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Gavaskar’s wicked take on Kohli’s revelation: What message did he want? Encouragement? That chapter is closed

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One of the top batsmen of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli made a shocking revelation during a press conference after stepping down from India’s captaincy role across all formats. Virat Kohli said the only cricketer who played with him to send him a message after he stepped down as captain was MS Dhoni and the former player(s) should have offered him help directly instead of telling the world on TV.

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Nearly 24 hours after the big statement, Sunil Gavaskar had his say on the revelation. He took a dig at Kohli’s statement and said why Kohli decided to reveal the information when he was speaking on a public platform.

First of all, let’s take a look at what Virat Kohli has said and why Gavaskar has commented.

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Virat Kohli: “When I left Test captaincy, I got a message from only one person, with whom I had played previously; that was MS Dhoni. Many people have my number. On TV, people give lots of suggestions, and people have a lot to say. But none of the people who had my number sent me a message.”

Gavaskar wanted to know what specific answers Kohli was looking for and he asked

“What message does he [Kohli] want? Was it encouragement? After quitting captaincy, what encouragement do you want?

Gavaskar also gave an example of the day he left the captaincy in 1985 in Australia-

“I also quit captaincy. Madan Lal (a former player who was Gavaskar’s co-panelist on the TV show) was there with me, the evening after the world championship of cricket. We all met, hugged each other, and celebrated winning the trophy. Apart from that what message do you want? I don’t know. After quitting captaincy, I played with the same teammates. Team camaraderie was great, same. we had great fun,”

Kohli also made a statement about suggestions being given on television rather than personal. Kohli said-

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“If you give the suggestions in front of the world, it has no value for me. If it is for my improvement, you can talk with me one-on-one, (tell me) that I genuinely want you to do well. I live life with a lot of honesty, so I can see through such things,”

Gavaskar also commented on the following statement made by Kohli. He started by saying that it is difficult to say anything because it is not clear who Kohli was referring to.

“It’s difficult to say anything. If he had taken names, then you can go ask that player why you didn’t contact him. But what I heard was he mentioned no one apart from Dhoni texted him after he quit Test captaincy. We don’t know what message that was.”

When Gavaskar’s reply ended, Madan Lal picked it up. He said Kohli shouldn’t have said these things ahead of a big game as it can deflect the team’s focus.

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