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Discover the Benefits of KHO KHO Game: Boost Your Mental & Physical Health

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Kho Kho is one of the most popular traditional sports in the country. In this game, the position of the players sitting is random; one will never find the same set of players sitting in the same order as when the game starts. The game requires immense stamina and speed. This traditional Indian sport is more than a game. It is a personal development tool for the one who loves to take up the challenge. In this blog, we will see the various benefits of playing a kho kho game.

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Origin of the Kho Kho Game

kho kho game

The game is extremely popular among Marathi-speaking people, who trace its origins back to the Mahabharata. The ‘Chakravyuha,’ a strange military defense circle supposed to be impenetrable, was developed by the Kaurava General mentor Dronacharya. Yet, it was finally breached by the famed fighter Abhimanyu, who knew how to go in but not how to get out. He inflicted huge damage on his adversaries but was finally slain. His fighting technique resembles the notion of ‘ring play,’ a defensive approach used by players. Rather was the term given to an ancient game that featured ‘raths’ or chariots.

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Tournaments in India

There are many kho kho tournaments played in India namely, National Championships, National Women’s Championships, Junior National, Sub Junior National Championship, All India Inter-University Championship, School Championship, Mini School Championship, Primary Mini School Championship, and Federation Cup.

About the Kho Kho Game

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Like many other traditional Indian games, kho-kho is cheap, easy, and a lot of fun. To compete well, however, athletes must be physically strong, nimble, have quick reactions, and be vigilant. The activity fosters cooperation, companionship, a solid sense of discipline, and obedience. The first Asian Kho Kho Championship in Kolkata in 1996, attracted global attention. The second championship that was contested in 2000 gave the sport even more shine.

It is an Indian Subcontinent tag sport. It is played by twelve-player teams. Each squad has 12 players, but only nine of them take the field. A match is divided into two innings, with each inning consisting of nine 9-minute chasing and running rounds. One team sits in a row in the center of the court, with neighboring members facing opposite directions. The runners take the field three at a time, and the team that takes the least time to tag or tap all of its opponents wins. There is a pole on either end, and the runner can travel between two players who are sitting in a zigzag pattern, but the chaser cannot turn back and go between the players while running. But the chaser can get to the pole and touch it before returning or going to the other side.

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The illustrious Lokmanya Tilak created the Deccan Gymkhana in Pune, which aimed to give the sport some legitimacy and respectability. It included certain guidelines and rules to formalize the game and increase social acceptance.

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Rules of Kho Kho Game

  • Kho Kho game is played between 2 teams
  • Number of players in this game: 12. But only 9 of them can compete on the pitch.
  • A standard match encompasses two innings.
  • Each inning will have 9 minutes which includes chasing and running.
  • The chasing team sits or kneels in the middle of the court in a row. Each player sitting next to the other will see on the opposite sides (in an alternative direction).
  • The chasers should end in the quickest time possible.
  • The chaser will touch the nearest possible player on his/her back and say ‘Kho’ to give him a chance to chase.
  • The team that takes the shortest amount of time to touch the player chased, is adjudged as the winner.
  • The runner or the chaser is decided by toss.
  • The captain of the chasing side may end the turn before the allotted time.
  • The side that scores more wins a match.
  • When a defender is out, he should enter the sitting box from the lobby.

Benefits of playing Kho Kho

Physical fitness

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Kho Kho needs a high degree of physical fitness since it involves sprinting, twisting, and turning. Playing this sport regularly can assist in enhancing cardiovascular health, agility, and general fitness. It is one of the best benefits of playing the Kho Kho game.

Teamwork and cooperation

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Kho Kho is a team sport in which players must collaborate and communicate efficiently to win. It can assist participants in developing critical qualities like collaboration, cooperation, and leadership.

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Mental quickness

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Mental agility is required in Kho-Kho because players must make split-second decisions about where to run and how to tag their opponents. This can aid in the development of mental strength and sharpness. It is one of the mind-blowing benefits of the Kho Kho game.

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It is a fun and captivating game that can aid participants in forming connections and improving their social skills. Also, it can teach players to value and respect one another’s differences.

Cultural preservation

Kho-Kho is a crucial component of South Asian culture, and playing the game may aid in preserving and promoting ethnic customs and values.


Overall, Kho Kho is a fun and advantageous activity that may enhance the physical health, mental strength, teamwork, and social skills of people of various ages and backgrounds. 

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Who was the founder of kho kho?

Lokamanya Tilak is considered as the founder of modern day kho kho in the Gymkhana of Pune. His remarkable efforts during freedom struggle to link the daily life events with freedom struggle made wonders.

Is kho kho an Olympic sports?

Though kho kho is not a Olympic sports but it was a demonstration sports in Berlin 1936 Olympic games.

In which country kho kho is famous?

India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives etc. are the places were kho kho is played.

Where is kho kho federation situated?

It is situated in New Delhi. The Kho Kho federation of India is established in the year 1956.

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