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5 Most Embarrassing Moments in Indian Sports

Embarrassing Sports Moments
Embarrassing Sports Moments

Embarrassing moments in Indian sports are many. When we speak about India in Sports, all we can see is the graph going up. But when something has reached a level, It reaches by failure’s, mistakes and embarrassments. No one reaches its peak without any difficulty, while the Indian sports also had to face some difficulties. They had to face some Embarrassing sports moments.

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Here are few memories Indian fans would want to call as embarrassing sports moment:

  1. The wrong flag at the Olympics.

Embarrassing sports moment – Winter Olympics

Three Indians – Shiva Keshavan, Nadeem Iqbal, and Himanshu Thakur qualified for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics but were listed as Independent Olympic athletes, under the banner of the International Olympic Committee. At the Games opening ceremony, instead of the Indian flag, they marched wearing the Olympic rings, under the Olympic flag.

  1. Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli‘s fall-out

Embarrassing sports moment – Cricket

2017 ICC Champions Trophy, there were reports of a rough relation between the Indian captain Virat Kohli and coach Kumble. Both Kohli and Kumble denied such allegations throughout the tournament and days after India lost the tournament Final to Pakistan, Kumble came down from his post, a day before his contract was due to expire.

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After his resignation, he publicly admitted about his strained relationship with Kohli.

He could have kept it personal and this was a shameful period for Indian Cricket.

  1. Indian Olympic Association banned

Embarrassing sports moment – Olympics

The International Olympic Committee banned the Indian Olympic Association in December 2012 over elections.

The IOC was rankled by government impedance in the election and had cautioned the IOA in a letter of a conceivable suspension.

India’s sports body was directed by a Delhi court to hold the elections adhering to the government’s sports code, while the IOC wanted the governing body to abide by the Olympic Charter.

  1. An unidentified woman walks with the Indian contingent at the London Olympics

Embarrassing sports moment – Olympics

At London Olympics, a woman gatecrashed India’s parade at the opening ceremony and walked beside flag bearer Sushil Kumar. The country’s officials were annoyed and took up the issue with game’s organizer’s.

  1. India 54 runs – all out

Embarrassing sports moment – Cricket

This moment came during the final of the 2000 Coca-Cola Champions Trophy at Sharjah. The Indian team was chasing Sri Lanka’s huge score of 300 to win the match, but it was devastated by the aggressive bowling of Chaminda Vaas and Muttiah Muralitharan.

The entire Indian team was dismissed for just 54 runs, which allowed Sri Lanka to win the match by a massive 245 runs. This is more than three times of what the entire team India scored on that day.

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