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Shot Put – All You Need To Know About The Event

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In athletics, there are several games and sport involved, and Shot put is one of them. Everyone in their school life or college life must have played Shot put either in their sports practice or in various sports events. Well for those who don’t know what this sport is, well don’t worry we’ve got your back. Here we bring everything about Shot Put for you.

What is Shot Put?

Everything about shot put- Kreedon
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Well, A shot put is a track and field event in which a bulky spherical ball or shot is “put” as far as possible. For distance, a spherical weight is thrown or put from the shoulder. It is rooted in the ancient sport of putting stone. You must push the shot rather than throw it. The motive is to put the shot as far away from a seven-foot-diameter (2.135m) circle with a curved 10-centimeter-high toeboard at the front as possible.

Shot Put History

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The Ancient Greeks tossed stones as a game and fighters are recorded as tossing cannonballs in the Middle Ages, however, a rendition of the modern form of discipline can be followed to the Highland Games in Scotland during the nineteenth century where contenders tossed an adjusted solid shape, stone or metal load from behind a line.

The men’s shot put has been essential for each advanced Olympics beginning around 1896, however ladies putters needed to wait until 1948 preceding they could contend at the Games.

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The US is the best shot country in Olympic history and got gold at each man’s shot rivalry from 1896 through to 1968 – except two. Poland’s Tomasz Majewski turned into the third man in Olympic shot history to win consecutive titles, accomplishing in 2008 and 2012. Valerie Adams is one of the main ladies’ entertainers in shot history. The New Zealander asserted progressive Olympic titles in 2008 and 2012 and trapped a silver award at the 2016 Rio Games.

Shot Put weight & specifications 

A shot put ball comes in different variations, 7.26kg/16lb for men and 4kg/8.8lb for women. The weight of the put will vary depending on the player’s gender and age, ranging from 3km to 7.26kg.

Shot Put Technique 

Everything about shot put- Kreedon
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For throwing a shot put, there are many techniques but with the right one, you can easily throw the ball. 

Gripping and placement

Holding the shot put 

  • The shot is taken with the foundation of the fingers rather than the palm.
  • For support, the fingers are mildly stretched away, with the thumb in the center.
  • When holding the shot, the arm will be slightly bent in the cocked position.

Neck Position 

  • Elevate the shot above your head.
  • Straight down until the shot is under your jaw.
  • Insert the shot into the back of your neck.
  • Raise your elbow so that it is parallel to the floor. Don’t tuck your elbow behind your back.
  • Make sure your thumb is tilted towards your clavicle.
  • The palm should be following the path of the throw.

shot put throw

  • Maintain a high elbow at all times. Dropping the elbow causes the shot to be thrown like a baseball, which can lead to injuries.
  • Wrap up the punch with a wrist flip.
  • To assist in the formation of the block, the left side of the body will be stopped and locked.
  • The left-arm will be wedged close to the body’s side.
shot put
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Power shot position

Body position in the power position

  • The athlete will stand perpendicular to the direction of the throw.
  • The legs will be shoulder-width apart and slightly wider, with the left foot slightly behind the right.
  • The right foot will be perpendicular to the direction of the put.
  • The athlete must be in a physically fit position.
  • Power Position: The thrower will place 80 percent of his or her weight on the right leg.
  • The thrower will twist his or her upper body completely in the opposite direction of the throw.
  • The chest, knee, and toes should all be parallel.
  • The shot is fired into the thrower’s neck.
  • The left-arm will be stretched and out from the body at 90 degrees to the right elbow.

Throwing from the power position

  • Alter the use of the legs in the throw, particularly the hips.
  • Legs – hips – back – arm will be the throw’s sequence.
  • In an upward motion, shift your weight from your right leg to your left leg.
  • When driving up with your legs, make sure your right heel (hips) is turned out.
  • A stretch reflex reaction will occur between your upper and lower bodies.
  • The upper body will begin to rotate.
  • Glide your left arm around as your upper body rotates, then carry it firmly to your body.
  • Stop the left part of the body to help accelerate the shot.

Gliding the shot 

Body position in the glide

  • Place yourself at the rear of the ring, away from the shot put direction.
  • Put the shot up against your neck.
  • Place your body in an athletic position with your back to the sector.
  • Relaxedly stretch your left arm out.
  • Return your left leg to the toe board.
  • The right leg should bear the majority of the body weight.

Ascending into the power position

  • For stability, tap your left leg.
  • Gather the left knee up to meet the right knee, keeping the left leg straight.
  • Allow your left leg to not curl behind your right leg.
  • Allow your hips to begin to drop.
  • Stretch your left leg forcibly towards the toe board, but do not lift with your back.
  • Force and then pull your right leg beneath you so that your right heel is the last part of your body to leave the circle.

The basic rules of Shot Put

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Given below are the basic rules for a shot put:

  • When an athlete’s name is called, he or she has only 60 seconds to begin the throwing motion.
  • The athletes can tape their fingertips for safety but are prohibited from wearing gloves.
  • The shot’s relaxation stance is near the neck, and it should stay there during the motion.
  • The shot should be launched just above the height of the shoulder with a single hand.
  • An athlete may use the inside circle’s perimeter but not the boundary or outside area of the toe deck. It is permissible to extend the limbs outside the circle during the throw.
  • The legitimate sector is located at 34.92 degrees from the throwing area. In that range, the shot should be fired.
  • Athletes should exit the circle from the back.

Common fouls

  • Before the throwing motion, an athlete does not halt within the circle.
  • A player lets the shot fall below the shoulder.
  • The shot lands outside the sector’s boundaries or touches the sector line.
  • A contender neglects to leave the circle from the back of an athlete leaves the circle before the shot has landed.
  • The athlete hits the top/end of the stop board, the top of the iron ring, or steps or touches on/off the circle’s line.

Shot put World Record

Men’s category 

RankAthlete Nationality   VenueMark  Date
1.Ryan CROUSERUSAHayward Field, Eugene, OR (USA)23.3718 JUN 2021
2.Randy BARNES USAWestwood, CA (USA)23.1220 MAY 1990
3.Ulf TIMMERMANN GermanyChania (GRE)23.0622 MAY 1988
4.Alessandro ANDREIItalyViareggio (ITA)22.9112 AUG 1987
5.Joe KOVACSUSAKhalifa International Stadium, Doha (QAT)22.9105 OCT 2019
6.Tomas WALSHNew ZealandKhalifa International Stadium, Doha (QAT)22.9005 OCT 2019
7.Brian OLDFIELDUSAEl Paso, TX (USA)22.8610 MAY 1975
8.Werner GÜNTHÖRSwitzerland Bern (SUI)22.7523 AUG 1988
9.Kevin TOTHUSALawrence, KS (USA)22.6719 APR 2003
10.Udo BEYERGermanyBerlin (GDR)22.6420 AUG 1986

Women’s category 

RankAthlete Nationality   VenueMark  Date
1.Natalya LISOVSKAYASoviet UnionMoskva (URS)22.6307 JUN 1987
2.Ilona SLUPIANEKGermany Potsdam (GDR)22.4511 MAY 1980
3.Helena FIBINGEROVÁ CzechoslovakiaNitra (TCH)22.3220 AUG 1977
4.Claudia LOSCH West GermanyHainfeld (AUT)22.1923 AUG 1987
5.Ivanka KHRISTOVA BulgariaBelmeken (BUL)21.8904 JUL 1976
6.Marianne ADAMGermanyLeipzig (GER)21.8623 JUN 1979
7.Meisu LI ChinaShijiazhuang (CHN)21.7623 APR 1988
8.Natalya AKHRIMENKOSoviet UnionLeselidze (URS)21.7321 MAY 1988
9.Vita PAVLYSHUkraineNépstadion, Budapest (HUN)21.6920 AUG 1998
10.Xinmei SUIChinaBeijing (CHN)21.6609 JUN 1990


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