early in his sports career but later chose to form his own team comprising solely of Indo-Canadian ball hockey players. He is now the co-captain of Team India and also coaches the soccer team of his son’s school. Most of the players started as amateurs and have developed a passion for the game. They aren’t amateur anymore and have participated in 6 World Championships since. They even came second in the 2009 World Championships held in Czech Republic.

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Indian origin people accepting and enjoying the culture of the country they are citizens of while sticking together, having fun and showing true sportsmanship is nothing but inspiring. Sports changes lives, teaches you to accept defeat and come back stronger. With enough dedication, a sport becomes an integral part of your life. As Kaila puts it, it keeps you young and it is hard to stop playing.

It is heartening to see a father-son duo bonding through sports and the fact that it makes Smiter Kaila feel young. Sports is something that brings people together, be it family or complete strangers. A group of Indian-origin men have found a sense of belonging because of their common love for the sport.

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