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Free Fire Best Sensitivity Settings for Maximum Performance in 2024: Fine-Tune Your Skills

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In 2024, it is important to understand the correct sense of touch in Free Fire for someone that needs to be successful in this very popular mobile royale battle game. Players should take note that these best Free Fire sensitivity settings make it possible for players to easily and quickly identify the enemies.

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To experience more fun while playing this game here are some simplified and user-friendly tips that will help you set your sensitivity level right.

Understanding Sensitivity in Free Fire

Sensitivity when applied to Free Fire has got to do with how well your character moves around as well as aims. It denotes reaction time between crosshair or scope and what you feed into the screen through a tap gesture. The sensitivity balance has to be just right because one slight misinterpretation means either hitting an enemy’s brain-dead center or hitting nothing at all.

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The sensitivity settings in Free Fire are divided into several categories:

  • General Sensitivity: Controls the overall movement and camera speed.
  • Red Dot Sensitivity: Adjusts the sensitivity when using the red dot sight.
  • 2x Scope Sensitivity: Adjusts the sensitivity when using the 2x scope.
  • 4x Scope Sensitivity: Adjusts the sensitivity when using the 4x scope.
  • Sniper Scope Sensitivity: Adjusts the sensitivity when using the sniper scope.
  • Free Look Sensitivity: Controls the sensitivity when using the free look feature to scan your surroundings.

Optimizing these settings to match your playstyle and device specifications is key to achieving a competitive edge in Free Fire.

Best Free Fire Sensitivity Settings Recommended for 2024

Based on extensive testing and feedback from top Free Fire players, here are the recommended sensitivity settings for quick movements and headshots in 2024:

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Free Fire sensitivity settings for quick movements and headshots | KreedOn
Image Source: Garena
  • General: 100
  • Red Dot: 100
  • 2X Scope: 87
  • 4X Scope: 78
  • AWM Scope: 64
  • Free Look: 100

It is essential to note that these settings may differ in a way on various devices, personal preferences, systems and so on. Find out different configurations and decide on the most comfortable one which yields results during your gameplay sessions.

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Adjusting Sensitivity Settings in Free Fire

Changing your sensitivity settings in Free Fire is a straightforward process:

  • Launch the Free Fire or Free Fire MAX app on your device.
  • Tap on the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the main menu.
Best Free Fire Sensitivity | KreedOn
Image Source: 91Mobiles
  • Select the “Sensitivity” option from the left-hand menu.
Free Fire | KreedOn
Source: 91Mobiles
  • Adjust the sliders for each sensitivity setting to your desired values.
Free Fire Settings | KreedOn
Image Source: 91Mobiles
  • Once you’re satisfied with the settings, close the menu and jump into a match to test them out.

Don’t change your sensitivity settings rapidly by making huge adjustments all at once, as this will ruin the muscle memory that took you time to develop and make your aiming worse. Instead try small tweaks and play a few games. This step-by-step technique helps you find just the right sensitivity without messing up your entire game.

Factors to Consider When Adjusting Sensitivity

Best Settings for Sensitivity Free Fire | KreedOn
Image Source:

Keep in mind the following factors when fine-tuning your Free Fire sensitivity settings:

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Device Specifications

The performance of your device and its hardware capabilities can greatly impact on ideal sensitivity settings. Higher frame rates and touch sampling rates in devices may require higher sensitivities for similar responsiveness.

Playstyle and Weapon Preferences

How you play and the kind of weapons you like give guidance on the best sensitivity settings. This means that players who prefer sniping from long range might benefit from lower scope sensitivities, while those good in close-quarter combat may prefer higher general sensitivities.

Personal Preference and Comfort

Ultimately, your most ideal sensitivity is the one that feels the most comfortable and natural for you. It is your instinct to find something new; trust it! Try out different styles until you come across a style whose setting will make you feel more confident in your ability to perform at your highest level.


Consistent sensitivity levels are vital to improving over time through muscle memory. Changing the settings very often can lead to inconsistent performance as well as disruption on the part of progress.

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Common sensitivity issues in Free Fire

High Sensitivity Issue

Another name for this is the 360° issue which refers to a situation where the touch screen is very sensitive such that false touches occur. One can fix it by purchasing a device without it or downloading an app from Play Store that repairs touch screens. DPI (dots per inch) adjustment can also aid in solving this problem.

Sensitivity Issues in PC Version

The “Shooting Mode” in Free Fire PC version had sensitivity issues where aim would speed up and become inconsistent with time. This was sorted out with BlueStacks version 4.230.10 that comes preloaded with correct Free Fire sensitivity settings. Players can also optimize their sensitivity by manipulating their in-game settings.

Gyroscope Issues

For players who use gyroscopes, it is important to adjust sensitivity settings accordingly. Start with lower sensitivities and keep increasing them until you find one that feels good as well as comfortable to you.

To resolve these issues, it is essential to:

  • Update the game or emulator to the latest version, which often includes bug fixes and improvements.
  • Adjust the sensitivity settings in the game or emulator to suit your playstyle and device specifications.
  • Ensure a stable internet connection for online play.
  • Experiment with different settings and configurations to find what works best for you.
  • Consider upgrading your device’s hardware capabilities, such as RAM, to improve overall performance.


Playing Free Fire well requires proper knowledge of the right sensitivities. These will enable you to control your character movements as well as have better aim. As such for one to improve his play in 2024, he must understand these settings and try several others till he finds what suits him most.

Everyone is different so do not fear trying out and finding out the right sensitivity that suits you and your device best. With dedication and practice, you can improve your Free Fire skills and become a stronger player.

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