Geeta Phogat Confident Of a Rich Medal Haul For India’s Women Wrestlers

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As of now Geets is granted permission take part in the Asian Games Camp.

Even though Geeta Phogat is not a part of India’s women wrestlers team for the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2018 – Indian sports icon and former CWG gold medallist Geeta Phogat is confident that India will sweep the wrestling medals at the Gold Coast Games.

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Geeta Phogat exudes confidence on women wrestlers

Geeta Phogat, India’s first-ever women gold medalist in wrestling in the Commonwealth Games, exuded confidence that Indian women wrestlers that they would win at least four gold medals in women’s wrestling event at the Commonwealth Games which will be held at Gold Coast, Australia, from 4th of April.

Geeta said, “We are hoping to win four medals in every category.

The eldest of the Phogat sisters, Geeta received huge applause from the audience where she was honoured at Hamstech annual sports day event that was held at ORO Sports Village in the city.

Addressing the gathering, Geeta said the movie Dangal was inspired by the Phogat family.

“You would have heard about me from the movie Dangal. What you all saw in the film was 99 percent true. The struggles my father went through and the hard work that we put in is all true. Although the movie did not totally show the struggles we went through, the people got an idea”, said the 29-year-old from Haryana.

She further elaborated that the secret to her success was the fear of her father.

“It was combination of fear and respect that pushed us to strive harder and achieve success. We followed whatever he told us as we didn’t have any other choice!” said Geeta, much to the delight of the adoring crowd.

Geeta not a part of the women wrestlers team

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Geeta will miss the 2018 CWG as Pooja Dhanda will represent India at Gold Coast.

Incidentally, Geeta missed out on the CWG 2018 berth after losing out to Pooja Dhanda in the trials for the 57 kg division, even as her other two sisters Babita Kumari and Vinesh Phogat qualified for the freestyle event.

The Delhi CWG star stated that the Indian team trained very hard for the Gold Coast Games.

“If you talk about women’s wrestling in particular, I can only tell you that the team has been training very well. And out of the six events, we can easily win four gold medals”, said a confident Geeta.

Geeta also said the perception by the Indians towards sports has changed and said there was more encouragement to other disciplines like wrestling and kabaddi.

“There was a time when cricket and badminton were getting the limelight in our country. But now, thanks to Pro Wrestling League (PWL) and Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), the lesser known sports are coming into the spotlight. People are appreciating other sports as well”, said the wrestler.

Geeta Phogat later on gave a pep talk and motivated the students at the venue.

“I want to tell you that whichever field you are in, be it studies or sports, set a goal for yourselves. Work hard towards it and you will surely achieve success. Always give your 100 percent and respect your elders. I hope that one day, you all will also achieve greatness and inspire future generations.” Signed off Geeta.

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