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Do ‘Cheat Days’ Pose a Threat to Your Fitness Journey? Understanding the Risks

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Muscle ‘cheat days’ have been used frequently in the fitness and healthy eating space. The idea is simple: you might be a fitness freak or very conscious about the diet plan you take most of the week and then, without any restriction, you enjoy your favorite foods on a certain day of the week. Even though the concept of a cheat day can assist with giving the mind a break while simultaneously keeping one on track for the long haul, there are also detrimental consequences associated with this practice if not approached mindfully. In this blog post, you are going to learn how to avoid a cheat day’s destructive ways of thinking and get some recommendations on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Cheat days have been a big topic of discussion among fitness enthusiasts in recent years. There are definite potential pitfalls that anyone partaking in such a strategy should be aware of.

Pitfalls of Cheat Days

Overeating and Undoing Progress

Overeating on Cheat Days | KreedOn
Image Source: The Ripple Club

One of the biggest pitfalls of cheat days is this – It is extremely easy to overeat and gain more weight. You may start to consume excess a particular food once you have been self-deprived of the particular food for a long time. Thus, without realizing it, you can accidentally consume a lot more calories than required, especially given that all your hard work in eating right and exercising has paid off.

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