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Dribble Basketball Academy: Nurturing Young Talents of India

Dribble Basketball Academy provides world class training to young kids who want to make a name for themselves via basketball.

Dribble Basketball Academy: Nurturing Young Talents of India

Be it ball handling, hand eye coordination, strength and conditioning, injury prevention or correct shooting mechanisms, Dribble Academy claims to provide Basketball training like you’ve never seen or experienced in India before. Here, kids learn to be a great basketball player with 360* development. The academy brings life skills to the court through the art of sharing, friendship, bonding and teamwork. This is the first such initiative in Delhi and we hope more people in other cities of India start using this tool to prepare the next generation of basketball players. And, this will make them ready to face the challenges of life. The Dribble basketball academy also trains the underprivileged children to give them equal chance too. India has a great potential of sporting talent waiting to be tapped just like a goldmine waiting to be explored. Following the path of Satnam Singh, many kids would be dreaming to play in NBA. If the ongoing wave on the back of NBA India, Eklavya’s and basketball academies like Dribble continue to flow, we would surely see many familiar faces like Satnam on the courts of NBA, proudly representing India in front of the world.

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