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Feeding the Spirit: Buddhist Views on Food and Nutrition

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Buddhism, similar to many faiths, also has its own specific food customs and prohibitions, like many others and those who are practitioners of Buddhism, the Buddhists, heed to the teachings of the Buddha to whom they refer to as the “awakened one” who is a prophet. They should also abide by certain dietary guidelines. To Buddhists irrespective of whether they started their journey in recent times or have wished to have a flavor of certain teachings in their religion, they need to be well informed of these culinary customs.

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This article delves into the world of Buddhist diet by exploring the key principles, reflecting upon the traditions and illuminating the practices that underlie the eating habits of the Buddhists. Attempting these diets can produce interesting information which may be of use to the people who want to take up the practice of Buddhist religion or only if they desire to learn about it.

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