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FIH Drops Penalty Corner Trials, Boosts Players’ Safety

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The proposed trial for a new penalty corner rule in the realm of hockey has been officially abandoned by the International Hockey Federation (FIH), marking the end of a brief and contentious endeavor. The initiative, which aimed to reshape the penalty corner dynamics and potentially sideline the art of drag-flicking, has been withdrawn following a surge of concerns and discussions within the global hockey community.

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Tayyab Ikram, the esteemed President of the FIH, conveyed this significant decision during his address preceding the Hockey Asian Champions Trophy semifinals. Expressing the intent of the FIH to make a resounding announcement via Chennai, Ikram revealed that the plan mandating attackers to position themselves 5 meters outside the circle during penalty corners will not be pursued.

He said,

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“I think it is wise for us not to proceed with this trial, because we must protect the original characteristics of the penalty corner. Athlete safety must not be compromised, but the penalty corner is such an integral and iconic part of our game that we must be very considerate and careful when we explore changes to it. Therefore, I have initiated a re-evaluation and further evaluation to design a trial that will protect the original form of the penalty corner, while we also continue to work on enhancing athlete safety in our game and especially in the penalty corner situation.”

The new rule had triggered a flurry of reactions after the FIH disseminated information to national hockey federations. Widespread apprehensions were voiced, particularly pertaining to the potential ramifications for drag flicking—an exhilarating facet of offensive play in the sport. While the rule revision has been discarded, the issue of defenders’ safety remains an ongoing focal point for the FIH.

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