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Top 10 Fastest 100 In ODI Cricket History

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Here is a complete list of the top ten Batsmen to score the fastest 100 in ODI

With the introduction of the T20 format, the game has started becoming a lot faster to a point where batsmen follow the same aggressive style of play even in longer formats. Batsmen in the modern game have not only adapted their skill-sets to be explosive from the first ball onward but have found ways to continue maintaining that momentum for a longer duration as required by the 50-over format.

In a fast-paced era, patience is a virtue that the fan does not possess anymore, as leagues such as the action-packed Indian Premier League has left the fans craving for more action. A quality batsman always manages to entice and entertain the crowd while helping his team’s cause.

Complete list of fastest 100 in ODI cricket history

S.NPlayer NameTeamAgainstBalls
1AB de VilliersSouth AfricaWest Indies31 balls
2CJ AndersonNew ZealandWest Indies36 balls
3Shahid AfridiPakistanSri Lanka37 balls
4Mark BoucherSouth AfricaZimbabwe44 balls
5Brian LaraWest IndiesBangladesh45 balls
6Shahid AfridiPakistanIndia45 balls
7Jesse RyderNew ZealandWest Indies46 balls
8Jos ButtlerEnglandPakistan46 balls
9Sanath JayasuriyaSri LankaPakistan48 balls
10Jos ButtlerEnglandPakistan50 balls

AB de Villiers | 31 Balls vs West Indies 

AB De Villers Most centuries in ODIs KreedOn
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When it comes to the shorter format of the game, there are very few like AB de Villiers. He is one of those few players who can bail his team out at any point in time. ABD’s aggressive style complemented by the vast array of shots he possesses in his arsenal makes him a problem for opposition bowling units.

AB de Villiers scored the fastest 100 in ODI, Mr. 360’s unorthodox playing style was on full display against West Indies when he set the record for the fastest 100 in ODI history. He scored a century in mere 31 balls and went on to score 149 runs as Proteas finished the inning with 439 onboard. Not a single bowler from the Caribbean nation was able to find an answer to the questions posed by ABD as he hit them all over the park scoring 16 sixes and 9 fours.

  • Runs: 149
  • Balls: 44
  • Sixes: 16
  • Fours: 9
  • Strike Rate: 338.6

CJ Anderson | 36 Balls vs West Indies

Corey Anderson ( Source:
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Corey James Anderson, the Black Caps all-rounder is renowned for his ability to turn the game around with his pinch-hitting. The Kiwi’s have always had a rich history of finding batsmen known for their fundamentally sound games but players such as CJ are the ones who tie the team together with powerful hitting.

This was one of those occasions where he dominated with a 36-ball blitzkrieg, dismantling the West Indies bowling unit in the process. He hit 14 sixes and 6 fours on the way to scoring a team-high 131 runs against West Indies.

  • Runs: 131
  • Balls: 47
  • Sixes: 14
  • Fours: 6
  • Strike Rate: 278.7

Shahid Afridi | 37 Balls vs Sri Lanka

Credits Cricket Record Corner
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Shahid Afridi or “Boom Boom Afridi” as he is most commonly referred to due to his ability to clear the boundary with ease, is one of Pakistan’s aces and has been a bedrock for his country for a long duration. On his day, Afridi is one of the most unstoppable forces as he uses shear force to destroy even the best bowling units.

This was one of those days where Afridi kicked into high gear as he scored a quickfire 102 off 37 balls, smashing 11 sixes and 6 fours in the process. At the age of just 16, Afridi destroyed the newly-crowned World Champions Sri Lanka.

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  • Runs: 102
  • Balls: 40
  • Sixes: 11
  • Fours: 6
  • Strike Rate: 255

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Mark Boucher | 44 Balls vs Zimbabwe

Highest team score in ODI Kreedon: South Africa 418 vs Zimbabwe 2006
South African Mark Boucher’s 147 off 66 balls is the 4th quickest 100 in ODI (credits: Getty Images)

Mark Boucher was one of South Africa’s most reliable batsmen for over 15 years till his career reached an unfortunate end. He might have been short in stature but packed a punch as he played a lot of crucial innings to guide his team through.

Boucher anchored the team against Zimbabwe, cruising to a game-high 147, where his fastest 100 in ODI came off just off 44 balls including 10 sixes and 8 fours. Boucher was dropped multiple times during the game and he was sure to make the opposition pay as he helped his country cross the 400-mark for the second time in four games.

  • Runs: 147
  • Balls: 68
  • Sixes: 10
  • Fours: 8
  • Strike Rate: 216.17

Brian Lara | 45 Balls vs Bangladesh

Brian Lara KreedOn
Image credits: Sportstar The Hindu

Brian Charles Lara is not only one of West Indies’ greatest players but also one of the game’s greatest students and exports. Lara is one of the few players capable of being spoken in the same light as Sachin Tendulkar and Sir Donald Bradman, such was his talent and his will to impose himself as he struck fear into the opposition.

Lara was at his absolute best against Bangladesh in October 1999 as the inexperienced bowling unit toiled to find a breakthrough. He hit 18 fours and 4 sixes on the way to an impressive total of 117. His fastest 100 in ODI came off just 45 balls, 5th fastest century in ODI to this date.

  • Runs: 117
  • Balls: 62
  • Sixes: 4
  • Fours: 18
  • Strike Rate: 188.70

Shahid Afridi | 45 Balls vs India 

Fastest 100’s In ODI
Fastest 100’s In ODI | Credits

Shahid Afridi has always been a bane for the Indian cricket team and has managed to raise his game every time he has faced the Blues. He has scored two centuries and four fifties while averaging 25.4 in over 60 innings against India and has managed to make a difference when needed.

Afridi scored a quick 102 against a bowling attack featuring Anil Kumble, Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan. The fact that he reached the triple figures in just 45 balls shows how dominant Afridi can be on his day.

  • Runs: 102
  • Balls: 46
  • Sixes: 10
  • Fours: 9
  • Strike Rate: 221.73

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Fastest 100 In ODI | Jesse Ryder | 46 Balls vs West Indies

Fastest 100’s In ODI
Fastest 100’s In ODI | Credits Cricket County

Jesse Ryder is an anomaly of sorts as he was one of New Zealand’s most talented batsmen who was destined to be a part of a core that was set to propel the Black Caps to the next stage. But, alcohol abuse ruined what was set to be a good career. Ryder made batting look easy on his day as he flicked and pulled his way out of any threat posed to him by the opposition.

Although CJ Anderson stole the spotlight in the game with the fastest 100 in ODI at that time, Ryder’s inning was nothing short of exceptional. Ryder hit 12 fours and 5 sixes on his way to 104 off 46. West Indian bowlers had no answers for Ryder and CJ during the game as the duo took New Zealand to 283 in a 21-over game.

  • Runs: 104
  • Balls: 51
  • Sixes: 5
  • Fours: 12
  • Strike Rate: 203.92

Fastest 100 In ODI | Jos Buttler | 46 Balls vs Pakistan 

Fastest 100’s In ODI
Fastest 100’s In ODI | Credits The Indian Express

Jos Buttler has been the perfect example of how batsmen have adapted their batting styles to the modern game. His fundamentally sound game along with explosiveness provides us with a blueprint to dominate the shorter format.

Jos Buttler put his skills on full display against Pakistan in 2015 as he blazed through the Pakistani bowling unit by scoring 116 off 52 deliveries. His fastest 100 in ODI came off just 46 balls, a record for the quickest century by an English batsman.

  • Runs: 116
  • Balls: 52
  • Sixes: 8
  • Fours: 10
  • Strike Rate: 223.07

Fastest 100 In ODI | Sanath Jayasuriya | 48 Balls vs Pakistan

Fastest 100’s In ODI
Fastest 100’s In ODI

Sanath Jayasuriya served as the gold standard for openers for a long-time due to his ability to pace the innings and see his team through. He has guided his country through crucial moments while being steady and composed, earning him the nickname ‘Matara Mauler’.

Against a bowling unit featuring top bowlers such as Waqar Younis and Saqlain Mushtaq, Jayasuriya ran riot as he hit 11 fours and 11 sixes on the way to scoring a commanding 134 off 65 balls. His fastest century in ODI came off just 48 balls, a Sri Lankan record.

  • Runs: 134
  • Balls: 65
  • Sixes: 11
  • Fours: 11
  • Strike Rate: 206.15

Fastest 100 In ODI | Jos Buttler | 50 Balls vs Pakistan

Fastest 100’s In ODI
Fastest 100’s In ODI | Credits: Sports Corner

Of all the innings Buttler has played, this one is extra special as it came right after the birth of his daughter. The English Batsman was no different as he brought his A-game against Pakistan in 2019. This seemed a bit too much for the Pakistani bowling unit to handle as he went on to score 110 off 55 balls. The wicket-keeper batsman scored his 100 off just 50 balls. The fact that Buttler holds the record for the two fastest 100 in ODI by an Englishman speaks volumes about the batsman.

  • Runs: 110
  • Balls: 55
  • Sixes: 6
  • Fours: 9
  • Strike Rate: 200.00

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