Top 10 Famous Football Players in India of All Times

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With Football becoming a trending sport in India widely watched by the young generation, the Indian footballers also serve as an inspiration to many budding footballers. The All India Football Federation controls the India national football team. Under the global jurisdiction of FIFA and governed in Asia by the AFC, the Indian football team is a part of the South Asian Football Federation too.

Here is list of ten Indian Footballers who are famous in India for their play, skills, moves and records.

1Sunil Chhetri

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Followings: Instagram 861 K | Twitter 1.56 M

Born on 3 August 1984, Sunil Chhetri is one of India’s best produce in the world of football. The striker is a captain to both the Indian national football team and the Indian Super League side Bengaluru FC. With almost a million followers on Instagram, he is famously known as Captain Fantastic.

Chhetri scored the 2nd highest number of goals in international matches among active players after Cristiano Ronaldo. Also the most-capped player and top goalscorer for the Indian national team, with 67 goals in 107 matches.

Last year, his twitter message aimed at attracting football fans to stadium was well received and appreciated. 

Being a youth icon, Sunil Chhetri serves as a role model to the budding footballers of the country.



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