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Top 10 Fastest Football Goals of All Time | Blink and You Missed It

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If you have an interest in the fastest football goals, you’ve come to the right place. This article explores the top 10 fastest football goals ever documented, showcasing an exciting range of techniques, including acrobatic bicycle kicks and daring back-heeled strikes. In anticipation of this significant event, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the fastest football goals in the history of the sport. Whether you’re a devoted football enthusiast or simply fascinated by record-breaking goals, read on to uncover the fastest football goals of all time.

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Top 10 Fastest Football Goals of All Time

Name of the Player Time Taken (in seconds)
Alan Shearer 10.4
Ledley King 10
Roy Makaay 10
Tim Cahill 8
Shane Long 7.69
Rafael Leao 6.2
Jim Fryatt 4
Nawaf Al-Abed 2.4
Marc Burrows 2
Nicklas Bendtner 1.8

Alan Shearer

He accomplished an extraordinary achievement in a mere 10.4 seconds during a face-off between Newcastle United and Manchester City. The clash between these two football powerhouses was a colossal battle, as both top-tier teams sought dominance in a high-stakes encounter. From beginning to end, the match was defined by fierce competition and resolute determination. In the end, it was Newcastle United that triumphed, clinching a narrow 1-0 victory, with the decisive goal being netted in a breathtakingly swift 10.4 seconds. This notable win highlighted the outstanding goal-scoring abilities of several key players from the Newcastle squad.

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Ledley King

He made an indelible mark on the annals of football with a remarkably swift goal in a mere 10 seconds. He achieved this feat during a clash between Tottenham Hotspur and Bradford City. Undoubtedly, Ledley King stands as a legendary figure in English football, with his name becoming synonymous with both speed and scoring prowess. The iconic episode unfolded in 2000 when he executed a spectacular goal against Bradford City. This feat now holds the distinction of being the second fastest goal in Premier League history. Demonstrating his exceptional skill and rapid reflexes, Ledley King solidified his position among the quickest goal-scorers in football history. This extraordinary accomplishment not only underscores the evolution of the sport but also emphasizes the challenge posed to even the most agile goalkeepers when confronted by a striker as swift and skilled as King.

Roy Makaay

He made a significant impact on the realm of football with a remarkable goal in a mere 10 seconds during a match between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. For avid football fans, Roy Makaay’s iconic goal is truly exceptional. Within the first ten seconds of the footage, observe the Dutch striker’s extraordinary achievement as he rapidly nets an incredible goal, clinching a 1-0 triumph for Bayern Munich against Real Madrid in the 1992 Champions League Final.

Tim Cahill

In a match between the New York Red Bulls and the Houston Dynamo, Tim Cahill achieved an outstanding feat in just 8 seconds. His skill as a top-tier goal scorer is evident in this remarkable goal against the Houston Dynamo. The incredible 8-second strike is truly impressive, and what adds to the amazement is that his record for the fastest goal in history remains unbeaten at 8 seconds. Whether you’re a passionate soccer enthusiast or just looking for some extraordinary football moments, make sure to watch Tim Cahill’s recent goals for an exhilarating experience!

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Shane Long

Shane Long achieved an impressive milestone by netting a goal in just 7.69 seconds. He achieved this feat during a match featuring Southampton and Watford. For football enthusiasts, witnessing Long’s exceptional goal against Watford is a must. This remarkable achievement has taken the online community by storm and continues to enthrall fans. Significantly, it now holds the distinction of being the quickest goal ever recorded by a Southampton player, marking a historic moment in the club’s history. For any football aficionado, Shane Long’s incredible feat is a spectacle that should not be overlooked. This goal has secured its place in football history as the fastest, proudly maintaining its record as the swiftest ever scored by a Southampton player.

Rafael Leao

He secured his place in the annals of history by scoring a lightning-fast goal in a mere 6.2 seconds during the AC Milan vs. Sassuolo match. This remarkable feat set a new benchmark in the realm of the fastest football goals. This extraordinary achievement not only showcased Rafael Leao’s lightning-quick footwork and sharp reflexes but also established a new world record for the fastest football goal ever scored.

Jim Fryatt

Jim Fryatt | KreedOn
Image Source: The Daily Telegraph

He made a lasting impact on football history by netting an incredible goal within a mere 4 seconds. During the Bradford vs. Tranmere Rovers match – He achieved a remarkable feat in the realm of the quickest football goals. Jim Fryatt’s remarkable goal for Bradford against Tranmere Rovers in just 4 seconds is regarded as one of the most awe-inspiring strikes in the history of football. This goal not only holds the record for the fastest in football history but also maintains its position as one of the most visually stunning and revered goals ever witnessed in the sport.

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Nawaf Al-Abed

Nawaf Al-Abed accomplished an impressive feat by securing a goal within an astonishing 2.4 seconds in the Al-Hilal versus Al-Shoalah match. This achievement marks a historic milestone in the realm of the quickest football goals. For those seeking an exhilarating football match, make sure not to overlook Nawaf Al-Abed’s goal for Al-Hilal against Al-Salah. This particular goal currently holds the record as the fastest ever recorded, registering a mere 2.4 seconds!

Marc Burrows

Accomplishing an incredible milestone, Marc Burrows made history by scoring a goal within a mere 2 seconds in the Cowes Sports vs. Eastleigh match. This remarkable achievement took place in April 1992 at the Cowes Sports stadium, solidifying its place as one of the most extraordinary moments in football history. For avid football fans, there is no denying the significance of Burrows’ record-breaking goal. As of today, the 2-second mark still holds the title for the fastest goal ever recorded in the history of football, marking a truly unprecedented feat.

Nicklas Bendtner

He made a historic imprint on football by scoring an exceptional goal in a mere 1.8 seconds during the Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur match – a notable accomplishment that stands as the record for the fastest goal in football history. Nicklas Bendtner‘s goal against Tottenham Hotspur is unquestionably one of the quickest goals ever witnessed in football. With a timing of just 1.8 seconds, it is clear that this groundbreaking goal will be remembered in the history of the sport.

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