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Top 10 Fastest Stumping in Cricket History- KreedOn

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Blink and a miss! This is what stumping is all about in cricket. In cricket, the batsman is praised when he scores tons of runs, the bowler also receives compliments when he bags wickets. But did you ever think about the wicketkeeper? While the batsman has to be focused to hit the ball, the keeper has to be even more focused to catch the ball and make the move before the batsman.

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It is indeed a challenging task that requires maximum attentiveness and focuses while on the field in order to extract a wicket. Stumping is a job that needs one to be talented, sharp, and flexible at all times. It, thus, makes wicketkeepers one of the most alert players on the cricket ground.

11List of Top 10 fastest stumping in cricket history

S.N Fastest stumping in cricket
1. MS Dhoni stumps Keemo Paul
2. Ben Cox stumps Calum MacLeod
3. Mark Boucher brilliance against Atapattu
4. MS Dhoni stumps Mitchell Marsh
5. McCullum stumps Ricky Ponting
6. Kumar Sangakkara vs Jimmy Maher
7. Bradley Barnes stumps Saurabh Tiwary
8. Sangakkara vs Lara
9. Dinesh Karthik stumped Michael Vaughan
10. Adam Gilchrist

10Dhoni fastest stumping: MS Dhoni stumps Keemo Paul

Remember MS Dhoni is 37 yet, his leadership qualities and lighting-quick wicketkeeping remain complete. In the fourth ODI against the Windies in Mumbai last year, the former skipper affected a stumping to dismiss West Indies player Keemo Paul in only 0.08 seconds. Read it again, dhoni fastest stumping time is 0.08 seconds. The world record for fastest stumping!. It was dhoni’s fastest stumping.

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9Fastest stumping in cricket by Ben Cox

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This incident took place between Derbyshire and Worcestershire. Calum MacLeod was out stumped by Ben Cox in a funny way. Ed Barnard bowled the delivery which pitched halfway and squared into the batsman. MacLeod tried to dab it to the third man but the ball hit Cox’s pad who was standing and hit the stumps in the rebound. At the same time, the batsman was off for a single and was out of his crease. He was adjudged stumped off a fast bowler.

8Mark Boucher brilliance against Atapattu: Fastest stumping in cricket history

This incident took place in the year 2006. Mark Boucher was South Africa’s legend, these words hold true with this incident. He ran out Sri Lankan batsman Marvan Atapattu with a flick of the ball, despite appealing for caught-behind at the same time.

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While Boucher was appealing, Atapattu didn’t realize where the ball was and unknowingly stepped out of the batting crease. Watching Atapattu out of the crease, Boucher shown presence of mind and flicked the ball onto the stumps while he was still appealing.

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7Blink and Marsh is out, courtesy: MS Dhoni

India traveled to Australia in 2012. This incident took place in Melbourne against Mitchell Marsh in a T20 game. Rahul Sharma bowled a leg-break delivery, which beat the batsman, as he went for the biggie. But he didn’t think that if he misses, he needs to walk off. Marsh pulled his foot outside the crease and little space was enough for Dhoni to bang! Dhoni thrashed the bails off in a flash!

6Ponting stumped in World Cup: Fastest stumping record

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The incident came at the World Cup 2011 in Nagpur. Australia needed just 207 runs to win from 50 overs. Though Aussies won the match, the stumping incident will be remembered by skipper Ricky Ponting. Brilliant is the word to describe this! Kiwi pacer Tim Southee bowled a wide down the leg side and McCullum went smooth to the ball and whipped the bails off in a flash. The take itself was a great one and stumping was the cherry on the cake for cricket lovers.

5Kumar Sangakkara vs Jimmy Maher in 2003: Fastest stumping in cricket

This is an instance of a dazzling display of dexterity and alertness. Go back 16 years.  A big off-break from Sri Lankan spin wizard Muttiah Muralitharan ensured that Aussies Jimmy Maher was surely beaten. Maher stepped out of the crease. But, this is when the brilliance of Sangakkara comes in. He put in a big dive to gather the ball one-handed, lifted the ball to his other hand, and threw down the stumps, all in one motion.

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4Batsman stumped despite standing inside the crease

This may not be the lightning-fast stumping in cricket but it is one of the awkward dismissals in the field of cricket. This incident took place at the 2008 U19 World Cup in Kuala Lumpur between India and South Africa. The incident happened in the last ball of the 35th over of the first innings. Saurabh Tiwary was batting and due to pain in the leg, he took Tanmay Srivastava as his runner.

Proteas bowler Yaseen Vallie bowled to Tiwary an outside off delivery. Tiwary missed it and wicket-keeper Bradley Barnes whipped off the bails. South African players made a strong appeal for which leg umpire referred to the third umpire. In the replay, it was clearly shown that Tiwary was in the crease comfortably but his runner Srivastava was outside the crease.

3Sangakkara vs Lara in World Cup 2007

This one is similar to that of MSDhoni’s stumping against Mitchell Marsh. Arguably Kumar Sangakkara is one of the greatest wicket-keeper in the world and here is the perfect instance to justify it. The event happened in the year 2007 in a match against Sri Lanka and West Indies. As Brian Lara went for off-drive against Chaminda Vaas, unfortunately, he was beaten and dragged his foot out for a mini second. That mini second was enough for Sangakkara as he took the ball and stumped Lara, catching his foot in the air.

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2When Dinesh Karthik stumped Michael Vaughan

We hardly see Dinesh Karthik wicket-keeping in ODI for India. But this man is on the list and the reason for this is special too. This was a debut for Dinesh Karthik at Lord’s against England. It was the best time for him to show off his skill. Dinesh Karthik showed his potential. Harbhajan Singh bowled the delivery outside the leg stump, Michael Vaughan stepped towards his left but missed the ball to hit. Karthik moved swiftly to gather the ball. Call him a SuperMan or any superhero, from eight feet down the leg side, Karthik put in a massive dive to break the stumps and found Vaughan short of the crease.

1Adam Gilchrist: Fastest stumping in cricket

Adam Gilchrist has been an inspiration for an entire generation of wicket-keeper batsmen. He was one of the bravest keepers who stood behind the stumps against the likes of Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne. Gilchrist stands fifth on the list of wicket-keepers with most stumpings in ODI cricket with a total of 55 stumpings. However, 417 catches, takes his overall dismissals tally to a staggering 472. Gilchrist still holds the highest dismissal-per-innings rate record of 1.679 in ODIs.

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