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Doosra Ball in Cricket: Decoding the Mysterious Spin

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The “doosra” ball is a cricket delivery that has gained significant prominence in the sport, particularly in the realm of spin bowling. This delivery is a variation of the traditional off-spin or leg-spin deliveries and is characterized by its deceptive spin, which moves in the opposite direction to what a batsman typically expects. In Hindi, “doosra” translates to “the other one,” signifying its contrasting nature. The doosra is bowled by off-spinners and employs finger and wrist movements to generate spin that takes the ball away from the batsman instead of towards them, adding an element of unpredictability and challenge for the batsman. This delivery has become a valuable asset for spin bowlers, contributing to their ability to outwit batsmen and take wickets, making it an intriguing aspect of modern cricket strategy.

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Who introduced it?

Doosra Ball in Cricket: Decoding the Mysterious Spin | KreedOn
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The introduction of the “doosra” ball is often credited to former Pakistani cricketer Saqlain Mushtaq. Saqlain Mushtaq, a skilled off-spinner, developed this innovative delivery in the late 1990s. His ability to spin the ball in both directions, with the doosra turning away from the batsman, baffled opposition batsmen and significantly contributed to his success as a spinner. Saqlain’s pioneering of the doosra opened new avenues for spin bowlers and revolutionized the art of spin bowling in modern cricket.

Techniques of Doosra Ball

What is doosra ball in Cricket - KreedOn
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Here are the key techniques involved in bowling a doosra ball, explained point by point:

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The grip for a doosra is crucial. It’s similar to the traditional off-spin grip but with subtle differences. The index and middle fingers are placed close together on the seam, slightly offset from the leg side of the ball for an off-spinner (or off the leg side for a left-arm off-spinner). The thumb rests lightly on the seam, providing additional control.

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Wrist Position

Unlike a conventional off-spin delivery where the wrist imparts clockwise spin (for a right-handed bowler), the wrist position for a doosra is crucial. It’s often described as the “power” or “corkscrew” position. The wrist is positioned in a way that allows the bowler to impart counterclockwise spin on the ball. This counterclockwise spin is what makes the ball turn away from the batsman, which is the hallmark of the doosra.

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Finger Flick

The release of the ball involves a subtle flick of the fingers. The bowler uses their fingers to create the necessary counterclockwise spin. The index and middle fingers play a crucial role in this flick, guiding the ball in the desired direction.

Body Alignment

The bowler’s body alignment is often open, with the front shoulder pointing towards the batsman. This helps in generating the angle necessary for the ball to turn away from the batsman.

Variation in Seam Orientation

A skilled doosra bowler may also vary the orientation of the seam slightly to further confuse the batsman. This variation can make it challenging for the batsman to pick up the direction of spin early.

Deceptive Action

The bowler’s action should ideally remain consistent with their stock delivery (in this case, off-spin). This element of deception makes it harder for the batsman to anticipate the doosra.

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Practice and Control

Mastering the doosra is a challenging task that requires a lot of practice. Control over the wrist, fingers, and the amount of spin imparted is crucial. Bowlers often spend hours perfecting this delivery to ensure consistency.

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Legal Constraints

It’s worth noting that the doosra has faced scrutiny from cricket authorities due to concerns about the degree of elbow flexion involved. Bowlers need to ensure their action remains within the legal limits set by cricket’s governing bodies.

These techniques, when combined effectively, result in a doosra that turns away from the batsman, creating a challenging delivery that can be a potent weapon in the hands of a skilled spin bowler.

Doosra ball: Top 5 Bowlers

Bowler Country  Career span  International matches International wickets 
Muttiah Muralitharan Sri lanka 1992-2011 495 1347
Harbhajan Singh  India 1998-2016 367 711
Saqlain Mushtaq  Pakistan  1995-2004 218 496
Shoaib Malik Pakistan  1999-present 446 218
Johan Botha South Africa  2005-2012 123 126

Doosra ball vs Googly

Image Source: PitchVision

The doosra and the googly are akin in that they both deviate from a spinner’s usual delivery by spinning oppositely. However, the crucial distinction lies in the type of spin bowler employing them. A googly is a leg-spinner’s tool, inducing spin from left to right, while the doosra is wielded by an off-spinner, resulting in spin from right to left. Furthermore, the doosra is a relatively recent addition, considered more challenging to perfect compared to the googly.


In conclusion, the doosra ball in cricket is a testament to the ever-evolving art of spin bowling. Originating from the creative mind of Saqlain Mushtaq and subsequently embraced by legendary bowlers like Muttiah Muralitharan, Saeed Ajmal, and Harbhajan Singh, the doosra has added a layer of intrigue to the game. Its deceptive nature, stemming from intricate wrist positions and finger placements, continues to challenge batsmen worldwide. This delivery has not only etched its name in cricket’s history but also remains a symbol of the bowler’s ingenuity in outfoxing the opposition. The doosra, “the other one,” stands as a testament to the constant innovation within the sport of cricket.

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What is a doosra ball in cricket?

A doosra ball is a type of delivery in cricket, particularly in the spin bowling department. It’s a variation that turns away from the batsman for an off-spinner and towards the batsman for a leg-spinner, making it difficult to predict.

How is a doosra bowled?

To bowl a doosra, the bowler uses wrist and finger movements to impart a spin in the opposite direction than their standard delivery. This spin leads the ball to move unexpectedly, often confusing the batsman.

Who popularized the doosra ball?

Saqlain Mushtaq, the former Pakistani cricketer, is often credited with introducing and popularizing the doosra delivery in international cricket.

Why is the doosra challenging for batsmen?

Batsmen find the doosra challenging because its unpredictable movement makes it difficult to judge and play. The change in spin direction often leads to misjudgment and awkward shots.

How does a Doosra differ from a regular off-spin delivery?

Unlike a regular off-spin delivery that spins into the batsman, the Doosra spins in the opposite direction, moving away from the batsman, making it harder to read and play.

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