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Divya Kakran: Missed an opportunity to grab Gold, bags Silver

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About Divya Kakran:

Divya is studying BPES in Noida College of Physical Education in Dadri. Divya Kakran comes from a middle-class family in North Delhi. Her father Suraj Kakran sells Langots along while her mother stitches it at home.

Divya Kakran - KreedOn
Divya Kakran – KreedOn
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Divya had to start by fighting with boys in dangals. There, she was the undisputed winner, beating boys after boys and making a name of India’s Dangal Queen.’

In about 23 dangals across the nation, Divya has defeated her male competitors. She has also represented India in several international competitions, including the Under-17 Asia Championships. She’s got a massive award streak with 48 national and international awards in her name along with this year’s bronze at the Commonwealth Games.

Divya has won 60 Medals including 17 Gold for Delhi State Championship and won Bharat Kesri Title held in Bhiwani Haryana India. In final Game, she defeated Ritu Malik. Before heading towards the final match, Geeta Phogat who is an international champion was too beaten by Divya, and that’s how she went to the finals.

Grabbing a Gold: opportunity missed

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Last year at the Senior Asian Championships in New Delhi, Divya Kakran competed in a silver medal bout, after she lost to Japan’s Sara Dosho for Gold. The Indian went to get a leg catch and attempted to pin down the 2016 Olympic winner. It was an apocalyptic movement, and Dosho countered with the assault to acquire a comfortable win by making her fall down. Divya failed to perform one attack that afternoon and ended up second in her first senior-level global tournament.

Divya Kakran - KreedOn
Divya Kakran – KreedOn

Thursday was like a sense experienced for the 20-year-old because she suffered another defeat in an identical manner, not winning even a single point in the final, and ended up with a silver medal at the Junior Asian Wrestling Championships in New Delhi. Divya’s loss in the previous year was to a wrestler who was much superior and experienced than her, but her reduction to Meerim Zhumanazarova of Kyrgyzstan on Thursday was more about her “mental block” against foreign wrestlers.

“It’s more of a mental block for her. She is probably afraid against foreign wrestlers and is unable to complete any of her moves. Today, she was too passive,” Dev, Divya’s brother, and training partner said.

In 2017, Divya was dominant before the final. Though she wrestled just once to get to the gold medal round, she dominated the semi-final bout. Within her very first bout, her Mongolian competition was declared medically unfit, and at the semi-final, Divya exhibited her power to maintain success by defeating China’s Man Zhang. That bout ended within the initial period itself since Divya went to attack. She performed her favorite move — kalaganj — that brought her four points. She executed that and got the fall.

But that didn’t function in the final this year at Junior Asian Wrestling Championships. Her every movement was defended well by Meerim and countered to catch some quick points. Divya’s comparatively slow pace, lack of power and equitable defensive skills also made it simple for Meerim to defend her title from last year.

From Divya’s side:

“She is a very strong wrestler, and I have wrestled her before. But I should win gold in this competition. We all say Japan will be the toughest but this girl is the toughest for me, and I want to beat her now,” Divya says

Divya Kakran - KreedOn
Divya Kakran – KreedOn

Her silver medal was a very good attempt on the first evening of women’s freestyle wrestling for an Indian wrestler, but it abandoned Divya unsatisfied because she had been expecting nothing less than gold.

This was her second loss to the Kyrgyz wrestler in five months. Back in February, Meerim had conquered Divya in the Senior Asian Championship to win the bronze medal.

The 20-year-old from Uttar Pradesh will travel to Indonesia for the Asian Games next month. Also, she must quickly make a few changes in her game if she needs to climb the podium at Jakarta.

“I know how important the Asian Games are. I will try hard to win there. This was my last competition at the junior level so now I have to work harder if I have to win at the senior level,” Divya says

India is expected to win a medal in all five weight divisions. However, chief national coach, K Biju, said: “The team had good preparation, but small errors at crucial moments proved decisive.”

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