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Formula E vs Formula 1: The Ultimate Showdown | Know Differences Between Formula E & F1

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The first-ever ABB FIA Formula E World Championship race took place in India Hyderabad on 11th February 2023. These motorsports are high-octane, heart-pounding activity that takes place at high speeds. The main difference between Formula E vs Formula 1 is that Formula E is an all-electric racing series, while Formula 1 features hybrid racers with internal combustion engines powered by fossil fuels. Formula 1 had its inaugural season in 1950, while Formula E made its debut in 2014. Although they may seem quite similar to the observer, in reality, the two championships are very different.

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Formula E was founded by Spanish entrepreneur and former politician Alejandro Agag and the goal is clear; support the deployment of electric mobility and renewable energy solutions in major cities around the world. Formula E has attracted some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, including Audi, BMW, DS, Jaguar, Mercedes, Nissan, and Porsche. In this blog, we will look at what the difference between Formula E and Formula 1.

Formula E vs Formula 1 | Difference in Street Circuit

Formula E vs Formula 1 | The Thrills & Spills of Formula E & Formula 1 | KreedOn
Image Source- British GQ

F1 cars are built for pure performance and are created to race on much wider, longer, and faster circuits. Formula E cars, by comparison, are designed to race efficaciously on tight, twisty circuits that are often much shorter and narrower than the average F1 track.

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Formula E vs Formula 1 | DRS & Attack Mode

Formula E vs Formula 1 | The Thrills & Spills of Formula E & Formula 1 | KreedOn
Image Source- Auto Sport

The Drag Reduction System (DRS), as the name suggests, reduces the drag a Formula 1 car experiences in order to overtake the car in front or simply gain a better lap time. DRS can only be activated in certain marked zones on the circuit.

In the world of Formula E, Attack mode is available to help provide drivers with 50kW worth of electric power boost. However, current logistics could hamper a competitor’s chances in the race. To activate the mode, you must step off the racing line into designated areas where the car’s halo will turn blue, indicating to the driver that they can now activate attack mode.

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Formula E vs Formula 1 | Qualifying format

Image Source- Auto Sport

Traditional Q1, Q2, and Q3, sessions are followed in the F1 qualifying format. This determines the grid order of the race. In Q1 and Q2, the slowest drivers have to discontinue while going further and others try to set the fastest laps. In the final part, the competitors compete for pole position on the grid.

For Formula E, the qualifying format is a bit longer and could be confusing. In it, each team will be asked to assign one of their drivers to Group A and the other to Group B, where the groups will be determined based on the drivers’ championship standings.

The four fastest drivers from each group advance to the duel round. The drivers from the groups are further divided into pairs – group A is divided into A1 and A2 and group B into B1 and B2. The pairs battle it out and the fastest of each advances to the Semi-Finals, where the fastest of each group makes it to the Finals.

Formula E vs Formula 1 | Pit Stops

Formula E vs Formula 1 | The Thrills & Spills of Formula E & Formula 1 | KreedOn
Image Source- The Race

Unlike F1, pit stops are not compulsory in Formula E and teams are not allowed to change tires unless they suffer a puncture. While in F1, a driver can make 2-3 pit stops during a race and change tires each time, Formula E drivers use specially designed all-weather tires regardless of the conditions.

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Which is Faster Formula E or Formula 1?

Formula 1 is faster than Formula E, although thanks to constant technological advancement, Formula E cars are making great strides.

What is the max speed of Formula E?

Formula E has revealed its Gen3 car, which is smaller and lighter while also being able to reach a top speed of 200mph.

Who is the founder of Formula E?

Formula E was founded by Spanish entrepreneur and former politician Alejandro Agag.

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