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Top 15 Most Famous Volleyball Players in the World

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Volleyball is one of the most exciting and thrilling sports present out there. In recent times, the game has garnered a lot of attention from the mainstream media as well as from the general audience. The game has been a part of the Summer Olympics since the Tokyo Games in 1964. Beach volleyball, another version of the game, was introduced to the program at the 1996 Atlanta games. The game is believed to have originated in the United States of America in 1895. Many of the game’s characteristics are also believed to have been derived from games such as badminton, baseball, tennis, and handball. It is governed by the Federation Internationale de Volleyball. Though popular all across the globe, diehard fans of the game primarily hail from the United States of America, Brazil, Europe, and Asia. In this blog, we will look at the most famous volleyball players in the world.

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Rules of the game

The complete set of rules of the game is pretty extensive and elaborate. However, overall, it involves one player of a team beginning the rally by serving the ball (tossing or releasing it and then hitting it with a hand or arm) over the net. The other team (receiving team) must ensure that the ball does not touch the ground. The said team may touch the ball up to three times in an attempt to return the ball, but individual players are not allowed to touch the ball two times consecutively. The team that wins the rally is awarded the points and is allowed to begin the following rally.

Throughout the history of the game, certain players have excelled in the game and have left their mark. Following is the list of 15 famous volleyball players.

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Most Famous Volleyball Players in the World

S. No Name of the player
1 Karch Kiraly – USA
2 Kerri Walsh Jennings – USA
3 Misty May-Treanor – USA
4 Lorenzo Bernardi – Italy
5 Regla Torres – Cuba
6 Sheilla Tavares de Castro – Brazil
7 Gilberto Godoy Filho – Brazil
8 Kim Yeon-Koung – South Korea
9 Ricardo Lucarelli Souza – Brazil
10 Saeid Marouf – Iran
11 Facundo Conte – Argentina
12 Gabrielle Reece – USA
13 Ivan Zaytsev – Italy
14 Francesca Piccinini – Italy
15 Steve Timmons – USA

Steve Timmons – USA

Top 15 Most Famous Volleyball Players | Guess who tops the list
Image Source: WorldofVolley

Starting off the list of the most famous volleyball players in the world is Steve Timmons from the United States of America. One of the most famous male players to have ever played the game, Timmons is a two-time Olympic gold medalist (1984, 1988) and a bronze medalist in the year 1992. Performing at the highest level, he has indeed left a high benchmark for future generations.

Francesca Piccinini – Italy

Image Source: La Repubblica

Next up, we have Francesca Piccinini. Hailing from Italy, the “Italian Queen” has represented her country at the Olympics four times (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012). She was awarded the most valuable player award on two occasions and she also managed to win the gold medal at the 2002 World Championships, held in Germany. She is also quite popular on the social media platform.

Ivan Zaytsev – Italy

Top 15 Most Famous Volleyball Players | Guess who tops the list
Image Source: WorldofVolley

Coming in at number thirteen is Ivan Zaytsev. The Italian is one of the most aggressive and dominating players to have ever played the game. An extremely hard worker, he has four bronze and four silver medals to back this statement up. Ivan is also an influential personality in social media and has thousands of followers across multiple social media platforms.

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Gabrielle Reece – USA


One of the most legendary players to have ever represented the United States of America, Gabrielle Reece was acclaimed for her offensive skills and the variability she brought to her play. The way she tricked and manipulated her opponents was a sight to behold. Following her retirement from the sport, she took up modeling, and acting and also became a sports announcer. She is one of the most famous female volleyball players in the world.

Facundo Conte – Argentina

Image Source: Reuters

At number eleven is the Argentine great, Facundo Conte. Having a remarkable career, he played for over 15 teams on various continents, also managing to secure multiple title wins and championships. Conte also clinched a gold medal in the Pan American Games and silver in CSV South American Championship.

Saeid Marouf – Iran

Top 15 Most Famous Volleyball Players | Guess who tops the list | KreedOn
Image Source: Volleyball World

Next up, we have Saeid Marouf from Iran. He is a testament to the statement that the game of volleyball has fans and support that transcend mountains and seas. Hailing from a Middle Eastern country, Saeid enjoyed massive success on the international circuit. A 6 times gold medal winner and one of the finest athletes to have ever come out of Iran, he is undoubtedly one of the most popular volleyball players now.

Ricardo Lucarelli Souza – Brazil

Image Source: MN2S

Making his way to the number nine position is Ricardo Souza. One of the more popular athletes from the South American nation, he has won numerous accolades and titles, which also include titles such as gold and MVP at the 2017 FIVB World Grand Champions Cup.

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Kim Yeon-Koung – South Korea

Image Source: Volleyball World

The whole volleyball community was disappointed when Kim Yeon Koung announced her retirement from the South Korean national team in 2021. Her dedication and consistency towards the sport had propelled her into superstardom and the fans’ hearts. She, however, continues to play in the domestic V-League.

Gilberto Godoy Filho – Brazil

Top 15 Most Famous Volleyball Players | Guess who tops the list | KreedOn
Image Source: Sentinel Assam

The number seven position is occupied by the Brazilian, Gilberto Godoy Filho. Nicknamed Giba, he is widely considered one of the best wings in the history of the game. Furthermore, he also had impeccable leadership qualities and discipline. In 2014, he formally announced his retirement, after having won multiple titles, including the 2004 Olympic Gold.

Sheilla Tavares de Castro – Brazil

Image Source: Pinterest

What makes her more special is the way she made her comeback, after taking a break from the game (post becoming a mother). A 2 times Olympic Champion and three times Pan American champion, she also boasts of numerous MVP awards.

Regla Torres – Cuba

Top 15 Most Famous Volleyball Players | Guess who tops the list | KreedOn
Image Source: Volleywood

Regarded as one of the greatest prodigies of the game, Regla burst into the spotlight at the age of 17 after securing her Olympic Gold medal at the 1992 Games. The Cuban superstar also helped her team win three straight Summer Olympics gold medals. She retired at 30 and became a coach and commentator.

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Lorenzo Bernardi – Italy

Top 15 Most Famous Volleyball Players | Guess who tops the list | KreedOn
Image Source: Volleywood

At number four, we have Lorenzo Bernardi. He became famous during the 80s and 90s because of his impeccable performance on the court. He played as a setter, outside hitter, and defensive specialist throughout his career. Bernardi has also coached multiple teams in Italy, Poland, and Turkey. For his outstanding achievements, he was inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame in 2011.

Misty May-Treanor – USA

Image Source: The Seattle Times

Misty May Treanor comes in at the number three position. The California native became a sensation ever since her college days. She has to her name 3 Olympic Gold Medals. Her formidable partnership with Kerri Walsh is the stuff of legends. They both dominated the circuit for about a decade before Treanor decided to hang up her boots.

Kerri Walsh Jennings – USA

Image Source: Healthline

The most decorated beach volleyball player ever, she excelled on the volleyball court before making it big in the beach volleyball circuit. She is undoubtedly the greatest female volleyball player of all time. She won three Olympic gold medals and one Olympic bronze medal before her retirement.

Karch Kiraly – USA

Image Source: SANDCAST

And the top position is occupied by Karch Kiraly. His achievements are nothing but legendary. His achievements and records are what set him apart from everybody else. He has won at every level, both as a player as well as a coach, and no doubt that he is the most popular and most decorated volleyball player ever.

List of Famous Indian Volleyball Players

 S.No Player Name
1 Jimmy George
2 A.Palanisamy
3 Cyril Vellore
4 Balwant Singh Sagwal 
5 Riaz Ahmed
6 Abdul Basith
7 Suresh Kumar Mishra
8 Govindarajan Ramakrishnan Vaishnav
9 Karunakarakurup Udaya Kumar
10 G E Sridharan

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How many players in a volleyball team?

A game involves two teams comprising either 6 players – with a composition of 3 men and 3 women, 4 men and 2 women, or 4 women and 2 men.

What is basic rule of volleyball?

Each side is allowed a maximum of three hits. The aim is to earn points by directing the ball over the net and onto the opponent’s court. Volleyball contests consist of sets, usually three or five in total. In a three-set match, two sets conclude at 25 points each, while the third set ends at 15 points.

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Who created volleyball?

William George Morgan, born in Lockport, New York, U.S., is credited as the creator of volleyball. Initially termed “Mintonette,” a name inspired by badminton, he eventually opted to rename it to better suit the essence of the game.

What are points called in volleyball?

In volleyball, every individual scoring moment is referred to as a “rally,” commencing as one team serves the ball to the opposing team.

Is volleyball an Olympic sport?

Yes, Volleyball is an Olympic Sport.

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