7 Famous Indian Archers of All Time

Deepika Kumari- story by KreedOn|
Deepika Kumari

Archery is a sport which requires meticulousness, control, motivation, physical ability and determination. No doubt archery convinces you to give the sport a go. Today, we will talk about famous Indian archers of all time.

We know famous archery-warriors like Arjuna and Eklavya from the mythological epic Mahabharata. In today’s world, we have talented archers as well. Although they might not be deciding the outcome of the wars, they still are are making the country proud on international front. Here are some of the 7 best Indian archers to lookout for:

7Dola Banerjee

Best Indian Archers : Dola Banarjee (Credits: Twitter)

A veteran of two Olympic Games, Dola Banerjee is India’s first ever Indian archer on an international level. She participated in Athens 2004, becoming the first Indian woman archer to qualify for the Olympic Games.

Banerjee’s list of “the firsts” continued when she won a Gold Medal at the 2007 Archery World Cup, the first Indian woman and second overall to do so. She also won the team gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and followed it with a bronze in the individual event. Yet another bronze came in the team event at the 2010 Asian Games.

Dola Banerjee has played a crucial role in creating India’s reputation in women’s archery. The first Indian archer was awarded Arjuna Award back in 2005.



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