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From Spectators to Superfans: Game-Changing Fan Engagement Strategies for Sports Industry

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For millions of fans worldwide, sports are not only a source of entertainment but also a source of pride, passion, and love. Sports have the ability to unite individuals and make a feeling of having a place. However, the way fans interact with sports has drastically changed as a result of the rise of digital media. When it comes to following their favorite sports teams, players, and events, fans today have a plethora of options. Igniting the spirit of competition and uniting fans around the globe, sports fan engagement is a vibrant tapestry of passion, loyalty, and exhilaration. 

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For fans who are unable to attend the game at the stadium, there are specialized phone applications available. They can now connect with friends and even players in real-time via social media or watch ball-by-ball action close-up in virtual reality. They can still use their wireless headsets to listen to traditional radio commentary if they want to. 

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In the realm of digital connectivity, a revolution has emerged, transforming the landscape of sports fan engagement. The sports industry encourages more ardent fans to attend games, engage in interactions, raise retention rates, and so on as ever-increasingly immersive technological platforms become available. Consequently, sports teams, organizations, and marketers are pressured to adapt to changing fan behavior and devise novel strategies for maintaining audience engagement. Digital transformation assists franchises in providing their fans with newer and better ways to interact with their team as they prepare for a new era of the fan experience in the sports industry. One important part of fan engagement today is enthralling viewers with the most cutting-edge and exciting games as the home experience becomes more realistic and advanced with high-definition televisions.

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Sports fan engagement | KreedOn
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Fan Engagement in Sports: What it is? 

Fan engagement goes beyond being a strategy for attracting fans to various sporting events and games. Getting fans to actively participate in everything that has to do with a particular team or league directly or indirectly on a daily basis is now a purposeful and recurring process.

The more the team or league is important for their consistency, the higher the worth of the group’s reputation in the fan’s minds. Fans of football, basketball, baseball, cricket, rugby, hockey, gymnastics, motorsports, ultramarathon running, martial arts, golf, or even disc golf want to be completely immersed in the lives of their favourite athletes and teams.

Experts emphasize that the emotional bond between the team and the fans is what drives fan engagement in sports. Through these associations, fans have an approach to impacting sports association techniques as they push ahead.

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Direct and Indirect Fan Engagement

Direct fan commitment alludes to the things that a fan does straightforwardly to collaborate with the association of the game, for example, buying passes to different games or purchasing stock that straightforwardly influences the group. This kind of conduct influences the game’s association and group by supporting them financially.

On the other hand, when fans interact with a sports team or organization through social media and other channels, this is called indirect fan engagement. This typically entails participating in events or rituals that draw attention to the team, mentioning the team on their own social media accounts, and being active on the various platforms the organization is involved in.

Digital media involvement for fan engagement 

Without devoted fans, the sports industry would not be what it is today. People love to cheer for their favourite athletes, whether in local teams or in national leagues. However, the days of simply collecting jerseys and trading cards are long gone. The fans of today expect more. Sports teams have a chance to become more creative with their fan engagement strategies as fans use social media to communicate with their favourite players and teams. A futuristic approach with high-tech advances in services is the key to one of the ways to achieve fan engagement. 

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Sports fan engagement | KreedOn
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Today, fans gain access to services like free Wi-Fi, an online entertainment presence, HD scoreboards, and advanced ticket concessions, among others. As a result, their willingness to interact with fans online is heavily influenced by their digital identity. Sports teams can use a customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution to come up with new ways to interact with fans both inside and outside the stadium. A Capgemini report says that nearly 70% of people have already improved their viewing experience. 

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Major Issues in the Sports Industry

  • Dealing with a gallery without fans.

Sports broadcasters already face significant difficulties in capturing the game’s emotional content due to the absence of a physical audience. The excitement and breathless moments that are being missed have consistently expressed the emotions of the fans loudly like thunder. However, technology has the ability to provide players with a sense of consistency and stability that is preferable to disrupting them when they are socially isolated.

  • Advancing creativity to new heights.

The other incentive that media partners will continue to pursue in order to improve the sports fan experience is to produce live programming that is significantly more innovative. 

Adding another layer of excitement, an alternative option is the implementation of Spidercam for live player interviews. This innovative approach enhances broadcasting by capturing real-time emotions, making it more engaging and interactive.

  • Home is the New Stadium 

Sports fan engagement | KreedOn
Image Source: Hindustan Times

The motivation for telecasters to move their conventional way to deal with sports has been uprooted after the onset of the coronavirus. Telecasters ought to think about showing pictures of fans cheering from the solace of their homes during the broadcast. The fans in the stands will be replaced by those on the sofa. When fans watch their favorite player perform, their emotions of nervousness, worry, and happiness can be displayed on television and streaming devices.

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Top 15 Fan Engagement Strategies

  • Learn about your audience

Make a stride back from your everyday routine and ask yourself: What do my fans desire? If you are unaware of the choices and needs of your fans, how might you give it to them?

Finding out what your audience wants is the first step in engaging fans. once you find out their actions, goals, and motivations, it becomes easier to provide the experiences that your fans want once you have a clear understanding of their requirements.

  • Creating Personalization Experience

Personalized experiences make people feel like they are special, and are a great way to engage your fans. Your fans will enjoy it more and be more engaged with your brand, sports, or player the more you make them feel like you’ve created an experience just for them.

It can be as straightforward as asking your fan’s name while signing up for a newsletter or as difficult as making virtual reality experiences according to their interests. There are no limits to what you can do, and fans expect you to engage on numerous levels.

  • Virtual Reality and Multiplayer Gaming

Fans admire connecting with their favourite sport through digital technology, which is a great way to attract and engage new fans. Immersive experiences always produce superior outcomes. Give your followers a chance to participate in the action. Fans can use virtual reality to compare their skills to those of players at the Minnesota Vikings VR sports museum.

Fans also love to contend, so let them do it against one another for your sake. Each fan at home or in the stands has a mobile phone with them, a strong figuring motor for you to draw in with your fans any place they are.

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  • Using Digital Collectables to eliminate FOMO

A digital collectable is an advanced resource that addresses something extraordinary and novel. It is possible to own, trade, or exchange that asset for other valuable items. 

You can create digital collectables and assets for your sports team and distribute them to your fans as currency for use in live-action or online games.

Sports fan engagement | KreedOn
Image Source: SportsKhabri

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are fan token cryptocurrencies that numerous people feel that they aid in addressing areas of strength for future fan engagement. Examples include NBA Top Shot and the $PSG Fan Token, which represents a portion of Lionel Messi’s salary. Fans are human, and they always experience FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out. They want their team to be a part of this revolution.

  • Building a smartphone app

Numerous people are using their mobile devices to obtain information about games, players, and teams. It has significantly increased over time in the sports industry. Fans need a mobile application that will act as their association point with your game and your brand. A smooth and versatile phone application can take things to a higher level.

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  • Keeping fans engaged with the latest updates 

Post current statistics and game highlights on the team website and share them on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to engage fans who are unable to attend a live game.

  • Making polls and surveys 

Social polls and surveys assist teams to grab the attention of the people since they give free, designated bits of knowledge about what satisfies fans. Before making any final decisions, ask followers what kinds of posts they want to see, which player they like best, and even ask for their suggestions on the concession menu or improvements to the stadium.

Keep fans informed and watch your branding endeavors reach their full potential. You can even embed the feed on the website of your team for people at home. Build your social wall right now!

  • Support hashtags and retweeting

Hashtags and retweets are utilized for several things, and fan commitment is one of them. Over 4.3 million people follow the New England Patriots Twitter account @patriots. They participate in #WallpaperWednesdays every Wednesday and share free phone wallpapers for fans to download.

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  • Gear promotions for the team

Show fans your appreciation by giving them exceptional offers in team gear utilizing remarkable discount codes and coupons found exclusively on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Don’t forget to ask fans to share pictures of themselves in their new gear.

  • Contesting for free tickets

Image Source- The Stage

Getting free tickets is one of the best thing for a fan. Create contests on a monthly basis where fans can win free tickets. To keep contest participants interested in the outcome, display a contest leaderboard both online and at games. 

  • Maintaining social connections offseason

Don’t let the end of the regular season signal a halt to your team’s social media endeavors. Stay active and accessible on social media platforms during the off-season to maintain year-round fan engagement and connection.

  • Tagging renowned pages on Twitter

Image Source- Youtube

At the NBA All-Stars game, fans were polled about their favourite player’s shoes. The NBA survey was accessible to not only @NBA fans but also @FootLocker’s 1.54 million Twitter followers by tagging Foot Locker. Similarly, on that note, Foot Locker was made known to 27.5 million NBA fans.

  • Embrace sports team rivalry

Sports fans are devoted to their teams and eager to uphold their honour against their greatest rival. Consider the well-known rivalry that exists between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. At a Yankees ALS game in October 2018, fans chanted, “We want Boston,” and the Red Sox responded on Twitter, “We want New York.”

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  • A sneak-peak behind the scenes for the fans

The majority of sports fans enjoy more than just games. They also enjoy watching recaps, exclusive content, interviews, and behind-the-scenes videos. The use of Instagram to post team selfies and retweet news clips along with sharing interviews on YouTube are highly beneficial.

Benefits of sports organizations through fan engagement programs

Sports organizations benefit greatly from fan engagement programs because of the connections and interactions they foster with fans. This indicates that sports organizations are able to discover what is required or desired by both parties when they take the time to provide opportunities for fans to participate. It is vital to take into account that sports fan entertainment is the fanbase that inclines the teams and organizations together. The organizations would not exist without devoted fans who consistently attend tournaments to cheer and support their favourite teams. Therefore, it makes sense that sports leagues and teams should make every effort to initiate digital fan engagement. It is likewise vital to remember that these fan engagement strategies are not only a way to sell more tickets and products but a method for connecting with fans as well.  

Sports organizations profit not only from ticket and merchandise sales but also from the positive community engagement that occurs as a result of the various opportunities for sports fan engagement. The more an organization engages fans, the better its public image becomes. A company’s image can make or break it, just like it can for other businesses. Fans and non-fans alike will discuss anything that challenges that image whenever it occurs.

However, sports organizations are more likely to recover from incidents when there are active programs for fan engagement. When it comes to reimagining the sports experience for fans, sports organizations need to pay attention to what their fans are saying. The league or team can be won or lost by these individuals. Everything lies within the hands of sports organizations, making it a fair play in which either there is victory or defeat depending upon the fans and their engagement. 

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