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‘Goal to Glory’ An ultimate guide to help you find your dream job in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world i.e the "Sports Industry"


300 Pages+


21 In demand job profiles



In-depth analysis of the Sports ecosystem

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Answer to all the queries about the caree-making in sports, like choosing the career track, skills required, best courses, universities and much more.

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A comprehensive insight into the job opportunities in Indian sports ecosystem. Indepth analysis of more than 20+ popular sports jobs.

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Insights on growth of Indian Sports Industry through statistic and engaging graphics. Top expert's interviews and advice for various sport career option.

Who will benefit from this book?

Goal to Glory

"Goal to Glory" is an ultimate guide to help people find their dream job in one of the most exciting, popular and fastest growing industries in the world, i.e the Sports Industry.

School Students

To eradicate the confusion prevailing in minds of students.


Help to grow even after retirement. Delivering planned approach to different hidden avenues in different Indian sports.

College Students

To help students & professionals find their dream job in sports industry.

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Sports Enthusiasts

To make people aware about the growth and potential of Indian sports industry.

Career Counsellors

To provide the right guidance and roadmap to make a career in sports.

Professional in different industry

To help identify the skills required to succeed in Indian sports industry.

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