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5 Emotional Moments for India at Olympics

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In the last thirty years, the performance of India at Olympics is not that great, but our athletes through their dedication and hard work have given us some emotional moments to remember.

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After facing severe difficulties and no proper training or at a very low success rate, Indian athletes still keep a goal in mind, show their passion towards the game, which eventually becomes a very emotional moment for the supporters of the Indian sport. Especially after winning a medal at Olympics.

Moments that made us Emotional – India at Olympics

  1. Leander Paes wins bronze in singles

Indian Olympics - Leander Paes
Leander Paes

In the 1996 Olympic games, Leander Paes was not amongst the player who had a good ranking, He entered the tournament, but was not likely to excel.

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Paes absolutely excelled at the tournament, first defeated Enqvist in straight sets; having beaten one of the toughest opponents he could be up against, Paes then beat Italy’s Renzo Furlan in the quarter-finals, again beating the 12th seed in straight sets.

He would eventually face then World No. 1 Andre Agassi in the semi-finals, he would lose to Agassi 7-6, 6-3, before overpowering Brazil’s Fernando Meligeni in three sets to win what was India’s first individual Olympic medal in 44 years. It was two-time glorious moment for the Paes family, as Leander’s father Vece had won a bronze with the Indian hockey team at the 1972 Olympics in Munich

That amazing performance was an extremely proud moment for India at Olympics.

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  1. Karnam Malleswari bags bronze

Indian Olympics - Karnam Malleswari
Karnam Malleswari

She is known to be the first ever Indian woman to win a medal at the Olympic Games, Karnam had made history in 2000 at Sydney.

The then-25-year-old lifted 110kg in the snatch and 130kg in the clean-and-jerk to lift a total of 240kg, the third-best at that year’s Olympics.

She had gone through many difficulties in finding the proper training and being a record breaker in a sport that was never considered traditionally ‘female’ in India.

  1. Mary Kom bags bronze

Mary Kom made history for India even before she participated in the actual Olympic Games. The only woman in Indian history to qualify for Olympic boxing.

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She began training for the Olympics very early in her teens, and 2012 was the first year women’s boxing was a part of the Olympics in which Mary qualified.

She had a difficult road to take for the Olympics, the boxer had a harrowing experience at the games after her equipment was stolen. Despite this, and being forced to travel to the Olympics without her coach, Mary overcame the odds to win bronze at the event.

She described the “love the country gave me” as immense, surely an emotional moment for India at Olympics. 

  1. Abhinav Bindra bags Gold

Indian Olympics - Abhinav Bindra
Abhinav Bindra

Abhinav Bindra was the youngest participant in the 1998 Commonwealth Games, Bindra came onto the scene three years later when he got a medal at the 2001 Shooting World Cup in Munich. He had participated in the Olympic Games in Sydney the year prior but without much success. in 2004 broke the existing Games record, but despite this was unable to medal.

He had success at the Commonwealth Games to follow, however, in 2006 he qualified for the Beijing Olympics to be held in 2008 – and it was there that Bindra won first ever individual gold medal for India at Olympics. 

  1. Khashaba Jadhav wins independent India’s first Olympic medal

Indian Olympics - Khashaba Jadhav
Khashaba Jadhav

Jadhav had been involved in the Quit India movement, India’s civil disobedience movement against British occupation, prior to participating in the Olympics, and was an active freedom fighter.

A year after India’s independence, he participated in the London Olympics of 1948. He finished 6th in his weight category, despite not having trained with any Olympic equipment or under tournament regulations before. It was the highest Olympic finish by an Indian at the time although Jadhav had missed out on a medal.

Despite improper training, a lack of proper equipment and time to prepare, Jadhav participated in the 1952 Olympics and won bronze – the first ever Olympic medal for independent India

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