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7 Players who have Scored Fastest 10000 Runs in ODI

Reaching the 10,000 run-mark in ODIs is a no easy feat. It is, without a doubt, the most significant milestone for any batsman; showing how important of a role consistency plays in the game of cricket. Only 14 players have reached 10,000 ODI runs. However, when we are talking about these greats, one question arises – who are the top 7 cricketers with fastest 10000 runs in ODI?

Brian Charles Lara

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Coming at number 7 in our list is West Indies legend Brain Lara. Lara breached the 10,000 run barrier on his 278 ODI innings against Pakistan on the 16 of December 2006. Apart from his achievements in ODI cricket, Lara is known as the only player to have scored 400 in a single test inning.  

  • Innings to reach 10,000 runs: 278


  • Runs: 10,405
  • Innings: 289
  • Average: 40.48
  • Strike rate: 79.51
  • High Score: 169 vs Sri Lanka, 1995
  • 100/50: 19/63

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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One of the best finishers of the game, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has scored over 10,700 runs in his ODI career. Dhoni is one of the latest entrants on the list, breaching the 10,000 run mark against England at the iconic Lords in July 2018. Famously known for his cool leadership approach Dhoni is also among the most successful captains of India. He led the Men in Blue to the 2007 World T20 Championships and 2011 World Cup titles. 

  • Innings to reach 10,000 runs: 273


  • Runs: 10,773
  • Innings: 297
  • Average: 50.57
  • Strike rate: 87.56
  • High Score: 183* vs Sri Lanka. 2005
  • 100/50: 10/73

Jacques Henry Kallis 

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Jacques Kallis, arguably the best South African all-rounder, ranks fifth in the list of players with the fastest 10000 Runs in ODI. The five feet eleven inches man was always for the team whenever required. He has scored 11,579 runs in ODI for South Africa. Kallis breached 10,000 runs against Australia in Sydney, 2009 while scoring 60 of 72 balls. The man who was stellar with the bat, ball and on the field, Jacques Kallis perhaps has set an example of an ideal all-rounder in modern cricket. 

  • Innings to reach 10,000 runs: 272


  • Runs: 11,579
  • Innings: 314
  • Average: 44.36
  • Strike rate: 72.89
  • High Score: 139 vs West Indies, 2004
  • 100/50: 17/86

Ricky Thomas Ponting 

Ricky Thomas Ponting Fastest 10000 Runs In ODI KreedOn
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This man was filled with qualities such as aggression, confidence, timing and leadership- Australia’s legendary skipper, Ricky Ponting. He ranks fourth in the list of batsmen with fastest 10,000 runs in ODI. The two time World Cup-winning captain brought his 10000th run in his 266th innings against South Africa in 2007 World Cup. A highpoint of Ponting’s style was the pure intent he had, right from the first delivery he faced. Ponting who made a debut in 1995 retired from international cricket in 2012 after bagging more than 13 thousand runs.

  • Innings to reach 10,000 runs: 266


  • Runs: 13,704
  • Innings: 365
  • Average: 42.03
  • Strike rate: 80.39
  • High Score: 164 vs South Africa, 2006
  • 100/50: 30/82

Saurav Chandidas Ganguly

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Sourav Ganguly, affectionately known as “ Dada” is India’s one of the greatest skipper. Ganguly took 263 innings to achieve the feat and enters the list of players with the fastest 10000 Runs in ODI at number 3. The southpaw from West Bengal was a gamechanger of Indian cricket- both as a captain and a batsman. His aggression, along with the belligerent approach of captaincy helped India gain confidence in ODI cricket. Since making his debut the Bengal Tiger played 311 matches, scoring 11363 runs.

  • Innings to reach 10,000 runs: 263


  • Runs: 11363
  • Innings: 300
  • Average: 41.02
  • Strike rate: 73.70
  • High Score: 183 vs Sri Lanka, 1999
  • 100/50: 22/72

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar Fastest 10000 Runs In ODI KreedOn
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Bring all the quality adjectives from your dictionary, to sum up, Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin is not just a name. It is an emotion, having a space of his own in every cricket fans heart. The Master Blaster was the first batsmen ever to have scored 10,000 ODI runs during his brilliant 139 against Australia in Indore, 2001. Tendulkar also holds the record as the highest run-scorer in ODIs with astounding 18426 runs at an average of 44.8. 

Innings to reach 10,000 runs: 259

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  • Runs: 18426
  • Innings: 452
  • Average: 44.83
  • Strike rate: 86.23
  • High Score: 200* vs South Africa, 2010
  • 100/50: 49/96

Virat Kohli

Fastest 10000 Runs In ODI KreedOn

It is not every day that Sachin Tendulkar features second on a list! Virat Kohli is one of the rare batsmen to have outdone Sachin. Kohli is the player to have the fastest 10000 Runs in ODIs, doing so in just 205 innings; 44 less than the master blaster. Kohli crossed the 10,000 run mark during his Man of the Match innings against West Indies in 2018, Visakhapatnam. The Indian captain has gone on to score over 11000 ODI runs and at his pace is set to break many if not all of Sachin’s records. 

  • Innings to reach 10,000 runs: 205


  • Runs: 11792
  • Innings: 236
  • Average: 59.85
  • Strike rate: 93.39
  • High Score: 183 vs Pakistan, 2012
  • 100/50: 43/57

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